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Closed Our Account Last Year They Randomly Keep Charging Our Bank Like Some Dating Site
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Rating: 1/51

TROY, MICHIGAN -- In June of 2018, we cancelled services with them. Sent in a formal letter etc... They quit charging us then all of a sudden they started up again and it is never a consistent fee/charge like it would be if it was a subscription service. They will not give me a full correct accounting of why. I am also informed that even though we followed instructions on closing our account with them that they have different procedures now. Each agent has a different story. And now I feel my only option is to close my business bank accounts and reopen them with new account numbers. That is an expense and time to my business. I can see from reading all the reviews that we should seriously look into an ATTORNEY for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM!!!

Ripoff Every Month
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Rating: 1/51

TX -- We agreed to use North American Bancard for credit card processing. We agreed to pay a percentage of each transaction. We did not agree to a monthly fee, and we were not charged one. Until we asked them to close our account. 3 Months later they begin taking money out of our bank account. Charging us a monthly fee we did not agree to. We had to stop payment at our bank. Ripoff every month for $75 to $ 95 every month in fees.

Was Contacted by an Attorney in Regards to Possible Forthcoming Class Action Lawsuit
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North American Bancard users there may be justice in the near future!! After posting a 100% truthful scathing review elsewhere on the web, I was contact by an attorney that was inquiring about Bancards Slow or No payment history and was then asked how I felt about joining in on a possible forthcoming class action lawsuit. I have actually never been in a class action lawsuit before nor have I even sued anyone, but my dealings with this company have frustrated me to no end. I have had to follow up on 90% of my charges in order to receive payment, sometimes weeks over due!

I have visited both of the buildings in Troy Mi after being told time after time the check is in the mail or I must be the one doing something wrong. I sat down in the lobby with a member of their customer service team and she then had them create a new merchant ID for me, and we ran through a transaction and I still had to call back a week later and was told at that time that the "€œauto batch"€ feature is junk and doesn't work. If it'€™s not one thing it'€™s another! I would advise everyone dealing with this company to record your phone calls every time you have to call in. Time after time I was told one thing one day and then told the opposite the next.

Well not planning on actually typing another long drawn out scathing review, Lets just say "Stop, Do Not Even Think About Using North American Bancard!!!!"€ I think I will do as instructed by the attorney and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (the real one, not the fake on Bancard setup) and wait to for more info in regards to the Class Action Lawsuit.

And to think all I want is out of my contract, I am sure they will come back with section this sentence that, but the sad thing is they have NEVER lived up to their contract!! I should not have to pay $420.00 to get out of this ** contract!!! I would encourage everyone that has had problems with North American Bancard to register your complaints with the Better Business Bureau and join the Facebook Group: North American Bancard Sucks. "A group of like minded individuals who know North American Bancard Sucks. They do not uphold their end of the contract but expect you to pay to get out of it."

Since I have posted this complaint I have had to follow up on 100% of my charges. And every time I have to follow up on one, they are saying it's once again this or that that I am doing wrong. Thing is I am still following the same exact routine that they created with me sitting in their lobby. How can it be this or that when it is the same routine time after time. Fraud! I will gladly join in the class action lawsuit now.

Company Response 6/9/2010:

June 7, 2010
Dear Merchant,

North American Bancard works very diligently to resolve all customer issues and complaints. Since our inception in 1992, we have worked with over 125,000 merchants of all sizes and levels of complexity. We provide a high level of service and support to our customers, as is evidenced by the low number of complaints we handle. Occasionally we, like any other large company, may make a mistake or mishandle an issue. When these are brought to our attention we resolve them to the best of our ability. Our 250+ employees work hard every day to make doing business with NAB a pleasure for our merchants and stakeholders, all we ask is the opportunity to recover well.

Per the notes on your Merchant Account 87*********72 notes, you have been in contact with both our Customer Service and Technical Support departments.

In regards to deposits for transactions, it indicates that there was an issue on how to use Touch Tone Capture and has been addressed with training.

If you feel that your account was incorrectly debited, or your fees have been inadequately advised, then we would need specific information in order to properly address the concerns or correct any errors. Please have your Merchant Account number ready, and contact me at 248-283-6059 so that your specific situation may be properly researched and addressed.



Horrible Scam!
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Rating: 1/51

TROY, MICHIGAN -- I recently realized that a strange charge was appearing on a monthly basis on my Wells Fargo bank account statement. The charges, occurring on 12/2/15, 03/02/16, 05/03/16, and just recently again on 06/02/15, all were for $3.99 and were coded from Global Payments. I called Global Payments, who referred me to a company called North American Bancard. I called North American Bancard at 1-800-226-2273 and was rudely told by a customer service representative that I had opened an account with them FOUR YEARS ago in 2012.

I asked why, after 4 years, they had suddenly began charging me a monthly fee, especially since I had no record of ever signing up for an account with their company. The customer service representative wouldn't answer that question. He told me he closed my account and that my 4 recent monthly fees, now totaling $15.96, would NEVER be refunded.

These mysterious small amounts that appear on people's bank account statements, for services they never signed up for, are fraudulent and a scam. I'm not sure if North American Bancard is a total scam, or just has horrific customer service, but either way, I want my money back and I'd like an apology for the incredibly rude customer service representative who offended me.

They Were Scamming Me From the Moment They First Called.
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Rating: 1/51

TROY, MICHIGAN -- This is a warning to small business owners. DO NOT do business with North American Bankcard or any of their shelter businesses which include among some names Lease Finance Group, Global Payment Future Payment, Future Pay Tech and Bankcard 8600. They are scam artists. They told me they can save me a lot of money if I processed through them. They can do it for 1% no extra fees, they told me that you are not locked into a long-term contract and if you cancel it will only cost you a minimum fee I was told $99.00. Their Rep came to my store and told me one lie after another.

I was promised that there was no fee for the credit card machine I would be paying 1% on all of my transactions credit and debit alike + 19 cents per transaction. That added up to less than I was paying sounded good to me. I was promised that there were no hidden fees and rates would not go up as long as I was processing through them. I was very busy that day and had to take care of customers and answer the phones, but I made time for Randal their Rep. He explained that the paperwork I was filling out was just saying I had the use of their machine free of charge and that if I had any problems with it they would send another free of charge up to 2 times.

He put zeros in all of the spots on the contract and had me sign and initial then faxed the paperwork off. When I answered the phone at the store, the representative walked out the door with the contract and drove off. Then stopped answering my phone calls. The processing company denied any responsibility for his actions. I asked over and over for a copy of the contract, told them that I did not want to do business with them and wanted to cancel services. They were not depositing the correct amount of money in my account and the amount they were taking out was much more than I had been paying my original processor.

Then another company Lease Finance Group withdrew $124.00. I called North American Bankcard and they said that it not them who I had been told by the representative that they didn't charge for the machines use. The paperwork I signed had a 0 in that space. I asked again for a copy of the contract. They said I would have to call Lease Finance. I called Lease Finance and they said that I sign a non-cancelable contract for 6 years. I told them I did not agree to that. I demanded a copy of the contract and fought with them and North American Bankcard for about 2 weeks. Finally Lease Finance faxed me 3 pages of their 9-page contract.

It said I had 2 weeks from the day I received the machine to cancel in writing but the two weeks were up. They basically told me that it was my fault for getting duped and that I deserved it because I was stupid. I never received the 26-page contract from North American Bank Card. North American Bankcard gave me the runaround transferring me from one person to the next, each person contradicted what the last said. They kept telling me that they weren't responsible for what their Rep did. Finally I spoke to a "supervisor" who said that he felt bad about what the representative had done and that they don't condone what he did so he was fired.

I told him that I did not trust them and did not want to do business with them. I wanted out of the contract I was tricked into. He told me there was nothing they could do about it. The contract was between Lease Finance and my business. I called Lease Finance company and told them that I was tricked and I finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau against both companies. In the complaint I said I DO NOT WANT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. I said to resolve it. I want North American Bankcard to pay the $8928.00 cancellation fee that Lease Finance wanted to charge me for the machine that was worth about $200.

I got nowhere with either complaint. Lease Finance said that it was not their fault that I was Stupid enough to sign the agreement and basically said I deserved to be ripped off but if I could trick someone into taking over my lease I could still get out of it. They are now charging me $133.00 a month for a machine that I do not use. Fast forward to now North American Bankcard drained my bank account making withdrawals under 4 different names in the amounts of $272.90, $46.45, $78.45, $133.61, $152.45, $895.00, $897.00, causing $90 in overdrafts in January.

It caused my account to be overdrawn by $1610.00 and to bounce a check at Lowe's for $174 so there's a fee for that from Lowes. Out of the $2565.86 that they took. $1792.00 of those were returned for insufficient funds. But hey got $683.89 + the 90 off overdraft fees. so I am was out 773.89. I ended up losing almost $800.00 in January. Then in February pulled it again causing over $400.00 in losses. And in March almost $500.00 in losses.

There are thousands of complaints on different site on the web about this company yet they are still in business. North American Bankcard is sponsored by HSBC Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY and Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Walnut Creek, CA as its Acquiring Banks.

Worst Customer Service Reps With Bad Attitudes and Love to Rob Small Business Owners
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When I signed on to credit cards processing contract for North American Bancard in early 2004 as favor for one of my longtime patient, this is beginning of nightmare worse than dealing with worst HMO insurance ever. I contacted their customer service representative in 2005 after 18 months of contract with them to inform them that my company is dissolving. The representative with no apparent manner told me "You have signed on 3 years contracts and it will cost your $1200 early termination fee or you can continue to pay $40 per month for next 18 months which will run you $720 which will be cheaper."

I told her this is highway robbery and I need to speak to her supervisor, she put me on hold for over a hour. Another rude person with no education background stated "It ain't my problem and if you're not going to pay, we'll ruin your personal credit for rest of your living soul." Facing with her blackmails, I unwillingly asked her if I paid her company $40 per month for next 18 months and my contract is terminating. She stated I got her word on it and she'll sent me termination notice for me to fill out in which I quickly completed the form and faxed back to NAB.

I called back NAB couple days later and was told by another rude representative that they never receive anything and I told her to wait next to fax while we're talking and I had faxed another copy of termination and she finally claimed that she received it but I must pay $40 per month which will be automatically debited from my checking account.

After they collected $720 for not providing any services for 18 months, I noticed they continue to debit $40 per month after 18 months. I called their customer disservice dept, another rude representative claimed that they can continue to charge me $40 per month EVEN after my account is terminated. I quickly close my checking account from my defunct business.

Somehow, these robbers found my checking account from my new business and continue to debit $40 per months. After I found it out several months later and few hundred short in my checking account, I called these NAB people and they told me that my account is terminated and they'll refund my overcharges back. Of course, they never refund any money and when I inquire how can they debit my new checking account without my authorization and they claimed they can debit any account any time that they wish.

I quickly inform my bank to stop paying NAB. NAB immediately sent my account to their collection company which must hire the same rude reps and began to make harassing phone call @ 6 AM every morning. These people refused to hear any explanation but threatened that they will "** with my credit profile for both business and personal."

I tried to called NAB Customer Disservice dept and of course received the same run around with transferring of my call to 6 different rude peoples and finally stated "Your account is in collection and there ain't nothing we can tell you about your account and you better paying these collection folks up or we'll sent you to more collection companies to harass you."

After more than $1000 defrauded by NAB, I was checking blog sites for complaints against NAB and I found there are many small business owners like me who have been defrauded by NAB. I guess this must be their business model to defraud many small businesses. If anyone wants to start class action lawsuits to protect innocent small folks like us, please count me in.

Company Response 6/5/2009:

June 4, 2009

Dear Merchant,

NAB works very diligently to resolve all customer issues and complaints. Since our inception in 1992, we have worked with over 125,000 merchants of all sizes and levels of complexity. We provide a high level of service and support to our customers, as is evidenced by the low number of complaints we handle. Occasionally we, like any other large company, may make a mistake or mishandle an issue. When these are brought to our attention we resolve them to the best of our ability. Our 250+ employees work hard every day to make doing business with NAB a pleasure for our merchants and stakeholders, all we ask is the opportunity to recover well.

First and foremost, NAB would like to apologize for what sounds like an unusual and extreme unsatisfactory experience that occurred.

In regards to the cancellation fee, Section 13 contained in the Terms and Conditions clearly states, “Any merchant who terminates this agreement prior to it's termination date is responsible for any and all monthly fees assessed under the Agreement for the remainder of the then existing term of the Agreement, including all minimum monthly fee commitments, which in no case shall be less than $295.00.”

If you feel that your account was incorrectly debited, or your fees have been inadequately advised, then we would need specific information in order to properly address the concerns or correct any errors. Please have your Merchant Account number ready, and contact our Customer Service Department at 800-226-2273, extension 1300 so that your specific situation may be properly researched and addressed.

Should you have any questions regarding this response, please have your Merchant number ready and contact our Customer Service at 800-226-2273 Ext.1300.


Rebecca Paull
Research Manager

Proceed at Your Own Risk
By -

I signed up with NAB for a credit card terminal for my small business a couple of years ago. With the assistance of their "agent" I tried for over 4 months to install the terminal in my office and get it to work with my phone system, but for whatever reason, it did not work. I requested a 2nd unit, which NAB promptly delivered. After many more attempts, interfacing with their tech support department and my agent, still no connection. During this time, I could not make any charges with the terminal but I was still paying the minimum monthly fees.

Still wanting to make it work, I continued to bother my agent to help me with the installation or to do something with NAB to get them to either send me a working machine or to find some solution so that I could make credit card transactions. Shortly after that point (not necessarily NAB's fault), my agent stopped returning my calls and emails and stopped dealing with me, probably because he was also utterly frustrated.

What followed was several calls to NAB during which I explained the situation, asked if they would stop debiting my account until I could get the terminal situation worked out and asked for help on what to do. Each time they told me that they could not stop the debiting and said that only my agent could stop the charges. Of course, he was gone and out of the picture. By this point, including the start up costs, I was $500 in the hole, and not able to even make a single credit card charge.

Out of complete and utter frustration with the situation, I notified NAB in writing that I wanted to terminate the contract with them because I was getting nothing from them and despite all of my attempts to work with them and their agent, the machine simply did not work in my office. I even followed up my letter with a phone call and spoke to someone to make sure that they received the letter and was advised they had received it, that my contract would be canceled and that the monthly debits would stop.

PROBLEM SOLVED? Not quite. Begin CHAPTER 2 of my odyssey with NAB. A month later, I received a letter from NAB informing me that because I canceled my contract, they were calling me in breach and they were going to charge me for all of the payments they were due on the balance of the contract (3 years) and that they would schedule an auto debit from my account of a little over $1,000 to cover the costs. I checked my online bank account and noticed that they did in fact take out the $1000.

This auto debiting thing is something that I had never had much experience with and did not realize how lethal it can be and how powerless you are to challenge it. But NAB makes you agree to this in order to get their services. Needless to say I was furious.

To make matters worse, the letter was sent out 3 weeks after it was dated. This conveniently allowed NAB to grab the money from my account before notifying me that they were going to do it - just in case I decided to close the account or otherwise outmaneuver them. And it worked because my bank told me that they couldn't even help me and that it was between me and NAB and I had to get NAB to stop the auto debiting... or close my account, but even this would not guarantee anything because the bank was obligated to honor the auto debit (since I agreed) and that I may still have to pay even if the account is closed.

Of course, I was furious over this whole thing. I got on the phone immediately and started the process of trying to get to the bottom of why they took my money. I was told that it was because I breached the contract and that the fine print legally entitles them to do that.

I explained my situation: that I had no working terminal for 5 months, made so many calls I lost track, that nobody from NAB gave me any help or offered any solutions to get my machine up and running, and that their agent bailed on me. In short I was told that all of this was my problem and that their contract assumes that I would have a working phone line? Huh? I was talking to the NAB agent from the same business phone.

Yes, I did terminate the contract, but it was justifiable and with good reason. IN all of my discussions with NAB reps before I terminated, not one person ever hinted at what a disaster it would be for me to terminate or gave me a clue that they were going to make a run on my bank account to grab everything they thought they were due. No alternate arrangements were suggested. No attempts were made to help me or to work out the situation to get my continued business.

Even when I tried to go back and reinstate the agreement and try to work something out that would allow me to get my money back and just ride out the balance of the contract and see if I could try to get the terminal working or just ride out the contract and pay as I go and see what happens, but NAB told me that they could not reinstate or return my money and that all I could do was to SIGN ANOTHER CONTRACT? I wondered if I was talking to another human being???

At that point, I was also told that I had to send back the terminal or else I would owe another $850. This was confirmed in writing. After accepting my plight and resigning myself to the fact that I was screwed, I just decided to give in and take the whole thing as a lesson and I made immediate arrangements to send back the machine (which I did by certified mail and with USPS insurance). I later called to make sure that they received the machine and that everything was OK and concluded on their end. I was told they had received it and that everything was fine and that my account was paid.

END OF STORY? Not quite. BEGIN CHAPTER 3. Realizing that my bank account was not safe from NAB, I closed my account and opened up another one. Sure enough, several months later, I received a notice from my bank informing me that they refused a automatic withdrawal from my account for a $79 "compliance fee". I called NAB and told them that I was not going to pay the fee and that I no longer had an open account with them. I was surprised to hear the agent tell me that it was an error of some kind and that they would not debit my account.

Several months later, I received another notice from my bank, this time informing me that NAB was trying to withdraw $850 from my closed account. Again, I called NAB and asked them what was going on... etc. I was told that the $850 was to cover the cost of the terminal. I explained that I returned the terminal as requested and had proof of delivery and that I did not owe them any money. Again, the agent told me that it appeared that they had received the terminal and that everything was OK.

PROBLEM SOLVED? Not yet. BEGIN CHAPTER 4 (THE GRAND FINALE!) Months later, I started to receive letters, followed by phone calls from a collection agency, claiming that I owed NAB $850. I explained that my account with NAB was closed, that I did not owe any money and that there must be some kind of mistake. By this point it was becoming a sick joke and I felt like I had entered the Twilight Zone.

After several months and several collection agents, my account apparently moved up to the head honcho who deals with the "refusal to pay" types, such as myself. This guy was able to explain to me that I owed $850 for the terminal. I explained to him that I sent it back to NAB and I even faxed him proof.

Several days later he called me back and acknowledged that NAB received the terminal, but that I still owed NAB $850 because all of the fine print in their contract says that it was being given to me for free, etc. etc. but that if I breached the contract I would have to buy it. I explained that he was completely wrong, that NAB demanded the terminal back in writing (or else they were going to hit my account again) and that I sent it back.

"Too bad" he said, the terminal is not useful to them anymore because it was specifically coded for your office so you still owe the money. "Then send it back to me and I will pay for it and sell it on EBAY," I said. "No can do", he told me. The terminal was probably already reconditioned and given to someone else. What? I thought it was coded for me? Was he making this stuff up as he went along?

I called NAB to talk about this and try and figure out if any of this was true, hoping somehow that they had made some internal error (again). The agent told me that my account was forwarded to a collection agency and that I had to deal with them and there was nothing else they could do for me.

Then I called back the collection agent and I dug in my heels and told him that he was wasting his time because I was not going to pay. Then he proceeded to try to negotiate with me and told me that he could settle it out for $295. I told him that I thought this was extortion and there was no way I was paying them anything. He proceeded to tell me that it was my right to refuse but that I needed to understand that:

  1. They would start by reporting me to all of the credit agencies and this would affect my credit score, of course.
  2. NAB would file a lawsuit against me in Fulton County Georgia (which is in the contract) and I would have to travel there to deal with it.
  3. That the Court in Fulton County "triple books" the docket and that there was a good chance that my case would not even be heard on the day of the hearing and that I would have have to come back for another hearing.
  4. That if I wanted to challenge NAB I would have to go and personally appear in court in Fulton County, pay my own airfare and lodging, of course.
  5. That I could hire a lawyer, but that would probably cost more than what they were willing to settle for, so it did not make sense to fight this on principle because I could save money by just settling.
  6. That if I did not show up in court or have a lawyer appear, they would seek a default judgment against me, with all collection costs and attorneys fees, which would be a lot more than they were willing to settle for.

And in short, that he understood that I was probably getting screwed but that it did not matter because the only thing that really made financial sense was to settle with them and not waste any more time and money on the case. CHECKMATE. It seemed obvious to me that this collection agent had gone over this whole thing many many times with other "debtors" and he had it down to an art. And all the while, he practically laughed and smirked his way through the whole conversation, like it was some kind of joke to him.

In the end, I decided that it only made economic sense for me to settle the case, and so I made a counter-offer and settled for about 1/2 of the $295 he was demanding just to get them off my back and out of my life. I still cannot believe that all of this happened to me and that I was brought to my knees and had to pay this collection company money that I did not owe. Sure, I could have challenged them, but at what cost and after how many more hours and time out of my life?

The moral of the story is that you should PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK with this company. Things may work out well for you if you don't step out of line and you are able to continue to fund NAB's money machine. Otherwise, if you need help or customer service, or find yourself in any kind of a situation that does not fit their expectations under the contract, you may be in for the ride of your life. The one thing that definitely saved me money was closing my bank account. If I had not done that, NAB would have grabbed the full $850.

Maybe I am wasting more of my time by writing this review. Maybe I am wrong and NAB was right. We will never know. I am sure that their customer service representative will post some type of a follow up to this explaining how I was wrong. Personally, I don't think I was. Would have been nice to have some "human" intervention in this whole thing and someone who really cared and tried to understand my situation and help me so that I could get things set up and do business with my customers and with NAB. Maybe that takes too much time. So you be the judge. Just proceed at your own risk.

Company Response 4/7/2009:

April 6, 2009

Dear Merchant,

North American Bancard works very diligently to resolve all customer issues and complaints. Since our inception in 1992, we have worked with over 125,000 merchants of all sizes and levels of complexity. We provide a high level of service and support to our customers, as is evidenced by the low number of complaints we handle. Occasionally we, like any other large company, may make a mistake or mishandle an issue. When these are brought to our attention we resolve them to the best of our ability. Our 250+ employees work hard every day to make doing business with NAB a pleasure for our merchants and stakeholders, all we ask is the opportunity to recover well.

First and foremost, NAB would like to apologize for what sounds like an unusual and extreme unsatisfactory experience that has occurred.

Unfortunately enough information was not provided for us to accurately determine your specific Merchant Account. If your account was incorrectly debited, or you believe your fees have been inadequately advised, then we would need specific Merchant Account information in order to properly address the concerns or correct any errors.

Should you have any questions regarding this response, please have your Merchant number ready and contact me directly at 800-226-2273 Ext.1050, so that your specific situation may be properly researched and addressed.


Kimberly Tippin
Director of Consumer Contacts

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Rating: 1/51

TROY, MICHIGAN -- I switched from my bank's credit card processing service because the price was higher than what NA BANCARD Services had promised me in both verbal and written format. I had all my own equipment so there was not problem with me switching over I was told. However, when I called to have it reprogrammed I was told there was a password on the machine from my old processing company even before we tried to program the machine.

When I called my old company, I was told there was no password and they should be able to take care of it with no problem. I called back again and informed the person in India of this and was told no, there was a password and they would not even try if I did not have it. So, I was not able to use my machine with NA BANCARD at all because it was never programmed.

I do not process a great deal of credit/debit cards in my office but wanted to have the service available for my clients. The amount I was contracted to pay was around $9.00 per month. However, as time went on, the payment went higher and higher reaching an amount of $30.65 per month; and I had not processed a payment through their system at all. So basically I was paying for the service at over 3.25 times more than what I was contracted for. Plus, they took an additional $100+ out for some sort of Government mandated fee, which of course I was not told about.

When I called I was told that I should have been informed of this fee. I found out later my bank had been taking it out month by month and this was why the monthly fee was higher with them. But when I added in the monthly fee plus the one time government mandated fee, I was paying more on a yearly basis.

When I called to ask why the service was so high I was told I had not taken a class on credit card processing and that I was being "penalized" for not doing so. The funny thing is, it is not in the contract and I was never informed I was to take this "class". I then canceled my service by faxing in the document sent to me on February 6, 2013. I retained a copy of the fax confirmation after sending it. In March, the $30.65 was charged again to my account. I called to find out why and was told the request had not been received in their office. I informed them I had the confirmation and this was not acceptable to them.

I then faxed the scanned copy, actually the original fax again that was electronically stored, to them again. I asked if I would have any further charges from them at all. I was told no, and the account would be closed. I asked for the $30.65 to be refunded to me and I was told they could not do that amount but would refund $25.00 as a "courtesy" to me. I told them it was worth the $5.00 not to have to wait on hold for 35 min.

Lo and behold today I checked my account and there again was the $30.65 charge for April. I called again and also had to wait on hold for 25 min until someone answered. I was now told that they have up to 30 days in which to cancel my account and it had not been 30 days. So, one person tells me one thing and another tells me something else.

So, I asked to speak with a supervisor and was told they could not refund me the full $30.65 but that he would be happy to refund me $25.00, again courtesy fee. If you are looking for a credit/debit card processing company do not, I repeat do not, use these guys. They are a total rip off and will only bleed you dry for fee after fee after fee.

My Letter to Northamerican Bancard
By -

TROY, MICHIGAN -- This letter regards my ongoing dissatisfaction with your services. I believe your company is in breach of contract by not responding to my complaints, inappropriately charging me for services I specifically opted out of, as well as inappropriately withholding my funds for excessive periods of time. Following are specifics of these issues.

Incident #1: This incident occurred on or about October 30, 2009. Incident #2: In December 2009 I secured $2600.00 from you and I repaid this (total of $3600.00+). I am attaching documentation showing NorthAmerican Bancard continuing to withdraw funds from my account for a debt already paid in full. In my opinion this is either theft or, at the very least an inappropriate confiscation of my funds. Upon discovering this I immediately called with my complaint and I was transferred to a voice mail and my call was never returned.

The next day my wife called. She had a conversation with an individual who said he never got my call. This was proven false by being sent an email that confirmed receipt of my call, leaving me to conclude that the individual speaking with my wife was lying.

On the second day (Jan. 30, 2010) I talked with "Travis" and was told it would take 2-4 business days to return my money. On 7/7/10 they still had not returned the refund. I called and was told they had done an audit on my account and had initiated a refund to my account (same story again). I was told the delay was because of the holiday (4th of July). As much as I did receive the money on the 9th of July, I regard this poor performance as a breach of the agreement with me.

Further, when I talked with him on the 7th of July I told him I want to discontinue my business dealings with NorthAmerican Bancard. He transferred me to a department to get a form for this and it was the collection department, hardly the people I wanted to speak with. I was told I would owe appx $700+ dollars and declined. I told the individual I wanted the paperwork related to ending my obligation. She told me there was no paperwork and I would be charged a monthly charge equaling up to $295.00. I was asked if I wanted to initiate my opt out and I told her "no". I wanted out because of a breach of agreement by NorthAmerican Bancard.

I asked if I needed to take legal action, she snipped, "Go right ahead". I did not feel very comfortable with the attitude of your representative. I terminated the call at that time. Additionally, I was sent a letter dated 3/31/10 about MyBizPerks. I immediately phoned upon receipt and informed the individual that I wanted not to receive this service. I was specifically told "You are opted out." On my 6/30/2010 billing statement I am charged for MYBIZPERKS. This is totally unacceptable and proof of the breach of the agreement.

In the development of this letter I have also placed repeated phone calls to the phone number provided in the agreement in an effort to terminate our agreement. Not one of these has been returned. On my last call I left an emphatic message noting my desire to terminate the agreement. This letter is a reiteration of that demand, and is serving as my notice that I will no longer participate in the agreement.

On a final note, I am attaching a letter which proves you have divulged private information to another party. I am also attaching a copy of my “agreement” which states (highlighted) information will not be shared. I have not shared such information from my end, so the action clearly came from yours. Thus, a complaint is being filed with FTC regarding this action on your part.

Once again, I am terminating the agreement and expect you to honor this. Further complaint with FTC will be filed unless I hear from you within 2 days of your receipt of this letter. You have my phone numbers and addresses.

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