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Extremely Poor Service by Franchise Auto Glass
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CASTLE ROCK, COLORADO -- Be aware that this particular franchise auto glass repair and windshield replacement company appears to have never studied the fine art of winning and keeping clientele. When posed with a difficult situation the company telephone representative just hangs up and does not answer call backs. Been using the company for three years to patch small stars in the windshields of my four cars. The service is paid for by my insurance company. The franchise is run by a mom/dad and the son does the work.

Each time I contact them to schedule the work - their tone of voice on the phone makes it seem as though I am putting them out. There have been times when I vacillate over engaging someone else to do the work. So, when I engaged them to replace a windshield in my daughter's car I thought that they might be a tad more enthusiastic. Nope. Same attitude about scheduling the work. We scheduled the work a week in advance. Locked in a time/date. My wife took time off work and waited for the tech.

Twenty minutes after the tech was supposed to arrive I contacted Novus Auto Glass in Castle Rock to let them know that the technician was 20 minutes late and we wanted to know the status. The customer service representative (CSR; i. e., the Mom) cut me off and informed her that the technician had a 15-minute window to accommodate traffic delays. I politely pointed out that he was already 20 minutes late (i. e., 5 minutes beyond their 15-minute window). I asked that they determine the technician's status and contact my wife to let her know.

The CSR called my wife and told her that the tech was delayed in construction traffic, would be there in 5 minutes, and would really only be 4 minutes late. My wife was a tad annoyed that she had been waiting and informed the CSR that it would have been nice were they to have actually contacted us (instead of us having to contact them) to let us know that they were running late.

The CSR hung up and would not answer return calls. The technician never showed up. I sent an email explaining what had happened to the dad, suggested that I would give him the benefit of the doubt to explain what had happened before I informed their corporate headquarters and my insurance company. Never heard back.

Taken by Novus
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The windshield of my car was hit by a stone that caused a crack smaller than the size of a pea. My insurance company (Geico) gave me a list of auto glass repair companies they recommended that I could call to have the crack repaired. Geico would pay the cost of the repair. I called Novus because that was the first name I saw--with a big ad--when I opened the phone book. The next day a fellow came to my house from Novus. I showed him where the crack was (it was so small it was hard to see) and left him to work on the car.

Not more than two minutes later he rang the doorbell and told me that he had "bad news": the crack had spread and he couldn't repair it. He'd have to come back in several days to replace the windshield! The new cracks went straight across the windshield, at least ten inches on either side of the original tiny crack. I told him not to come back. When my husband called the Novus office, the manager told him that 80 percent of the time small cracks can be repaired. In other words, Novus has a 20 percent failure rate for repairing small cracks in windshields!

I called other companies to find out about their success rate for the repair of small cracks in windshields. Everyone of them had a success rate of close to 99 percent. One fellow I talked to had only two windshield cracks spread in over a 5 year period. I also learned that extreme temperatures or cracks close to the rim are the riskiest to repair. The temperature was 70 degrees on the day the Novus fellow messed up my windshield, and the crack was not at the rim.

I have a $250 deductible on my insurance, so I had to pay for a new windshield. I found a company to replace it for $160. Novus was going to charge the full $250. They would have only gotten $50 for repairing the crack. It looks like it is their best interest to cause small cracks to spread because replacing a windshield is a lot more lucrative than repairing it.

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