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What are they made of?
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MICHIGAN -- I very frequently make purchases from Omaha Steak Co. Nothing like tossing a steak(s) on the barbie. I purchase by 'package', e.g. Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin, Pork Chops, Stuffed Sole, and Potatoes au Gratin. Depending on what's being offered at the particular time, I'm shipped at no additional charge the Gourmet Steak Burgers and/or the Gourmet Franks. Of course, each shipment contains the 6-pc. useless cutlery set and a cutting board.

I question what kind of meat is used to make the franks and burgers. IMHO, both are tasteless. The casing on the franks turns tough after being cooked. I prefer Eckrich or Oscar Mayer when I want a hot dog. Although attractive prior to cooking, the burgers seem to be overly ground meat of some sort and have a mushy consistency. If purchased individually, I think these two items are overpriced. GFS offers a 5 # box of Sirloin Patties for only $13.99. Now, that's a burger!

Omaha Steaks, I think you should add more spices/herbs to your franks and not grind the meat so finely when making your burgers. Perhaps add more thought to these two items rather than spending money on the cutlery sets (which go right into the dumpster when I receive them) and the cutting boards. I have a collection of eight of them right now. But I guess I can always use another small cutting board.

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