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Can't Cancel
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707 WILSHIRE BLVD. 12TH FLOOR, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I decided to look for a new long distance carrier about six months ago. I looked online for something new and cheaper than AT&T. Opex Communications was rated 4.3 stars on $0.74/month and $2.7cents/minute state to state. This was perfect for us, but come to find out after I had set up our account, we couldn't use it. When I would try to dial long distance a voice would come on the phone and say that I had dialed an incorrect code and nothing...

So I called the customer service hotline and the phone would just ring and ring. Finally after I had tried for weeks a girl answered that barely spoke any English. She gave me a phone number to call so they could look into the problem. I hung up and called the number she gave me and it just went to a recording with no message machine. My service was never fixed and nobody ever called to ask me any questions.

Finally I was tired of waiting around and called customer service hotline again and got a hold of a very nice man that cancelled my account and told me that I didn't have to pay the remaining balance since I never got to use the service. I thought that would be the end of my problems, but I just got another bill in the mail on 8/25/10 and I cancelled my account over a month ago... The company has been a nightmare!

Buyer Beware of Opex / Total Call Mobile
By -

I signed up with Opex Wireless in April 2007 with a 2-year contract. I was promised a $50 rebate for an upgrade Motorola phone, which they sold for $299 (but you can purchase for $99). After several emails and phone calls, my rebate was posted on my account in September, almost 6-months later. Everything else was OK until Opex announced they would be canceling my wireless service at the end of September 2007 (no reason offered), and referred me to Total Call Mobile, a "sister" company.

I enrolled with Total Call on a similar plan. I received my first bill with Total Call the first part of October, and paid the bill by check. Around mid-October, I received several computer telephone messages from Opex telling me there was a problem with my account and to contact them. I called the toll-free number three times, stayed on the line for 20-minutes each time, without anyone answering.

I then went to my old e-bill account with Opex, and found a balance due! I called the reference number on the e-bill statement and was informed that Opex handles the billing for Total Call, and that I "really" had Opex service on my phone! They had no idea where my check was, even though they handle billing for Total Call also. After much discussion with them, I paid my bill via credit card.

Today I got my bank statement, and my check cleared 5 days prior to my speaking with Opex. This time I called the Total Call number, and by coincidence got the same guy in Customer Service. After he spoke to supervisors, it was explained my check was deposited into a "different" account, and now I have to wait 2-4 weeks for them to credit my account. There are a lot of choices out there - DO NOT SIGN UP WITH OPEX OR TOTAL CALL MOBILE! Their "Customer Service" is horrible, and their account billing is a disaster.

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, ILLINOIS -- We had OPEX for several years and liked them for long distance service. They are a subsidiary of Global Crossing. They became increasingly nasty of late, and we called to cancel them the first week of October, 2003. They told us that was fine and we paid a final $24.00 long distance bill. Then we moved and received a dun letter online for $80. We disputed this claim since we felt they kept us on their service and charged us through December. They claimed not, and turned us over to all three collection bureaus. We paid the $80 under protest, and find now that we are still listed as Global Crossing customers for long distance services. Nasty company, nasty service.

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