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Turbo Snake...Really Does Unclog Drains!
By -

After sitting back laughing every time the Turbo Snake commercial came on... saying, "Yeah, sure. I bet that works like that (In my sarcastic inner voice)." I would think, it just looks like a mascara brush with a long handle. I'd also laugh at people who would actually fall for the sales pitch and spend their hard earned money for something that simple that claims to work so easily.

Well... I finally got fed up with a slow drain in my bathroom sink and having Draino fail me. Our sink has a stopper in it that I can't take out to clean. So, as I shopped Walgreen's yesterday, I noticed this product on the self and it was $9.99. On instinct, I grabbed it off the shelf and thought, "What the heck, I've invested more than ten bucks on drain cleaners that didn't work, let's see if this works like they show on TV."

I got home, took out the little extra-long mascara brush and unspiraled it. Stuck in down into the drain... did the little twisty thing with the fingers that always made me giggle when I seen grown men on TV doing it. Pulled it up and to my surprise, there was no glob of hair or gook on it. What it DID bring up was some old hardened stuff that at first I thought were boogers and didn't want to touch it.

I took a piece of Ejack's favorite Charmin TP, to check it out and found it was old caulking and paint that was in the drain. It was dried up and hard. I can only guess our maintenance people are at fault. They must have used that sink to clean their paint brushes before we moved in. (It's been a slow drain since we moved here in March). After pulling that gook out, I ran the faucet and the water drains the way it's supposed to.

Yeah, my Dad laughed at me when he saw me walk in with the Turbo Snake, shaking his head because he knew how I always laughed at people falling for that commercial. Well... now y'all can laugh at the Basher, but hey... it worked and I was NOT ripped off. I'd recommend this for anyone who is having a problem with slow drains. It's so simple, but works so well.

Non Delivery - Took Credit Card Info, Never Delivered Item
By -

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- I placed my order back in Dec 2007, Paid for it with my credit card, entered all my personal information and have been waiting for it since. I have contacted them several times and the first response from them, was the item was on backorder. Had I not of emailed them, I wouldn't have received that information! I then received a post card, stating item on backorder, this was only after I had contacted them 2 months after ordering! The instructions stated that if I wanted the item, no need to do anything and once shipped I would be charged.

I have yet to receive the product and the fact that they have my Credit card and all my information is very scary! If the item is still on back order, they should remove from their site! Buyers beware - I have sent yet another email and request for a Director to contact me as I find this unacceptable and bad business practice. I personally would be very cautious. They have not made it right or made any attempts to notify me. I believe they need to make it right! I have tried numerous times to get answers, responses and this is completely unacceptable! The fact that they have my CC info and personal info is something that is very concerning!

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