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I am writing in response to your desire for feedback concerning my experience with Nissan and my 2005 Titan. To be perfectly honest, I was not pleased with my conversation with your corporate service person on the phone. I wish I had kept the name and number of the contact person, but I threw it away after being treated like a child. The person with whom I spoke was argumentative, combative and rude. I started out asking about the transmission that went out on me and she became a know-it-all adversary right away and finally showed me no concern or respect.

My experience with my truck has not been the best to start out with and my experience with Kendrick Nissan in Lafayette, Indiana has not also been so hot. See the following: my truck had 3 tires that were out-of-round when I purchased the truck. Kendrick had two young service managers at the time that helped me greatly and I got new tires. It also sat a little bit lower on the driver'€™s side, but I was told that it was level enough for specifications. My brake calipers had to be replaced and new pads put on at about 17,000 miles. Kendrick service was good and the problem was corrected. The same two young men were in charge of service.

I noticed my paint was chipping at about a year into my owning the truck. I asked about it and was sent to the auto-body department where I was told that there was nothing they could do about it and not covered under warranty. The man in the body shop told me that they just don'€™t make paint like they used to, with no lead and all that, he explained. I later had to have the environmental controls switch out for a new unit because the fan didn'€™t work correctly and the lights went out. That took about 3 weeks, if I remember correctly, and I think three visits, but everything got done correctly.

I later tried to take my truck back, after the warranty ran out because the same fan was not working right and the same lights quit again. I was told that they could not do anything about it because the warranty had run out. But, it was the one they exchanged during warranty. However, they said they could do a diagnostic on the fan motor problem for $69 and another $69 for diagnostic for my light problem. I refused to be ripped off twice. I took it to another shop and he fixed the lights for $40. The fan and heater lights do not yet work properly. I also had to have some rubber gaskets replaced around the doors during warranty. That went OK after two visits.

I later developed a road noise in my tires. I took it to Kendrick to get it checked out. By this time, a new man had replaced the two young managers. He told me that there was nothing wrong with my truck. I took it back again because the noise was getting worse. Was told by ** from Indianapolis that there was nothing wrong with my truck. I later took it to the tire shop, where the original out-of-round tires were exchanged, and they determined after a short drive that the truck was out of alignment. They aligned it and the noise went away, but in the meantime, I had cupped my tires pretty badly.

I figured that Kendrick didn't have the facility to check alignment, but I later found out that they did and could have checked that out and corrected the problem before I chewed up my tires. My last unhappy encounter with the truck, which precipitated the phone call I made to your corporate service person, concerned the transmission. It went out on me in Henderson, KY on my way home from Florida on January 10th 2010. I was pulling a travel trailer that I had purchased during 2009, the previous summer.

I had taken the trailer out on one other trip to New York State during late summer. I had noticed then that the transmission shifted down from over-drive to 4th gear when I first pulled the trailer, but thought that was the way it would shift when needing to shift down. I used the term 'violently' when describing how the truck shifted down, as in when one passes another vehicle on the road and the truck shifts down, but this apparently was not the correct word to use because your person said I should have taken the truck in at that point.

I guess I should have used the word 'dramatically' or something like that. I asked her how she would describe how a vehicle downshifts quickly. She had no answer. I did not realize how much different it shifted until I got the transmission rebuilt and went back on the road pulling the trailer. I would never have known it was not shifting correctly unless having the comparison. Anyway, I was calling because the truck had 63,000 miles on it and the warranty is 60,000. I figured the transmission did not go out just during the trip to Florida, but was not working properly for quite some time.

Well, this did not compute with your representative. She insisted that I should have taken the truck in previously. And then, when she found out that I did not take it to a Nissan dealer, of which there were none in Henderson, KY, then she could not help me at all. She became very combative at that point. I gave up on getting any common sense or reasonable consideration from her. I thought maybe I would get some help with the $2,300 bill for rebuilding the transmission.

OK, so all in all, I have not been pleased with my truck. I think it is a nice truck, but I think it has not been so mechanically good. I don'™t know what else I can tell you that will help you or me. All I know is that Kendrick kept sending me evaluation forms to fill out until I sent a negative one in, and the evaluation forms stopped coming. I then quit going to them.

I am a little disappointed in my truck. It has plenty of towing power for sure, but maybe not enough transmission to go along with all that power. My travel trailer is only about 4,500 pounds. I yet worry about the transmission and whether it will go out on me again when I pull the trailer next summer. Thank you for your time.

Defective Product
By -

PO BOX 685003, FRANKLIN,, TENNESSEE -- Purchased a 2009 Nisan Titan 4x4 Crew Cab in Feb. 09. Noted on test drive there was a vibration in the truck, somewhat like a tire out of balance. The service department assured that it would be taken care of and that I should drive the truck 500 miles because the truck had sat for a long period and the tires had flat places from sitting. Drove the truck the 500 miles and no change (Big mistake, I trusted them). Took the truck back to get the vibration corrected and guess what, a total of nine (9) trips back to the dealer (Garland Nissan Hopkinsville, KY) and the truck still vibrates.

Between 45 MPH and ever how fast you want to drive, the vibration can be felt through the seat and floorboard. At 70-75 MPH, the right front seat (empty) vibrates like a tuning fork. You can see the seat shaking and feel it very well when you place your hand on the seat back. The truck has had four new tires installed as well as some other odds and ends. Nothing has changed. On 18 Aug. 09 the dealer service department admitted the truck did have a vibration but they did not know what to do about it. I wrote Nissan Consumer Protection Division and a lady named ** left me several voice mail messages. When I tried to return her calls, all I got was voice mail.

I left messages that she should call during periods of times I was available to talk to her but that did not seem to change anything. I guess the crowning joke of all this was a couple of days ago, I get a card from a Ms **, Senior Manager of Nisan Consumer Affairs wanting me to take an online survey about my experience with Nissan Consumer Affairs. After about fifteen attempts to get into the survey site, I find that even it does not work. Wonder what that means.

One lesson from all this - NEVER purchase a vehicle with a defect before it is corrected. Tell the dealer that they get it corrected then you'll talk trade. This is my second Nissan Titan from that dealer and the first one (2006) drove like a dream. I have driven other Titans and none of them had the vibration my 2009 has. I find it difficult to believe that an experienced dealership and an automobile maker as large as Nissan cannot figure out why a product they sell and produce has a significant defect and they cannot correct.

Prior to this situation surfacing, I recommended Nissan Titans to several people but I won't do that in the future even if they was to suddenly correct my problem. Something this simple should have never been a problem to begin with.

Nissan Titan Trucks Have Too Many Problems That the Company Turns Their Heads Too
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Rating: 1/51

NATIONWIDE -- I bought a 2005 used Nissan Titan 4x4, 5.6 motor, LE model. Before I had put 10,000 mile on it, the complete rear end was trash. Estimates from dealers run around 5,000 when all is said and done. The dealer I went to could not even tell me the gear ratio of the rear end.

The body and interior are great and I enjoy driving it, but mechanically it is so inferior that I'm afraid to drive the truck. The rear end is trash, there are some recalls (which does not include the rear end), braking problems, fan problems, and wiring problems. Of course the most expensive ones are not on the recall lists. Nissan has to be aware of these problems, I've seen too many web pages about the rear end problem alone.

Do Not Buy a Nissan Titan Where They Say Vibration Is Normal
By -

PARIS, TENNESSEE -- I have a 2010 Nissan Titan which is about 8 months old with 6,700 miles on the vehicle. This vehicle has had a vibration since bought. So far it has been in shop about 10 times, numerous parts replaced, and still has vibration. The latest step is the consumer affairs dept has contacted me with basically telling me that in that vehicle, vibration is normal.

How many of you are willing to pay 36,000 dollars for a vehicle they say has normal vibration? And on top of that, if you do have problems, try to get somebody on the phone that can help you. If that happens within two weeks, you have done good but you still will be given a runaround. If you decide to buy one, good luck. Myself trying to figure out how to get rid of this one and will never own another Nissan vehicle nor recommend one to anybody.

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