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Meatloaf With Mashed Potatoes...Shouldn't Even Be Called FOOD!!!
By -

Nutrisystem Nourish Dinners I've seen so many commercials and ads for Nutrisystem dinners. So, when I seen them on sale at a local store (2 for $5.00) I thought I'd give it a try, since joining and ordering online is very expensive. If I liked the dinners, maybe I'd consider joining them. I am SO Glad I tried them first! I bought six different dinners, to try them out. The first one I opened was the Meatloaf with Mashed potatoes in Tomato Sauce (As Pictured).

Now, I know better than to expect an actual food item to look exactly like the photos. However, I DO expect my mashed potatoes to be WHITE and NOT BROWN! YES, look at the photo, the color of the potatoes were actually a greyish brown! I didn't even take a taste for fear they may be poison! I checked the date on the box about 10 times, and yup, date was good! Then I thought, maybe the potatoes had gravy? Looked at the box again, nope, no mention of gravy! So, maybe it was a bad one. I opened one of the other Meatloaf dinners (I bought two of each, three different kind) and it was the same exact thing...brown potatoes!

I Tossed into the trash...took the others back and returned them. So glad I didn't join without checking these out. These are the same meals they offer when you join them. Make your own meals at home! Save your money! Two thumbs down and a big "YUCK" on the Nutrisystem Nourish Dinners!

A Good Laugh At The Packaging
By -

I have seen the FANTASTIC ads on TV about how terrific the Nutrisystem diet is. I found some of the meals at my local Big Lots so thought I'd try a couple. Today I had the Salisbury Steak with Gravy and Rice. On the package were two large mushrooms, delicious looking steak, puffy rice, and a big helping of Brussels sprouts. How did they get all that in a little container? Well, they didn't put in any Brussels sprouts (not a single sliver of one). There was a very thin slice of mushroom, a hamburger patty (Salisbury steak), and gooey, gooey rice.

When I opened the container I LOL. I called a coworker over to show him the package and what the real item looked like. He LOL too. I only spent about $10 on 4 'dinners'. I looked online and they wanted $319 per month for this junk (3 so called meals a day for a month). If anyone would stick to a diet of eating that little food for each meal they would lose weight (probably) without using this so called wonderful diet. If you want a good laugh, buy a package and compare the contents to the outside. Regardless of what Valerie says.

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