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The Customer Is Never Right at O'Reilly Auto Parts
By -

MAGNOLIA, TEXAS -- At 7:35am on Sat. 7/9/2011, I was at the store on 40930 FM 1774 in Magnolia, TX to pick up parts that I ordered and paid for on 7/2/2011. The manager ** brought my parts to me and I took part # 6145 (Master Pro) out of the box to check it because I have seen 3 different types of boots on the same part # 6145. What I was looking for, was the way the grease boot sits on the ball joint, as I said, they are not all the same.

When I saw that it did not match the previous part # 6145 that I had purchased on 7/1/2011, I asked her to bring me another one. She then brought me part # 6141. I did not look at the part # on the box because I did not ask for a different part #, I asked for another box of the same part #. Both parts 6145 and 6141 look the same, but one is for a police package which I know that I do not have. 6141 is larger in circumference, and it is not easy to tell just by looking at it.

If the manager or for that matter any of the employees would not take it upon themselves to decide what part a person needs, and instead ask questions. Example: "Is there a particular reason why this part is not right?" "What exactly are you looking for with this part?" Regardless, when I asked for another box of that part #, that is what she should have brought to me and NOT a different part #. She should have made it known to me that it was a different part #, and asked me if that would be OK, and not just assume as she did. Had she done this, she could have avoided the problem that she created.

When I returned to the store I was mad and pissed off, understandably. I ask you, if you were a customer and this happened to you, would come into the store happy or mad? I looked at her and said that I was pissed off at her because she gave me the wrong part. She tried to put the blame on me by saying that I said it looked right. (If it was the same part #, then yes it was right but it was not, she switched the part # without telling me, her mistake!) But she was not about to accept any responsibility for her actions right or not.

The #1 cardinal rule of retail is that the customer is always right, even when they are wrong. You never blame the customer as she did with me, which then really pissed me off. When you'€™re wrong, fess up to it and don'€™t blame someone else, especially the customer. The customer is like a matchstick that has not been struck. They come in the store and make a purchase. They come back because they were given the wrong part, so now the match has been struck and there is a small flame because the customer is mad or pissed off.

So what is the manager (Captain of the ship, leader and example to the other employees) supposed to do in this type of situation? Do you throw gasoline on the match and make it worse, NO, or do you try to defuse the situation by appeasing the customer. Example: "Sir, I am so sorry for our mistake, please let me get you the right part." Duh!

I would think that a large company like O'€™Reilly has training on how you deal with and treat customers. This manager **, has polluted her employees by her bad leadership in front of them. When ** threw gasoline on the match, as I said, I was really pissed then. Yes I raised my voice, but I NEVER made or said a threat of any kind. I was just loud with my voice. And the ONLY word that could be considered a curse word that I used was "pissed off".

Then this young man name **, an employee not in uniform comes up to me and gets in my comfort zone. He was NOT in my face, but was way too close for comfort, (which is arms length). He stood there with his arms crossed in a very menacing pose and look on his face asking me what I was going to do about it, like he was trying to start a fight. My statement to him more than once was: "€œI am not threatening anyone nor trying to start a fight, I was just trying to explain the mistake that ** made and get my money refunded."€ I did not know that O'Reilly hires night club bouncers to rough up their customers!

I was NOT there to fight or start a fight. I was there to explain a mistake that ** the manager made. But she showed an attitude that she never makes mistakes and would not listen to or accept the fact that she made a mistake. Very poor management skills. I am shocked that O'Reilly would put someone with that type of personality, attitude, and poor customer service skills in a position of management.

And that does not cover the pathetic in-house parts brand that they sell called Master Pro parts. O'€™Reilly is walking a fine line with regards to a lawsuit for parts that are assembled improperly by the Master Pro vendors that will one day cause an accident that will result in a lawsuit. It seems that quality control on the Master Pro brand is non-existent.

I buy two a frames with ball joints mounted, when checking the bolts that hold the ball joint in place, they were all loose. One could not be filled with grease and had to be replaced, a brand new one bad from the start. And how pathetic to take 4 boxes of the same part # ball joint off the shelf and open them up to find 4 different designed boots. This parts brand is a joke. Save yourself from the crap of O'Reilly Auto Parts and take your business anywhere else but there!

They Finally Got It Right
By -

WELLINGTON, KANSAS -- I warn you now, this is going to be a long review. But there is a good ending to it. I ordered 3 separate parts for a new exhaust system. The muffler, the pipe assembly, and the strap on 07/17/07. They said it would be 07/24 before the parts would come in. So far so good. They called my husband on 07/24 to tell him that the muffler was in but there was good news and bad news.

The good news, we didn't need the pipe assembly because it was included in with the muffler, so the order for the pipe assembly was cancelled (a savings of about $80). The bad news was the wrong strap had been ordered (misorder #1), and that it would be a few days before they got it in. To which my husband replied, "not a big deal, I can't work on it until the weekend anyway."

They called on 07/26 to say it was all in and to come pick it up, which he did. It didn't take long to figure out that the wrong muffler had been ordered (misorder #2). And not only was it the wrong one, but that right one did not come with the pipe assembly. That was not a big deal because we had already budgeted for it. We were also told that it was going to be 08/01 before everything would be in.

We get a call on 08/01 to say everything is in finally. He asked them specifically if everything was right this time to which the guy replied "Yes it is". My husband goes to pick it up with plans to install it that evening. Now this is the part where it gets to be comical. The pipe assembly is the wrong one (misorder #3). He calls me at work upset because had he tried a dry fit he would have seen that the flange mount holes were off before disassembling the entire exhaust system. Sensing he was was that upset, I tell him "as long as I can find a way to work the next day, it will be OK" and "I'll call them in the morning." (I found a way to work so all was good there.)

I call corporate and was advised that someone from the store would call me before I leave for work. I did get a call from the store manager, and after talking to him the part number is correct, so the only thing that make sense is that the part was labeled wrong, and that it will be 08/07 before the correct one is in.

I tell him very simply "that is not good enough as this fiasco had been going on in excess of 2 weeks at this point." He said "let me call the District Manager and see what we can do." He calls me back and says that they will order it from the Saturn dealer and eat the additional $80 that it is going to cost and that it will be in that afternoon. I told him that was perfectly reasonable to me and to please call my husband when it was there. (Get ready, the end is in sight.)

He goes to pick it up and can anyone guess what happened? Yep, you got it, it's the wrong one (dealer sent the one for the single overhead cam engine, and my Saturn is a dual). Being ever so afraid to call me (he knows how I can be), he asks if it is possible for a welder to cut the flange and re-weld it in the right position. The district manager says it shouldn't be a problem, and sends my husband to the local welding shop. 20 minutes later, and $25 (which O'Reilly readily paid), we finally have everything to replace the exhaust system.

While this had to be one of the most irritating and aggravating experiences I have ever had, I still felt it necessary to give them a compliment because in the end they admitted their mistakes, and did what it took to make us, the customers, happy. THE END. (Finally!!!)

Sorry product and service
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- O'Reilly Auto Parts sold me a air conditioner compressor in 05 for my wife's car. I took the car and part to a reputable shop for installation. I had to pay $300.00 in labor to replace it later in 05 when it came apart. Then again in 06 when it came apart again. Now I have to replace it again in 07 because it came apart again and it is 2 months out of warranty. So now I even get to pay to replace the part. O'Reilly Auto Parts said they don't care. They want me to take it to court. Kevin at the Memphis office 901-213-3299 is whom I dealt with.

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