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CAPITOLA, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a car from Ocean Honda on August 31, 2008. It was a 2001 BMW X5 3. 0 liter. I spent $14,900.00 paid in cash. The car was sold with a 30 day or 3,000 mile warranty. After the 63 day of owning the vehicle it is experiencing major mechanical defects that are very unlikely to happen on this vehicle.

I have researched these and for a vehicle with 89,000 miles on it there was no real indication that this would be a bad purchase. I was also shown a CARFAX report that showed no accidents. This was another good sign for me. I was told that "the car is completely gone through before they put it on the lot and they don't put garbage on the lot," after I insisted on taking it to my own mechanic. This is also another lie.

I of course confronted them on this and they picked up the vehicle and sent it out to a mechanic shop to look at it. I was told by another mechanic that this vehicle had been in some kind of collision or was previously worked on due to mechanical parts on the car being brand new, and or not hooked up properly. After finding out that the repairs would amount to approx. $14,000.00 because it had a cracked engine block and the engine would need to be replaced, they then completely reneged on their first offer to go ahead and take care of the situation. This was stated by their head mechanic ** when he came to tow the vehicle from my home.

They blamed me for the mechanical issues, they said I had overheated it and had caused its mechanical condition. This of course is not true. Even as of now with the oil in the radiator the engine still does not overheat, even the mechanic shop they took it to said it's not overheating.

After confronting the General Manager about the problem that I was having, they refused to do anything for me. I asked for myself or him to contact the owner about situation and I was told that this is my problem and that the stand firm on this, that it doesn't go any higher than here. He then recommended me to find legal counsel, if I wanted to continue to try to hold them responsible.

After a very heated arguing match, I was then thrown out of the building left to wait for my key to my extremely damaged vehicle, left to make no choice but to drive it off their lot. I was also told in that meeting that the car had been serviced by them prior to my purchase and that seems to be a lie. I found this out by me taking it to another mechanic and him telling me that nothing they stated was done to it. I have documentation stating what they supposedly did, why would they lie? They are hiding something and they have taken advantage of a customer.

I personally talked to the mechanic that they had look at it and he was in awe that they are claiming no responsibility and it was definably sold to me damaged. I was told that it was patched up just enough to make it past the warranty life and now I am stuck.

I had been saving for this vehicle for 3 years since it was my dream car, I guess I should have left it a dream. There were thousands of them available but I made the mistake of going to the BIG CAR dealer. Please help me! If there is anything that can be done I am open to any advice that can be given. I am now vehicle less with no money to buy another. I can't get my daughter to school or to work without jumping through hoops.

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