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Illegal Practices in the Cingular Wireless Tulsa Call Center
By -

As a consumer from your state, I felt it was my responsibility to bring to your attention the following incident. I made over $10.00 an hour working in the customer service department at the Cingular Wireless Tulsa call center. I provided customer service to Cingular customers in the Northeast region. I was accused of hanging up on employees and being rude. ** a.k.a **, **, and ** (all are Regional Managers) conspired with ** (the call center President) to alter my stats and terminate my employment based on my hourly wage which was over $10.00 an hour. I was accused of disconnecting 798 customers in 13.57 minutes. This is not humanly possible.

I saw one of my former managers today. He/she walked up to me and gave me a hug. He/she is the only one I've missed out at that place. He/she told me that ** stated that before I was illegally put on suspension, he listened to me secretly for 7 days. I did every call perfect, achieved a Quality Assurance score of 98% or higher on every call, and had an amazing ability to calm irate customers. But CaCa happens when he receives the order to cut cost from his boss **. "Better me than him" (what ** said about my termination).

My former manager is the only one at that place that has balls. She/he would be willing to testify on my behalf in a court of law if I decided to sue after she/he obtained other employment. I'm protecting my former manager right now because they have extenuating circumstances and can't afford to get terminated. They'll get charged with bogus accusations if I give my name or their name out. But in the meantime, if you're a Northeast customer and want to cancel your contract with Cingular, there are two choices that will work to get you out of the contract without a cancellation fee.

Have someone call in and say you died. Your account will be closed immediately with no cancellation fee. If you don't want to go that route, call in and say you're moving to a foreign country. Your account will be closed without a cancellation fee. Don't ever buy anything from Elephant Wireless. They will lie to you and tell you absolutely anything to make a sell. They will mess your plan up and cause you to have a $10,000 billing error. The amount of credit customer service reps have for the Northeast region is $175.00 per account. This is for New York City, PA, and NJ.

To Cingular customers in these states, I invite you to call in and get credit every month, if not every day, on your account. Also, if you write a letter requesting help or have a complaint (about anything and everything) please write ** (the Tulsa, OK call center President), ** a.k.a. **, **, or ** (these are the Regional Managers), the bosses of the managers on the floor. Also, some of the managers on the floor are **, **, **, **, **, **, ** (the manager who oversees HLAs). HLA - High Level Adjustment is the form that's submitted when a customer has a billing error over $175.00.

Also, with manager approval, you can get a credit over $175.00 on your account and don't have to wait on an HLA. Some managers have a credit limit of up to $5,000. Ask to speak to one of the above managers if you're ever denied a manager and transferred to the Customer Advocate Team. The Customer Advocate Team or CAT are not real managers. If you you're transferred to the CAT team, ask to speak to one of the above managers. If you're told no, ask to speak to a Regional Manager. If you're told no, ask to speak to **.

Also, the address of the Tulsa call center is **. If you're ever in Tulsa, OK, stop by for a visit. They'd love to see what their customers look like in person. Oh ** is right between ** and the Regional Managers. Don't want to leave her out. She'd to love to hear from you. Everybody mentioned here can be reached at the above ** address. Oh, by the way, ** and ** encourage their reps to hang up on customers to decrease their average handling time. Some of their reps have done what they were told and got fired for it. ** nor ** stuck up for them. By the way, I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about other people I know who also made over $10.00 an hour.

** only hires managers and employees who he's previously worked with at TV Guide. That's discrimination and a violation of Cingular's business code of conduct. Terminate all employees who've previously worked at TV Guide in the Cingular Call Center in Tulsa, OK. They ran TV Guide into the ground to where it exists no more and will do the same to the Cingular Tulsa Call Center. Also, ** should be terminated. He authorized the illegal termination of Cingular Customer Service representatives that made over $10.00 an hour to cut cost so he wouldn't be terminated.

He also authorizes the termination of employees who don't make over $10.00 an hour to get more training classes because the Tulsa call center is allotted government funds to train new hires. So he does this to get more money from the government. Also, **, the Union Steward at the Tulsa call center, betrays her fellow Union workers and Customer Service reps she supposed to represent in order to ensure that she doesn't get fired.

** never calls people back she that she is supposed to be representing. **, the Major Union Representative never calls people back when she says she will and provides inadequate representation. She advises them to go apply for unemployment when they are illegally suspended. Both ** and ** should be terminated. As a resolution, I would like the following:

Have the ATTORNEY GENERAL investigate the Cingular Wireless Tulsa call center's illegal labor practices. Also, fire **, **, and all the Regional and Floor Managers that have been previously employed at TV Guide. ** and ** should also be fired. Please contact me if you need more details regarding this incident.

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