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NordicTrack Sucks
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My husband purchased a Nordic treadmill from Sears on 7/6/09. The treadmill was delivered and set-up by Sears. The Nordic technician was taken aback when he arrived saying Sears is supposed to only deliver and NOT assemble the treadmill. The technician adjusted the floor belt, tested the buttons for speed and incline features. The treadmill INCLINE feature did not respond. The technician put a call in and my husband put a call into Sears and ultimately the treadmill was picked up and replaced with a new one. The replacement treadmill was delivered 7/14 and left in the box for the technician to assemble.

The technician arrived a day or two later, very pleasant, assembled the treadmill. He walked me through the start, stop, pulse sensor, safety, walking belt cushion adjustments, folding, incline and speed features. When I asked about the aerobic and weight loss buttons on the panel he apologetically handed me the manual and urged me to read about any other features and stated the company (Nordic) does not train their technicians on the peripheral features such as wt. loss, aerobic, perform, endure, ifit, custom. Mind you, we paid a $199.99 fee entitled "setup with contractor"€ and got a technician not trained on every feature and benefit that the treadmill offered.

I had a week or so of daily use on the treadmill using the lift and speed features. On 8/10 I got curious and pushed the button for the aerobic feature. The button stayed depressed and the treadmill started to adjust the incline and speed at timed intervals. I pushed the stop button but it did not respond so - I turned off the machine at the switch. When I turned it back on the walking belt no longer moved or responded to the speed buttons. I re-read the manual to see if there was any information on this problem. I had my husband to look at the treadmill too and he mentioned the collapse of the buttons on the left hand side of the panel.

On 8/13 I called Nordic to explain my situation. The (CSR) customer service representative diagnosed over the phone that I needed a replacement panel. He stated the part was under warranty, there'd be no cost for the part other than the shipping cost of $5.99, what credit card did I want to use? What?? I explained that I'€™ve had the product for less than 30 days - used it less than 10 hrs, had to have it replaced and it'™s broke again and I need to pay $5.99!!! I purchased this product in good faith for an agreed upon amount. I want Nordic to provide me with a functioning product and I will not bear any additional cost.

The CSR replied with a monotoned, scripted and patronizing statement, "€œI understand your frustration€". He never offered to absorb the $5.99 shipping fee but rather robotically stated "€œpolicy"€. Further, I asked, "€What do I do when the panel arrives?"€™ He explained that there are self-assembly instructions.

In my mind, this is where Nordic'€™s brand recognition and reputation for reliability and standing behind their product began to fade. The CSR either is not empowered to make a customer saving decision to absorb the nominal shipping cost or he just didn'€™t care about my ongoing experience that I shared with him about the Nordic product. I told the CSR I'€™m seriously contemplating on returning the product as this is the 2nd time I'€™ve had a problem with the product. The CSR repeated his canned reply, "€œI understand your frustration".

I called Sears and that was another journey. The electronic voice doesn'€™t understand what you'€™re saying, etc. Phone numbers ring off the hook and multiple disconnects€“ real frustrating! Finally I made human contact with a Sears CSR explained the problem and Sears called Nordic in my behalf. The Sears CSR came back saying Nordic can have a technician out to my home in 10 days. This was the moment of clarity for me - Nordic doesn'€™t care, there'€™s no urgency or quality commitment in Nordic'€™s customer service plan. Another 10 days? I don'€™t think so!

I'€™ve lost hours of my time, my salary, trying to resolve this. I used the machine less than 10 hrs., I'€™ve had the machine for less than 30 days and it'€™s been broke down twice and now I need to wait another 10 days for a technician? What will my next service call look like? NO more. The Nordic experience is a nightmare.

Sears processed my directive to return the Nordic product in a timely manner. I have the task of finding another treadmill - it will NOT be Nordic. My Nordic experience has been an unnecessary nightmare and I'€™ll share this experience on blogs, social networks and to every listening ear. Nordic chose not to be responsive in a timely manner.

My replacement treadmill will go to a company who will stand behind their product, who fully trains their field technicians and CSRs, a company who has a commitment to deliver a functioning product and the customer sensitivity to recognize the urgency to correct a problem timely when the product does not function properly.

Terrible machine. Worse customer service
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Rating: 1/51

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Terrible machine. Wobbled constantly. Could hardly use it without iFit. Foot pedals are very small. You feel like you are going to fall off. Very, very heavy. With small kids it is not worth it to fold up. The resistance did not work and the only customer service was an online chat. Takes almost 5 minutes to get someone, and the chat is VERY outdated. Service was NO help at all, I kept getting kicked off.

Don't Buy NordicTrack!
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Rating: 1/51

LOGAN, UTAH -- NordicTrack Recumbent Bikes, GX4.0 and 5.0 Pro - safety and health issue with heart rate monitor, design flaw and defect – may cause stroke or death of users. On 5-24-12, Supervisor Megan said, as a private company, it is policy not to give out any contact information for executives/executive office. She said to NordicTrack I must write! This is bad customer relations and policy.

Featured grip pulse monitor useless and can't be fixed. I worked w/ incompetent CS reps from Jan to May 2012. Home visited 3 times. Waited for part over a month. Returned GX4.0 & upgraded to 5.0 Pro. It has same problem. CS representative did not give option to upgrade again for $100 to a $1299.00 Commercial bike selling for $699.00 w/ free shipping I found on NordicTrack site. To tout and intentionally sell a feature that NordicTrack knows is defective and useless, is fraud, false advertising, and criminal.

I wrote to ICON, my DA, State AG, Utah's AG, the BBB and the FTC. ICON AND ITS BRANDS HAVE NO CONSCIENCE. The ICON Board and Executives should be brought before the courts. There were other significant issues, but, for space I am not addressing them here. This Safety and Health issue that may cause stroke and death is the salient one. I have found many other reviews for this same issue. Angry - you bet!!!

My positive intent is to warn other consumers about this safety and health hazard that may cause stroke or heart attack. It is my positive intent to also warn consumers that Icon Health and Fitness considers the flawed and defective hand grip pulse rate to be working as designed, i.e., never stabilizing and consistently going from 60 to 160 pulse rates a minute. It is my positive intent to warn consumers that Icon Health and Fitness has a policy not to inform consumers of how to contact their executive offices, or their executives. Icon also has a president's team, but again, policy is not to tell consumers about it.

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