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False Internet Marketing / Bad Customer Service
By -

CORINTH, TEXAS -- I was taken in by the Internet Pricing listed $30,915.00 for a 2009 Nissan Titan and a $5,000.00 rebate with an iPod. When I get in, they said the price for the truck is $33,608.00, not what I saw, even though I had the print out. Additional charges for Nitrogen, etching, wheel locks, tint, etc... After arguing with the salesman, a man by the name of ** introduced himself. He gave me some pitch about they are a new management group that took over and are based on honesty and integrity. Two sentences later he lied to me. Told me the internet does not say $30,915.00. When I showed him my print out, he said that is without the options.

I pointed out that it does not say that anywhere on the internet. After about 20 min. of going back and forth to the manager's desk, they finally agreed to honor the internet price but insisted they were losing big. I told them to take the Nitrogen filled tires, glass etching, wheel locks off the deal. I did not want it. They then said they would just let me have it. When I get home, I could not find the window sticker in the truck. I called ** and left several messages over about 7 days. Never received call back so I went up there.

He said he would order one and it would take about 6 weeks. The iPod is another story. Took me 2 1/2 months of calling and going up there to get that junky thing. It was a NANO. Wow, I spend over 30k with them and I get a NANO. If they would have said it was a NANO at first I would not have bothered, but they did not and I take blame for not asking myself.

After 8 weeks, I called back up there as I never heard back on the window sticker. After a few more calls, no response. I went back up there and since ** was not there, spoke with **. He said he could not find where ** ordered the sticker and would order me one the next day and it would take about 2 weeks. 3 weeks later, I call back again as I have not heard anything. He would not return my calls.

A week later I call again and ask to speak with the GM. After being on hold for over 25 min. ** came on the line. Asked me to email him the information and he would make sure it was taken care of. I have done that and am awaiting a response. I would be willing to bet I don'™t hear back. It's been 4 months since my original request.

As for the Service Dept. there, ** would never return my call as well. I went up there after scheduling an apt. to get my oil changed and the Check Eng. light was on. They blamed it on me getting a DVD/TV Installed and said it would cost me to have it reset. After going around on that issue and explaining that the only hard wiring they had to do was hook up the hot, ground and remote wires. Everything else was wireless. They finally agreed to reset the light. Even with the appointment, it took them 2 hours before they even started on the car.

I was there for over 3 1/2 hours for an oil change and I watched them reset the light. Took them about 3 min. to do the actual work. I had a bad experience with them before but with the sign they had up "Under New Management" I thought I would give them a try... What a mistake.

The Worst Dealership Ever
By -

CORINTH, TEXAS -- In 2008, my husband and I went to North Texas Nissan to look for a new vehicle. We had a wonderful salesman who was very honest and spent quality time with us. We readily admit that we were upside down in the trade in that we were trading in, so we knew that we would have negative equity. That was not an issue for us. We got a pretty decent interest rate on the financing through Nissan, so again, at that point we were satisfied.

Our dissatisfaction began at the point where some joker came out of nowhere while we were talking with our salesman and decided to take it upon himself to start talking about financing options, terms and percentages. At first, this guy, not sure who he was, threw out a number of 2.9% financing for 60 months. This was a great rate, and we were completely happy with it, especially when he was telling us that the monthly payment we were "OK" with was going to be perfect.

When we went into the office with our finance guy, we started seeing monthly payment numbers of $890/month. And that was never a number we saw, nor was it a number we were even remotely okay with. Then we were told about a finance rate of 8.8%. What? Are you kidding me? So we explained to the finance guy that we were just going to walk on this deal because none of these details were what we discussed. The finance guy told us that Mr. "Swoop in from Nowhere" had done this before. And the finance guy smoothed our ruffled feathers, got us a 4% finance rate, and even eased our stress about a 72 month finance term.

Our payments were knocked down to under $500/month, so we were sort of OK with things. Sort of. Our salesman was extremely apologetic. And for the second time that day, we heard about how that unknown guy has this habit of just swooping in and snowing the heck out of customers. In any event, we left the dealership with our new car and thought life would be good. Thought. Well, the new car had some technical issues. So we brought it in and asked the service guys to look at it. They basically blew us off. The issue returned. This time, I made a Saturday appointment and brought the car in once again.

The service guy was a complete idiot. First of all, he told me that extreme temperature changes sometimes cause the warning lights to come on, and that it is no big deal, nothing to worry about. But that if I really feel like it should be looked at, I can wait around all afternoon and maybe they can get to my vehicle. Really? I had an appointment. Hmmm... So I left and called the service manager, who assured me that North Texas Nissan does not treat its customers this way. But so far, this is all I have seen.

Two more times I brought my car in for this warning light. I even told the service guys that I thought maybe I ran over a nail and if that was the case, I would gladly pay for new tires. I just needed someone to check. No dice. They merely filled the tires with air apparently. I drove the car from Texas to Indiana, and let me just say they are lucky I was not in an accident. I brought the car to a Nissan dealership in Indiana that promptly investigated my issue and found a 4.5 inch nail. So much for the extreme temperatures, right? And I will not even get into the oil change in which the dealership in Texas did not put the plug back in.

So here we are 1 year after the purchase of this vehicle. We received this paper in the mail about $8k towards a trade in and giving well over the NADA trade in value. I did not want to ever got to North Texas Nissan again, but my husband pointed out that they were under new ownership and that may be we could close the gap on how upside down we were in our current vehicle. What he was saying made sense, so I said we'd go in. We were met by a very nice salesperson.

We told her we were looking to trade down in price and we basically told her that while we knew we would be upside down still, we wanted to close the gap by going for a less expensive vehicle. And we also wanted to talk about what we received in the mail, which, by the way, only applied to Titans and some other big car that Nissan makes. In any event, the saleslady told us all about the new ownership and how things were different. After some negotiating, my husband and I decided that the deal would not work.

As a last ditch effort, **, our salesperson, brought another person into the picture. This gentleman worked some numbers, and although we were not able to trade down, we were able to close the gap significantly. The dealership gave us more than our trade was worth, which is wonderful, and also gave us a small rebate on the car we were buying. The problem? Once again with the finance guy. I'm wondering where in the armpit of America North Texas Nissan finds these pieces of crap? Our finance guy, **, whatever his name is, immediately started with the pushing of extended warranties.

Bear in mind, I understand the add on sales. We said no. So then he offers the Gap insurance. We said no. He offers Lo Jack. We said no. So he says that what he can do for us is get us Gap insurance for only $7 extra a month, and would we be willing to do that. We thought that was pretty reasonable and that there could be added value in that.

So then he said that because we were doing that, he would throw in Lo Jack for free. When we asked him how he could do that, he told us that he gets "coupons" for every finance that he gets to go through, so he is able to "do" these things for people. Sounded okay at the time. We asked about the interest rate and he said it would be 6.9%.

We asked him about whether or not we could finance through another company and he said that we absolutely could do that. So we told him that we would check with our back and call him in the morning. He said that would be fine. But by this time, he was already looking away. What a piece of work. This was 5pm Thursday evening.

On Friday morning, my husband called North Texas Nissan to speak with the finance guy, as we had secured financing for a full percentage less. The original finance guy was not in. And the fill in guy was new and apparently does not know how to do anything. Said we'd have to wait until Saturday. So Saturday morning my husband calls again.

At this point, he is told that he can change the financing, sure. But he cannot cancel the Lo Jack because it will be a $600 cancellation fee. How can you charge a cancellation on something that you did not charge us for? Hmmm. Then, this idiot tried to tell us we can't cancel the Gap insurance. Well, we might not be able to cancel the Lo Jack, but we sure as hell can cancel the Gap insurance.

We have a piece of paper that grants us 10 days to do so. It is not because we do not want Gap insurance. It is because we found it for $199 for the life of the loan instead of the $642 that Nissan was charging. I do not recommend this place to anyone. In fact, at this point, I do not recommend Nissan to anyone.

I will let you all know that on the same day that we purchased the Nissan, we also purchased a Mitsubishi Outlander. It was a wonderful experience. We bought it at Lewisville Mitsubishi. They are a great dealership, and this is actually our second time buying there. Go there instead of North Texas Nissan.

By -

CORINTH, TEXAS -- On December 30, 2009 I purchased a used vehicle from this dealership. The dealership is 2 hours from my home. The next morning, I noticed that the vehicle was not inspected. I contacted the dealership and they told me to bring it back and they would get it inspected. I asked them if I could get it inspected locally and send the receipt to them and get reimbursed. They agreed and so that is what I did. They did reimburse me a couple weeks later. I never received my license tags, and I had a hard time getting any answers from the dealership concerning my license tags.

Finally after a month and a half, I got a call from them answering my inquiry. On Feb. 5, 2010 The dealership explained that my vehicle was an out of state vehicle and that it needed a special inspection since it was an out of state vehicle and that I would have to get it reinspected, before they could get my license tags. Also, I was told at time of purchase that my vehicle came with a two year /100000 mile warranty, and I was promised over and over that the dealership would mail me my copy of the warranty paperwork.

On Feb. 5, 2010 I asked about the warranty again and was told that it wasn't an issue that they would send it to me. I was also told that they needed $450.00 before I received my license tags or that they would repo the vehicle (They were not the lender on this vehicle). On Feb 8, 2010 I contacted the lender and was told that the dealership had no rights to repo the vehicle. The lender explained that they (the lender) was the only people that could repo the vehicle and that I was in good standing with them and that they certainly wasn't going to repo the vehicle if I continued to make my payments to them.

So, as it stands to date 2/8/10, I have a vehicle that is not registered after nearly 2 months and am being told by the dealership that they are going to repo the vehicle if I don't pay them $450.00 before they get the vehicle registered. This has been a horrible experience for my family and produced much unnecessary stress on both my wife and I.

Don't Buy From North Texas Nissan
By -

CORINTH, TEXAS -- North Texas Nissan is very crooked. In Dec 07 Finance dept. added warranties and other crap to my purchase without telling me I was paying for it. Maintenance package for $1050 was added. Blue steel package for $399 was added, road hazard package $299 was added, and one other for $399 was added. Third party warranty was added $2000. I was informed that this was all coming with the vehicle. I was never told I would be paying for it. They are very deceiving in the finance room. I just looked at my contract under the itemized list of financing, and all of this was written in there.

I went up there today, Mar of 09 because I got a letter in the mail stating they were having up to $8,000 dollars off of new and certified pre-owned vehicles. They also said they had special .09% financing, and were giving over NADA value for trade insurance. This was all part of their "new owner, new attitude" gimmick, marking their third owner in less than a year. Called and talked to **. He said there were so many deals, I would have to come in and see for myself rather than talk on the phone. I did. First of all they would only go $8,000 off of the $40,000 Titan and Armada.

I settled on an Xterra, cert pre-owned. They started asking price at $2000 dollars above NADA retail value, then would not accept the actual value of the truck for the final price. They settled for $500 above private party value. Then on my trade in they offered me $2000 less than the NADA trade in value, and would not go any higher. I did not purchase a vehicle from there.

They are still the same crooked people they always were - you can't teach an old dog new tricks. When they say let me get the keys and we'll go for a ride they mean it. Horrible horrible business ethics. Dealerships that ask what do you want your payment to be rather than telling you a sale price or giving you a price for your trade in have issues. Be wary of this dealership. I would not recommend buying a car from them.

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