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Misleading Label For "Cranberry" Juice
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-- Today I was at Target picking up some items and remembered we needed some cranberry juice. Our Target has quite a good food/beverage selection so I headed over to see what they had. I spent above 5 minutes going back and forth trying to find 100% cranberry juice. They have the "Cranberry Cocktail" which is like 15% juice, then they have like 5 other "blends" that all have "Cran" in the name. So I asked an associate to help me. She showed me the 100% juice Cranberry. Great.

But after taking a closer look (see images below), I realized the label had been designed in a way to make it appear to be 100% Cranberry juice, but in reality it wasn't. The label stated "100% Juice - Cranberry - Flavored blend of two juices". Sounds like they are selling 100% Cranberry juice, but perhaps it is a blend of various Cranberry juices? What exactly does "flavored blend of two juices" mean? One would think the product would at least be "mostly" Cranberry juice.

Well taking a closer look at the ingredients it becomes quickly apparent that the main ingredient is not Cranberry juice, it is Grape juice (one of the cheaper juices to produce). So my complaint towards Oceanspray, don't put 100% Juice with "Cranberry" on your label when the product is mostly Grape juice. Very misleading and definitely left me with a bad taste in my mouth about your products in the future.

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