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PORT CLINTON, OHIO -- I attended this training school after viewing their web site. I paid $1200.00 for one course and $295.00 for another. The school did not cover all the subjects in the course that was advertised. I feel I was deceived or at best short changed on my training. As example each student gets to sew on their own sewing machine provided by the school, however several of the machines were not working properly including the one I was using, so you could not do the work properly.

This instructor who is also one of the owners has only been in the business less than five years. They are the new owners. He would give our class a exercise to do and walk out of the classroom and be taking care of business in his canvas shop and then come back later and tell you "you did it wrong, need to do it again." My classmates wondered out loud, why he did not stay with us and answer our questions or monitor us and help while we were doing the exercise. This happened a lot.

There were several things we were to do, but he did not deliver according to their advertised website. Example... The month I was there it was cold and snowing and we were to work on a customers boats, the real thing, as advertised in their web site, however his shop was full of boats in winter storage and no room for the boat we were to work on, so we did not get the actual hands on work on a real boat, only a tabletop mockup.

I also took the sewing machine repair course which was to be taught by a certified SMR journeyman, well this instructor did not show up, however the owner of the school taught the course, he is not a certified journeyman for sewing machine repair. The class was to be a full day. The full day started at 8 am and lasted till 2:30 pm, not the 5 pm as advertised.

After class some of us went to dinner and we were mad, sort of thought we got ripped off. We were also to be taught how to pattern two different ways using two different processes and we were only taught one way. These are only a few examples of what we did not get for our money as advertised on their web site. I have asked for a refund in writing and have not received it or even a phone call about this.

Company Response 01/28/2010:


Over the past seven years, we have had only one complaint from a student. This recent posting is obviously that same person, as we have had no other complaints over the past two years, nor have we had any requests for a refund since.

The statements posted by this person are a distortion of the truth regarding our teaching program. We have thousands of satisfied students throughout the world who attend classes with us regularly. It is unfortunate that this person finds fault in a program that other students hail as being the best program of its kind in the world!

Should anyone wish to discuss the facts surrounding this disgruntled person or their claims, please do not hesitate to contact us at 419-734-5453 and ask about this matter. We are more than happy to address any concerns.

Thank you,

Russ Griffin, Instructor
Northcoast Marine Specialties LLC
dba/ Canvas Training Workshops

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