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Deadly rust
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I just recently purchased a 92 Pathfinder for my 17 year old son - couldn't pass up the deal. After he did some upgrading, he was so proud of his first ride. After a month of riding around with a smile on his face, disappointment set in. While on his way to work the brakes failed, then the shocks fell off. While attempting to fix shocks we noticed that the frame was so rusted that the rear end was completely detached. This frame is so bad that no one will tow it to the dealership. Thank God my son didn't get killed.

Nissan needs to do a recall on IPDM on Pathfinders
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had dual problems. First, I have had fuel gauge problems since day one. The fuel level sensor was recalled. I have had that repair 3 times. The second time, Pathfinder wouldn't start while fuel gauge showed empty. Towed to Firestone. No codes. After putting in 2 gallons of gas, it started. I had Nissan do the fuel level sensor recall repair. Fuel gauge still off.

About a week later, fuel gauge dives to empty. I filled up and gauge still showed empty. Later that evening, it wouldn't start, same as last time - it turns over but won't start. I had it towed to Nissan. In addition to needing the fuel level sensor replace for the 3rd time, now I'm told that it needs a IPDM for $754.00. No codes stored in the computer.

One of three things is going on here. 1) Does a fuel level sensor that reads dead empty prevent the fuel pump from running? If so, the IPDM issue is BS. 2) Coincidence of both failures is a bit much to believe. 3) If bad IPDM does not throw a code, then Nissan is very familiar with this problem. From internet checks, that appears to be the case. Nissan needs to step up on this and issue a recall.

Nissan pathfinder from 2004-2007
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Rating: 2/51

MEDFORD, NEW YORK -- The radiator leaks into the transmission oil and destroys the transmission. The tiny set screws on the V6 swirl valve throttle plate come loose and get sucked into the engine, destroys the engine. The front shock and the strut mounts rust out and could cause a crash. Recall on this one.

Frame Rust Real Bad
By -

MILTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- I'm the type of person that takes care of my things so when I discovered frame rust on my 95 Nissan Pathfinder it really pissed me off. I have dumped a lot of money in this thing. The exhaust went - had to be replaced 3 times. Now the body is rusting everywhere. I Keep making the repairs but it keeps coming back. They tell me it's rusting from the inside out. Now the frame is really bad. Can't even put it on a lift. They say it will come apart. The frame is shot no way in hell it will even pass inspection. Went to junk yards looking for replacement parts but hell there are none - just rusted out junk like mine now.

I wonder if there are any that haven't rusted out like this. By the way did I mention the first 4 yrs it was garage kept really. I THINK Nissan should stand behind its product like Toyota has. I know what I'm buying next and it won't be a Nissan. One piece of crap is enough. I see they still have this problem so beware.

Nissan shady business practices
By -

MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- The short of it I purchased a brand new Nissan Pathfinder LE in January from Napoli Nissan of Milford, CT. 2 weeks later the paint came off the front bumper while washing the car. The local dealer and Nissan rep agreed there was something very wrong with the paint on my car. Months later they approved to paint the front bumper under my new car warranty. I asked for an extended warranty since no one could explain what had happened to the car. No go.

I filed a BBB Autoline complaint and scheduled for an arbitration hearing. Nissan was willing to hear my request. They agreed (through the BBB Autoline rep) to give me an extended warranty for 60 months/100,000 miles and paint my car. Once the BBB complaint was closed they reneged on the deal. I had gone to the dealer just days after the case closed and the dealer informed me Nissan corporate canceled my warranty on the paint.

After two months of waiting I have no warranty and no paint job. 4 month old car and the paint is falling, chipping off everywhere - wipes off on a microfiber cloth when drying your car - Nissan couldn't care less and deceived me to close the BBB case.

Customer Service
By -

JACKSON, TENNESSEE -- My wife just purchased a 2007 Pathfinder LE from Carlock Nissan in Jackson Tennessee. Needing to find out why the doors did not lock when putting vehicle into drive - the first question from the service rep was: Did you purchase the vehicle here? That was not the correct answer I was looking for. Answer to initial question is that no Nissan products offer auto lock and unlock. That is an unsafe condition for my wife and it needs to be corrected. It only takes a computer change in the vehicle. So far no resolution from Nissan Hotline.

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