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Worst customer service
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Rating: 1/51

DECATUR, ILLINOIS -- O'Charley's by far the worst dinner I've ever had! Last Sunday, June 17 I wanted to take my husband out to dinner for Father'€™s Day. I had worked all day and wanted to do something special for him and spend time with my family. We decided on O'Charley'€™s in Decatur Illinois because I have never been there. When we walked in we were surprised to be seated right away.. I now know why. Our waitress took our order and told us she'€™d bring rolls out to us. She finally did 15 minutes later. We sat there for about an hour, empty drinks and empty roll basket. I overheard the only other table she had complaining about their food and the service. We should'€™ve left then.

When we got our appetizer the chicken tenders were burnt. We overlooked it and ate the rest. But then another waitress finally brought us our food. My husband'€™s prime rib was supposed to be medium rare, it was well done. Not only that but it was tough and cold. The mashed potatoes were cold and hard also. My shrimp was cold and the scampi sauce lumpy. My steak was so tough I couldn'€™t chew it. I found a hard rock or metal piece in my cold mashed potatoes and my fries were cold and soggy.

Meanwhile our waitress stood at the bar and talked to her friends. She had two tables and couldn'€™t even get our food from the heat lamp for an hour! This was the first time we didn'€™t finish our meal. We didn'€™t even want it.. it was that disgusting. We paid $20 each a meal for four of us, plus an appetizer, and we couldn'€™t even eat anything. We were planning on getting dessert also. We left hungry then and basically threw $100 in the trash, literally. This restaurant ruined not only our meal and money, but Father'€™s Day for my family. We will never be returning, and will tell our family and friends to do the same. Like or Dislike.

Negative Tip
By -

MILFORD, OHIO -- I would just like to express my bad service at my local O'Charley's about a year ago. After being seated immediately, the waiter forced us to wait over 10 minutes before coming to take our drink order. By this time me and my wife knew what we wanted to eat, so we had ordered our food along with our drinks. Besides the initial waiting time, getting the food from the kitchen wasn't too bad. However it was someone else who had brought our food, which just was a drop and run. The quality of the food is not the complaint, we had only received our food, our drinks were not brought to us.

After searching around looking for our waiter, we stopped another employee and asked for our drinks. Another 5+ minutes later our waiter appears with 2 pitchers, looks around wondering where our glasses were. Then it hit him, after I had almost finished my meal, he hadn't brought our drinks. It was 15 minutes after we received our food that we received our drinks.

When I get the bill, it shows the drinks on the bill. I did what I thought was the right thing to do. I gave the waiter my credit card and when he brought me back the slip to sign, I gave a negative tip. I removed the drinks from the total along with the tip that I was going to give if I had received good service from him. To ensure they didn't think I had made a mistake on the back of the receipt, I wrote out my explanation to Negative Tip. Included the line, "If I am charged any more than the total" I wrote on the slip, "I will never step foot into another O'Charley's again."

2 Days later I checked my account and they only took the amount I had specified... This has been over a year ago and I had given them another chance, and the second time, I again received bad service. I didn't pull out the negative tip trick this time, I just refuse to go back. 1 Year later, I still haven't gone back to any O'Charley's restaurant. It's their loss not mine... There are plenty of other restaurants that will trade my money for decent service, and I choose them. Thank You for reading my comments and if you feel as though you need to Negative Tip someone, feel free to use it.

Bad Service, Food & Follow Up
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MARION, ILLINOIS -- About a month ago my husband, son and I decided to go out to eat. We had gotten an O'Charley's gift card for Christmas and decided we would use it. We were seated without any wait or anything (for a Friday night in my area that is something to commend). But there were so many other things that went wrong. We ordered their sampler appetizer, I ordered their chicken strips with fries and a salad to share with my son (he's only 16 months) and my husband got the fillet mignon and asparagus.

The server was very slow... so slow that he ended up bringing us our appetizer before our premade salads. My husband's filet mignon was overcooked and he was shorted on the asparagus which he paid extra for. The manager even noticed how slow our waiter was and how long it took him to greet us, serve us our food and then bring us our check. I mean by noticed he came up to us at the end and asked "Was everything okay tonight?" with kind of a concerned look on his face. Being the nice person I am, I just said "It was fine". I don't like to complain and I was ready to get my son home.

Well, we get home and the next day my husband gets online to check his credit card statement and turns out they had charged us twice for dinner! My husband called the store to get it fixed and mentioned how bad everything was and the manager he spoke to said, "Oh, well let me send you a $20 gift card to make up for it."

2 weeks later - Nothing. I called the store and told them what had happened and told them who my husband had spoken to and the lady said "Okay, I'll look into it and give you a callback". So, here we are a month later no gift card, no call or anything. So, if you go to O'Charley's in Marion IL and are dissatisfied they may say they'll make it up to you but don't count on it.

Bad Service and follow-up
By -

GAHANNA, OHIO -- I had a very bad experience w/ O'Charley's Restaurant on Morse Rd. in Gahanna, Ohio. I actually went to their website after talking to a manager and e-mail my complaint. Surprisingly, I got a response (which is pasted here):
"Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your recent visit to our Morse Rd. location. On behalf of O'Charley's, please accept our sincere apologies for the to go issues. Our goal is to exceed our guests' expectations and please know we take your feedback very seriously.

We are forwarding your comments to the Operations Director and General Manager; we appreciate the opportunity to correct these issues so you and every guest will be better served in the future. We are sending you a gift card to use towards another visit, hoping that we have another opportunity to show you what our company is really about. Again, we apologize for the disappointing experience and look forward to serving you again."

What a ton of crap. I contacted them on June 30, 2006 and this response was sent to me July 7, 2006 and as of Oct. 4th, 2006 I haven't seen or heard anything else from this company. I gave them my address and even my phone number to contact me and now I feel obligated to get the word out that this company is full of crap.

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