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Unfair Termination. No Explanation, No Notification. Racism?
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SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- This is the biggest disappointment that an employee of Nordstrom can ever face. I feel insulted and discriminated against – and worst of all, I feel like a victim of racism. Nordstrom, which is all about keeping employees and customers happy, maintaining a high standard for ethics and what's not, has stooped to the level of terminating employees without any notification or reason.

The image I had of Nordstrom for so many years has shattered after such a terrible experience I went through as an employee. Believing myself to be a Nordstrom employee, I entered my Employee number at a Nordstrom store to get a discount on my purchase. Embarrassingly enough, it got refused and I was told that I have been terminated about 2 weeks back according to the system. I called the Nordstrom store that I was working at and spoke to a manager, demanding a clarification.

I thought there was an electronic glitch in the system, as there was no way a company like Nordstrom would be so unprofessional as to terminate me without reason or notification, let alone both. Especially given the fact that I was passionate about my job and had leading sales figures for the shifts that I did work. There was no reason for this at all.

However, it turned out that the information given to me by the cashier at the random other Nordstrom location was true – I had been removed from the system as an employee. I expressed disappointment and asked why I was not informed, and demanded a reason.

At first, I was falsely accused of not showing interest in getting more shifts/hours. This was not true at all. I had previously called asking for my schedule and was told that there are no hours available for me, and that I would be contacted when there are hours available. Ever since then, I had not heard from the scheduling manager regarding shifts.

I told the manager on the phone all of this and her next statement sounded like attempt # 2 at covering up Nordstrom's unfair termination. She said that the scheduling manager had left 2 voicemails for me since my last conversation with the scheduling manager. The truth: I have received ZERO voicemails. I can verify this with my phone carrier. I was receiving voicemails from everyone else that left me one, so it would be highly strange if my scheduling manager's voicemails would be the only ones not to reach me.

Of course, I told her this. She said that the scheduling manager told her that there were voicemails left on my phone. Once again, I said that there were no voicemails at all, and that in case there are hidden voicemails that I didn't receive, I can contact my telephone carrier to look into the matter further.

There was a hesitant pause and then another cover-up. I was told that there hadn't been any hours available for me to work, which is why they terminated me from the system as an employee. This makes no sense. If there were no hours or no demand for work that I do, how does one explain the thousands of Nordstrom employees working for hours and hours every day in the same role as me? So far, I was only being given statements that were either false or sounded like excuses with no solid justification. Clearly, there is discrimination going on based on race or some other factors.

After I still didn't have a reason or explanation at all, I asked why I hadn't been notified that I was terminated. At this point, I was upset and unable to get an answer. But now, I also wanted to know why a company as big as Nordstrom would get rid of an employee, and not even call to let them know that they are no longer part of the firm.
The answer to this was that Nordstrom doesn't always tell employees when they are terminated. I was dumbstruck and confused. I had no idea that Nordstrom does not feel obliged to let employees know when they are no longer employed.

Does that make any sense? I have no answer regarding my termination. No reason, no justification, nothing. Not even a notification. The two issues were being terminated without reason, and not being notified of this termination. There was no reason given (except for “no hours available” – which I don't believe).

My thoughts: I was the only employee at my cosmetics counter that belonged to a south Asian background. There is no valid reason for me to be terminated, even after a discussion with a manager regarding this. I think this is a clear a sign of discrimination.

Why would they terminate me without any reason, any notification, and without getting in touch. I demonstrated good performance (I had leading sales figures for a few of my shifts, and did well on average), I showed interest in working further shifts even if I only got a few hours every month, and I was passionate about what I do. Then why would I be terminated? And why would they not notify me?

This shows Nordstrom's lack of courtesy and poor business ethics. I was treated derogatorily, and feel discriminated against. This attitude is not one that a professional and renowned organization like Nordstrom embraces. This only leaves me to believe that there is racist/discriminatory behavior going on.

Loyal Customer has Terrible Nordstrom Experience
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I am writing today to unfortunately complain about Nordstrom's customer service for the first time in the 20 years I have been shopping at their stores. Yesterday evening I had one of the worst shopping experiences of my life at the Downtown Portland Nordstrom location and thought everyone should be aware of this.

One of the reasons I have always respected, admired, and above all shopped at Nordstrom was because of the exceptional customer service. This is exactly why when I was treated so poorly yesterday I was exceedingly disappointed. At Warren Buffet once stated "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it," sadly, this is exactly what happened last night.

My mother lives in Boise, Idaho where there is no Nordstrom. I live in Portland Oregon. So, my mom comes over here at least 5 or 6 times a year to visit and more importantly, to shop. We ALWAYS shop the Washington Square Nordstrom, Downtown Portland Nordstrom and The Nordstrom Rack at Tanasbourne. Not only has she been shopping at Nordie's since before I was even born (and I am 26) but also, it is rare that she leaves to go back to Boise without spending at LEAST $1000 between the three locations. This past weekend was one of these weekends.

On Saturday we visited Washington Square and made some purchases, then Sunday we went to Nordstrom Rack where we collectively spent over $700. As it was a Sunday and we were crunched for time, we raced from the Rack to the Downtown Portland Nordstrom for some last minute shopping before heading to the airport.

We arrived at the Downtown Portland Nordstrom at approximately 5:20 - 40 minutes before the store closed. I have been looking for a new handbag and was debating between a Chloe Paraty handbag and a new Tory Burch speedy type purse. As time was limited and we did not have the time to stand around while I thought, my mother decided she was going to return a couple of the items she had purchased at the Rack and purchase some Jo Malone perfume instead.

The salesperson in handbags told her she would not do the return, that she could not return Rack items at a regular Nordstrom. This caught my mom and I both off guard as I had made a Rack return at a regular Nordstrom just a week or two before at Washington Square (I returned a pair of men's True Religion jeans from the Rack and then bought a couple of full priced items in The Rail). We figured she just couldn't do the Rack return there in handbags so we went upstairs to customer service.

In customer service there was one employee working and she was with a customer. It was apparent she was going to be working with her for a while; she looked at us and told us that it would be a bit of a wait, we told her that was okay we just needed to make a return. She looked at the Nordstrom Rack bag and said "well if that is Rack return you can't do it here."

We were again, caught off guard, but we told her that my mom was from out of town and was leaving that night after first making some last minute purchases at this store. We asked if she could make an exception for us. She then rolled her eyes, said fine but that someone else would have to help us. She then called for the "Manager In Charge".

The "Manager In Charge", her card stated her name was **, came upstairs and asked us what she could do for us. We explained the situation and she just stared at us blankly and nodded continuously stating "I am sorry but we do not typically do Rack returns here as they have a different policy than us." I said, "okay, I understand that," they have a 30 day return policy "but we just bought these items 2 hours ago." She continued to nod, in a VERY condescending way, and just said "I am sorry, like I said we do not typically do this, the Downtown Rack is just 2 blocks away you can go there and make the return."

As a Portland native, the Rack is in fact more like 4 blocks away and it was POURING rain. Moreover, we now only had about 20 minutes to get down there to make the return, thus leaving us NO time to shop at the Downtown store.

I said to her, "I understand you don't typically do this, but does that mean you sometimes make exceptions?" She said "yes that is true." To this I replied, "Okay, well then can you please make an exception today as I would like to buy some stuff at your store and will not have time if we have to go to the Downtown Rack." To this she just said, "No, I cannot help you. I am sorry you're on a time crunch but that isn't my fault." That just floored me.

Ms. ** response was the type I would have expected from a salesperson at Macy's, NOT Nordstrom. I then said, "So you're really willing to say no to our return and lose a customer who is going to spend a lot of money?" And she just again stated, "I am sorry I cannot help you." We then asked for her business card and left. I was baffled that, A) ANY store (especially in this economy) would turn down a customer about to spend over $1000 on their store on a handbag alone, not to mention also purchase some perfume, and that B) she was so rude. Both of these actions are something I have NEVER experienced in a Nordstrom store.

So, we left the Downtown store with nothing more than Ms. ** business card and a lot of anger, frustration, confusion and disappointment, then proceeded to get soaking wet running down to the Downtown Rack where my mom was able to return her items before heading off to the airport.

Our experience last night completely made me rethink my loyalty to Nordstrom. I purchased the handbag that I have been looking for from the Bloomingdale's website this morning. Not only does Bloomingdale's have a product variety superior to Nordstrom, but also have way more sales, promotions and all around prices that are significantly more competitive. Frequently I can get the exact same product much cheaper from Bloomy's than from Nordie's, I have just always loved the "Nordstrom Experience" which is why I was willing to pay a little extra.

This is no longer the case. And the same for my mom. She flies here to see me and shop at Nordstrom's, now she will fly to Seattle where I will drive up and meet her and we will shop Nieman Marcus. Or we will fly to San Francisco or LA where I have sisters and we can shop at Bloomingdale's. Or we will both just shop online, but definitely NOT from Nordstrom.

To bring this full circle, what I have found even more baffling is that this morning my mom went to the Nordstrom website and did the "Live Chat" with a customer service representative. She asked if she could return Rack items at a regular Nordstrom store. The representative said that yes, of course she could, however they would follow The Rack 30 day return policy. I have also talked with a couple of my friends who are current Nordstrom employees both at the Washington Square location and the Lloyd Center location, and they have all confirmed that they can in fact take a Rack return with no problem.

Shameful Place To Be Hired To, A Work Scam
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Nordstrom being considered one of the best companies to work for has to be a paid for advertisement, unless they are referring ONLY to employees involved in new store openings and new-hire orientation. Nordstrom does a lot of new store openings and spectacle new-hire orientations, so those people have secure jobs, but for those who apply to work in these new stores, your job is NOT secure. The public is being fooled into thinking Nordstrom is creating jobs. They do these bid production new store openings but what you don't know is after the big circus employees are cut and back into the unemployment pool.

Nordstrom company is all smoke and mirrors and those that report it as being a good place to work do not have the facts. This company is definitely not a job to base your future on, or even base your week on because you can be easily fired with only 2 seconds notice, if that. It's like project runway - one day you're in and the next day you're out and they don't bat an eye about it. Working hard and giving your all because you believe in the rumors that they are a good people business will only cause you great disappointment in the end, because humble and considerate they are not. You are a workhorse who could be put down at any given moment.

This is not a job you take if you are needing a job for survival. This is a job you take ONLY if you can afford to be unsuspectingly let go. This is 100% one of those jobs you take only for the discount or as a supplement. Regardless of your great worth ethic and years invested in the company, you are disposable. Even if you reach the 2 year mark and make All-star, you should still have a backup security plan because a slip in sales could mean an instant layoff for even those who feel they have seniority.

I have silently witnessed new hires come in grateful to find a job in this bad economy only to be unsuspectingly fired 1 month later and sometimes even shorter than that. Do Not take this job seriously because they do not take you serious. If you accept an offer never stop looking for something else, and do not feel obligated to give a 2 weeks' notice.

After 2+ years of service I wasn't given any notice, just a quick sob story about their failing sales goals and how sad they were to have to fire people. As if cutting my small salary instantly without notice was going to solve their financial woes.

This is a HORRIBLE, SELFISH company to be mistreated by. There's a lot of mistreatment in the world of retail, but this company is just low-down and devious. Their excuses for layoffs are heartless. Never accept a job with this company, unless it's in new store openings and new-hire orientation, any other position is a scam.

My Experience Working Temporarily at Nordstrom
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Rating: 1/51

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I worked in Kids Wear at Irvine Spectrum last year in a temp position. Manager of the department was all of 25 years old and totally not suited for the position she was in. This department, as well as that whole store, was mis-managed. My immediate manager sat in the back doing her nails and talking with her little circle of favored employees.

They promote a dog-eat-dog environment and my immediate manager allowed the favored employees to take away sales I worked on and when I approached the subject, turned it around to try to make me look bad. When the opposite was done (not realizing another employee was working with a customer that I rung up) I was approached and then she reversed the sale in the system to reflect other employee's number.

They would change schedules all the time and then the managers at times would forget to give updated schedules to some of us. They would bring in hundreds of pieces of merchandise in the mornings during the holidays, which covered the cash wrap, expected to be marked down and put on appropriate racks and pushed at the same time to stay on top of customers. Having had little retail experience, I even knew this was not the way to operate. Merchandise should have been brought in before or after store hours to be worked on, not when we were supposed to be working with customers in the height of sale days during the holidays.

Immediate manager had an in with store manage from what I heard through the grapevine. When position was over, I was told that I did a really good job, really went to bat helping out the department, customers loved me, etc. When I asked to stay on, was told nothing available, but days later took a young guy instead who found out was doing a terrible job and was written up four to five times. I think I was blackballed as when I applied to various other positions, kept getting a letter saying another candidate was chosen. I learned that manager and her sidekick were both let go rather suddenly... what goes around, comes around.

Poor Customer Service
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SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- At approximately 11:30 this morning (8/9/13) at the Stonestown Nordstrom in San Francisco, I attempted to purchase a Shiseido bronzer. At the counter was a Smashbox clerk assisting two customers. At another cosmetic counter two clerks chatted away, ignoring me while I waited for assistance.

After the Smashbox clerk completed the two transactions, she ignored my presence to flirt and chat with her awaiting boyfriend. I then approached the chatting clerks for help. One walked me back to the Shiseido counter, pointed to the bronzer, handed me a brush to try the product. She did not offer to help with color selection, application, etc and appeared to be rather annoyed. I then decided to go to Macy's where I received excellent customer service - she helped me with color selection and where to best apply the bronzer. I purchased the bronzer and an additional $273 in Shiseido cosmetics.

Today's poor treatment at Nordstrom Stonestown was my third in the past few months. In one particular incident it became apparent that Nordstrom no longer values customers over the age of 40. Three strikes you're out. Goodbye, Nordstrom. Our 25 year relationship has ended. I'm now seeing Niemen Marcus and Bloomingdale's and Macy's too.

Just to mention. I did visit the Customer Service counter for a Complaint form. They had to search for one in the back office. I was told the Store Manager was not in, just handed me the card, said sorry for the poor service and walked away.

I called later in the day and spoke with **, an assistant store manager. She listened to my complaint and said the Store Manager would return my call. It is not 7:01 pm and I've not heard from anyone. What has happened Nordstrom? It once had wonderful customer service and appreciation for all customers. The merchandise lacks quality and is now targeted to the 20ish crowd with nothing for anyone over 35.

Pressured and Confused
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Rating: 3/51

NEW JERSEY, NEW JERSEY -- I used to love working there but now I feel pressured and Afraid to lose my job. I feel like I'm being forced to choose between working at Nordstrom forever and following my dream of Pursuing a career in the medical field. Before I started I did a lot of research on the company and one of the main things I heard was that they are very flexible and it's a great job for college students. I've been full time flexible since I've started but I need to go back to school and do something bigger in my life.

I thought I had it all planned out and I would be able to work there and go to school at the same time but all of my hopes were crushed when my department had a meeting where the managers said we all have to be full time flexible by June or we will move down in a list and end up being fired.

My manager is already very do controlling as it is, giving us long closures at the end of shifts, talking to us in dehumanizing ways, telling us if we go to Human Resources and complain we've "pulled the trigger" and since they go back and tell her everything we say we ultimately "shoot ourselves in the foot".

We're all miserable when we see her at work and dread even showing up to work. The goals aren't impossible depending on the time of year, but we are also expected to open one Nordstrom account a day and do stock work (which we do not get paid to do because we work on commission).

There's so much pressure I'm becoming very stressed out. It's like pulling an arm off just asking for a day off even for a family emergency. I feel like I'm stuck because I would love to continue working at Nordstrom and move up within the company but I do need to get steady career. I'm just very upset and confused.

Used Shoes!!!
By -

My daughter found a pair of shoes she wanted for her B-day and they did not have them in her size so the salesman said "No problem, I can order them for you and have them shipped to your house in 5-8 days." It was Nov 19, 2009. I paid cash and received the shoes on Dec 3rd.

My daughter opened the shoes and screamed - they were used shoes mailed from a Nordstrom in Texas. I took photos of them. They were also the wrong color and size. The shoe box was correct, but someone took it upon themselves to cross off with a pen and handwrote BLK/SVR and crossed out the size and wrote in 7. There was no return receipt or return postage info. There was no tissue paper in the box ~ just used shoes. I know this sounds funny or whatever but it's not.

I called the store and ** said he was busy and would call back. He did 4 hours later and said the shoes we ordered are all sold out across the USA. None available. Meanwhile I spoke to customer service and ** said she would get them for me but they are full price (double what I paid), I said "no thanks". Finally, I spoke to ** in Seattle and she said ** would sell them to me at the sale price and they would come from their Cherry Hill NJ store. By then, I had had enough of the mean attitudes so I mailed them back to the Palm Beach Gardens store to the manager **.

I don't know if I will ever get any response or my money back. I don't want a gift card, I wanted a check because I don't want anything from their store. I hope this helps anyone that wants Nordstrom to mail them anything! Buyers Beware!!!

Worst Customer Service
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- After finding out some of the UGGs authorized dealers were running promotion. I called Nordstrom customer service for a price match, they promptly did the price match after verifying the competitor's website and helped me put in the pick-up order at Westside Pavilion Nordstrom.

After 2 days of waiting, I checked my order status with a customer service online. She told me something was wrong with the system, so the store never received my order. After she spoke to the store directly, she told me my order is ready to be picked up.

When my husband and I showed up at the store to pick up my order, the manager of women's shoes department refused to give them to me at adjusted price. I told her it was an order I placed with the customer service. She simply told me they don't do ANY price match on UGGs. I asked her if this is written anywhere in their price match policy. She told me it's not written anywhere but the store policy is that no price adjustment on UGGs. She further told us if any other retailer is selling UGGs at a discount, most likely they are fake.

I showed her my order confirmation, but she still would not honor the adjusted price shown on the order confirmation. She told me that I have two options: (1) Pay for the full price and then I can pick them up; (2) Go to the price match website and purchase potential fake UGGs at my own risk. She did absolutely NOTHING to help us with our order, plus her attitude was HORRIBLE. I was totally shocked I was being treated like that in a Nordstrom which was best known for their customer service.

Then I immediately called the customer service again, and they said they'll recreate the order and ship them to me instead. She also apologized to me about what happened in the store though it was totally not her fault. I also filed a complaint toward the manager while I was talking to the customer service, but did not tell her about the entire situation in detail which I probably should have done.

The next day, we went to the store to file a complaint hoping the store can take this matter seriously. The store manager seemed quite supportive to the other manager's decision. I also told the store manager about her bad attitude, she told me she'd look into this, but I am not so sure what will be done. I'm writing a complaint letter to Nordstrom. Hopefully, the corporate level can do something about this.

Age Discrimination
By -

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I've shopped with Nordstrom for years and am curious how many other women have noticed that it is rare to find anyone over the age of 30? Customer service is horrible, help is pretentious and unconcerning! Seems as though there's a connection. I loved going into different departments and seeing various age groups working. The beautiful older woman who gave you hope. Is this not real life? Working and communicating together? I will not buy anything from them and I will be watching other department stores. My friends agree as do my beautiful young three daughters as they too will age! Get real Nordstrom!

Counterfeit North Face?
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Rating: 1/51

MENLO PARK, NEW JERSEY -- My wife surprised me with this beautiful North Face Down jacket for our 18th wedding anniversary present. She purchased it at Nordstrom in Short Hills Mall NJ. I was so happy. I tried it on, fits perfect. I took all the tags off and threw out my gift receipt thinking nothing of it not thinking that this jacket is defective. I was so excited to wear my new jacket; I wore it to my company Christmas party. I took my jacket off and my wife noticed big clump of feathers all over my black sweater in my hair and on my pants.

The next day I returned it to Menlo Park Mall in NJ, closer to my house. Sales associate asked for my receipt, I told her that I threw out my receipt and didn't have my tags for it. Sale associate told me that after inspecting the jacket, she can't take the jacket of exchange because I didn't have my receipt.

Also she replied that she sold North Face jacket for the last 4 years, never saw a North Face jacket have feather pulling out like this jacket, that this jacket might be a "counterfeit". I guess Nordstrom selling counterfeit North Face jacket? Who really keeps their receipt after trying on a jacket and all the tags after 4 days? Paid $245 for this jacket now I'm stuck with a defect jacket. SOOO ** OFFF!!!

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