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Misleading Product, TERRIBLE and UNPROFESSIONAL Customer Service
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I have been a hairstylist for the last 5 years, and have been applying beaded tip hair extensions for the last 4 years. My client wanted longer hair than what my usual extension company sold, so I went through Opulence, INC. Before I placed the order, I contacted the company to make sure that there was no difference in application, adjustment, or tools needed. She said no, it was all the same, so I place my order.

Two months after I applied the extensions, my client came back for an adjustment and all the bonds in the hair were gooey, and the hair was fraying or falling out of the bond, so I could not re-use the hair! (This bonded hair should last at LEAST 6 months to a year, depending on care.)

I emailed the company about my problem, explaining that my client had been using hair extensions for 2 years, and that I was confident that it was not because she was mistreating the hair. In response, the sole company representative told me that I needed to re-tip the bonds myself with a Keratin protein, which I needed to purchase from the company, as well as an iron to melt the bonds back in the hair; tools that I did not have, and tools that the company specifically told me I did not need, initially. These tools that I now needed were $150 more that I would have to pay, if I wanted to re-use the over $300 of hair I just bought 2 months prior!!!

I was never told that was part of the adjustment process when I first spoke to the company, and furthermore, while emailing the company rep for DAYS trying to state that I was misled by their company in the beginning, I was accused of being "under-educated" in my field of specialty because I wasn't aware of their process.

After countless emails back and forth, without any offers to make the problem right, and a constant shifting of blame onto me being under-educated, I finally told them that I was no longer going to do business with a company that does not take blame for their miscommunication, and also INSULTS their customers for not knowing the processes that are required to continue the stamina of their product (which by the way is also NOT available ANYWHERE on their website). The only response I received was, "Wow, That was ugly!" There was NEVER an offer to make anything right!!!

These are careless, IMMATURE people who do not educate you on their product, and try to rig you in to buying hundreds of dollars' worth of tools AFTER the fact. Not to mention they do NOT take responsible for their miscommunication. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF! I now have over $300 of hair extensions that I have to buy more tools for or can never use again, and an irate client, all because of this company's incompetence.

Company Response 10/05/2008:

I am the company representative who communicated with M.Black. On our defense I would like to reply.

Her first complaint: Her customer returned to her after two months for a re-adjustment.

Opulence reply: No matter what company of extensions used, it's always good practice to re-adjust after two months for regrowth. No matter what brand is used, regrowth will always occur. If no adjustment is made, dreading can occur at the root of the hair. Some of you stylist may have even seen this.

Next complaint: The tips were a "sticky, gooey mess".

Opulence reply: This is not to be expected of our hair. Usually after a couple months the tips will be soft, but should be reusable. Only if the client applied heat to the tips, would a sticky, gooey mess occur. This may happen if a client used a curling iron or flat iron close to the tips. Opulence cannot prevent the keratin tips from melting if a client applies heat to them. Further, this customer's complaint about fixing the tips, weather Opulence tips or someone else, is invalid. All tips (no matter brand) need some reshaping after months of wear because often the tips are smashed from being held tightly in the bead. Some removal tools even damage the tips when opening the beads, although Opulence doesn't recommend this type of tool to remove beads. We tried to communicate to her about ways to reshape/adjust tips and NEVER told her the only way was use a melting connector and that she HAD to purchase our keratin rebonds.

Last complaint of customer: The company didn't offer any "compensation".

Reply: Opulence stands by its products and quality. We will gladly replace or correct any product or wrong we are responsible for. However, in this situation, our product was not at fault. Rather, it seemed this customer just wanted us to claim fault were no fault is found on our part, and to be responsible for something out of our control; a client melting the tips of our extensions, and then for us to replace them...Sorry Mrs. Black. It's your job to educate your client and we've done our best to relay the importance for you to do so, including statements on our site, your invoice, and each package you receive! Oh, by the way, if you had so much success with the previous extension company you used, why did you go somewhere else (us)? Secondly, why are you the only person on this site, out of THOUSANDS of Opulence customers who have a complaint????

Bad Hair Extensions
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Rating: 1/51

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I have been a loyal customer with the company for years. I purchased blue extensions for a client and within one wash they faded to gray. Never had this happen before so I contacted Crystal who usually is helpful and very nice. I explained that I had to remove the bad hair from my clients head and she wanted me to refund her. I lost money on the hair myself too. Crystal told me they will not refund me the $70 I spent on the hair and that there were no other complaints.

I've even saved the hair and offered to send it back so they can see the bad quality. I was told they don't care about me being a loyal customer and offering to send the hair back and that all they would do is send 1 bundle of new blue hair when I had bought 2 originally. I explained my client does not want new hair because it will most likely be bad as well. That color does not last. Never buying from them again. They lost many customers now. I informed my other clients who order from them to order from someone else now. All could have been avoided with a simple $70 refund or credit to my account. Buyer beware. If you have any issues they will not help you!!!

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