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Nissan Titan Service Deplorable! Stay Away From These Scammers!
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Rating: 1/51

CORINTH, TEXAS -- I had my '06 Titan serviced there MANY times (it's the closest dealer to me) and I was ripped off several times by these con men. My truck had a lift kit and something was squeaking in the front end. They assured me it was the lower control arms and replaced them for $2400 and that wasn't the problem at all. One of my coil over shocks was leaking and the oil collected dirt on the mount causing the squeak. Had reverse go out in my tranny and they said a servo MIGHT fix the problem for around $1500 but it didn't so I was out $1500 for nothing.

They wanted to sell me a tranny for $5500 but I took it to a GOOD shop in Ft. Worth whose tech told me whoever put the servo in crammed it in there sideways and bent it, obviously so they could sell me a tranny! The Ft. Worth shop rebuilt my tranny for $3700 and it works fine. I needed a CV axle replaced and the boot on the one they installed was bigger and shredded on the sway bar (oil went everywhere). So they found one the right size (after another 80 mile drive for me) and claimed it would still rub (which it never had before in 6 years, so they made me some spacers to move the sway bar further forward which worked).

They fixed an electrical issue in the dash but cracked part of it which they replaced after another 80 mile drive. I was having an overheating issue which turned out to be the fan clutch but they replaced numerous things that didn't need replacing and claimed it wasn't the fan clutch. It was still overheating until we replaced that which fixed the problem. They would NOT refund my money on the things they did that were unneeded which cost around a $1000! Their claim was that several things were contributing to the overheating problem which is a bunch of B.S. obviously since the truck never ran hot before that. Stay FAR away from these scammers!!! I will never ever use them again!

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TEXARKANA, TEXAS -- I was anticipating getting a new automobile this year when I received a promotion from Honda. $500.00 gift card just for stopping by during the event. No purchase necessary. I guess we didn't look like we could afford a new SUV. Salesman told me you know they cost about $40 to %50 thousand. I ask to see the of his SUV and was told until I showed him a financial report he couldn't help us. I ask him about gift card and he gave me one to send off and he put 0 on side for dealer only. What do you want to bet there will be no $500.00 gift card.

I intend to follow this one through. Needless to say I left the dealership in shock. When have you ever left car lot and not had someone try to sell you a car, and usually with the new car. My husband and I have been in business for over 20 years never had a problem financing or buying a car until now.

Upset with Hyundai company at this dealership
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ATLANTA, TEXAS -- I was interested in buying a car but I wanted to look around first at different places before buying and I wanted to wait a little longer until I got a little more money saved up. I did not want to buy at the first place that I went to and this was the first place. I told the person that helped me that I was not ready to buy that I was just looking. He pushed me and I was not happy with that. He said that I would buy a car before I left there. I didn't like that. I tried to leave 3 or 4 times. I said that I wanted to look around.

He kept pushing me to buy. He said that the car would get 27 to 28 miles per gallon on the road. I was there 5 hrs. until they just wore me out and I signed papers. I was not happy then and I am not happy now. We went on a trip right after I got the car and we got 22 to 24 miles of gas to the gallon. The car I had (which I wish that I kept) got 28 to 30 miles to the gallon. With gas as high as it is now I don't need something that cost me more for gas. I can't even enjoy my car because I am so upset.

Every time that I would ask them a question that they didn't want to answer, they ignore me and change the subject. They would not answer some of my question. I am a 65 year old grandmother and I don't need this in my life. I am hurt that they did me the way they did me and upset to the point that I can't even enjoy my car. I called the owner of the dealership and told him that I wasn't happy and that they kept pushing me. He said that that was the persons job to sell a car. I guess that that meant any way he could even. If you wear the person out and the person would not be happy with it that. To me that would be bad business. He didn't care about how I felt just that they sold a car.

I got a letter saying that they wanted me to be happy with my car. That is a big lie because they couldn't care less as long as they sold the car. I am sorry but I won't ever buy from them again and I will be telling people to not to buy there. Thank you for hearing me out.

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