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Repair Request "Run-Around"
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- Purchased pre-owned unit rated E+ from reputable Adorama Camera Co. Have had excellent dealings over many years. Received flash in original carton with all standard accessories. Everything appeared as though new, Unit fails to switch into TTL mode. Took my compatible camera, PanaSonic Lumix DMC-50FZ to large St. Louis-based camera store which had a new Olympus FL-50R.

This unit was attached to my camera and DID GO INTO TTL MODE... OBVIOUSLY there is an internal electronics fault within my flash. Contacted very helpful Customer Service lady at Olympus who advised me that my unit was under warranty if not over 90 days since purchase. She also informed me as to what must be included/shipped in addition to the basic flash unit.

And she e-mailed appropriate forms, etc... SO FAR SO GOOD... Am putting "things together," BANG!!! Comes an e-mail from (and WHO is this) advising me: "Be sure flash is all the way forward in the hot shoe of the camera. When the flash is off the camera is TTL AUTO an available option? IF THE FLASH IS FAULTY YOU WILL HAVE TO CONTACT THE SELLER FOR A REPLACEMENT OR A REFUND" (Emphasis mine.) What crap!!! This person did not even offer option of shipping unit in for evaluation/diagnosis and possible repair!

Am retired senior citizen on fixed income and do not purchase items (especially high-priced ones) without significant research. Selected this model based on comparison/reviews online and looking at other high-end equivalent units. Some decades past I had experience using several brands of microscopes. Olympus "scopes" were outstanding. That influenced my impression of Olympus in general... Boy what a letdown! (This is not the first instance where a manufacturer "Stood behind his product... SO FAR BEHIND YOU COULDN'T SEE HIM!!!") I shall reply to My3cents within a reasonable time as to what Olympus will do, if anything...

Design flaw
By -

I had been planning my honeymoon in Mexico. I wanted a durable camera that I could used to take pictures while snorkeling. The 6020 seemed to fit the bill. While snorkeling the camera quit working. A small grain of sand had been stuck in the corner of the watertight seal and let seawater into the housing. Granted, ultimately it is my fault. Yet, upon inspection, the seal is only .02-.03 inches wide and there is only one seal.

I have been a machinist and mold maker for 16+ years. In my professional opinion, there is enough room for multiple seals. Therefore, I would consider this a design flaw. I don't know their research and development processes but I would think that they could have tested for this situation and redesigned the product. I don't expect a free camera or anything like that. I will say that with their current design I would never recommend this camera. I hope this will help someone avoid the 300 dollar mistake I made.

$500 and No Picture Card
By -

SOUTH CAROLINA -- I just spent almost $500 on a new Olympus SP-550UZ camera (does not include accessories). When I got home and opened it, I discovered it comes WITHOUT a picture card! Fortunately I had a spare. For that kind of money, I don't think it is unreasonable to include it with the camera!

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