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HARPSWELL, MAINE -- I was sold OLYMPIC DECK CLEANER by a LOWES, associate,at the Lowes store in Brunswick,Maine. I was told, by the Lowes salesman that the product was the best they have to clean my new cedar decks.
I applied the OLYMPIC DECK CLEANER to my decks, carefully following the directions. The results were horrifying. Fibre came out of the cedar, as a gray goo, and a thick gray surface mixed with the wood fibres formed, adheering to the decks.
PPG's tech. dept. claims the only final remedy is to sand the decks down to bare wood! They claim I should not have used the OLYMPIC DECK CLEANER on cedar but rather their deck brightner for cedar & redwood. I was not informed of that product and now find that product was not stocked at Lowes, at the time of the purchase. The fact that PPG, DID NOT PUT ANY CAVEAT, WHAT-SO-EVER, PERTAINING TO THE USE OF THEIR "OLYMPIC DECK CLEANER" ON CEDAR, ON THEIR PRODUCT'S LABEL and the fact that LOWES, recommended the product for the cedar application has created a consumer's nightmare! Neither PPG, or LOWES, is willing to step up and take any responsibility. The lowest estimate to sand & refinish the decks is $5,600., with no quarantee the job will be totally effective. Some contractors say the cedar decks should be replaced at a cost of over $30,000.
This experience is extremely time intensive and upsetting to my family and me. We have been trying to get some resolution from PPG & LOWES for 2 months. They just keep us jumping through their hoops and now say all they (PPG) will do is pay $1,000. and supply materials to finish the deck! This after asking us to try their remedys and get a large number of estimates. Lowes, claims it is PPG'S Problem. Our decks look awful and this is the time of year we need to use them most.
The OLYMPIC regional rep. has inspected the damage and has accepted responsibility for PPG. He also claims he has trained the people at the Lowes store, where I bought the deck cleaner, In the proper use of the Olympic products; especially the Deck Cleaner and the Deck Brightener. He gives special attention to cedar applications, in his regular training.
I was sold the wrong product by a store that knew the it was the wrong product!!

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