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Oster Microwave sucks
By -

I too thought I was buying a "Name" product about a year ago. Granted I only paid $65.00 for the microwave but thought the name meant something. About 3 month ago with the door shut we heard what sounded like the motor running but it wasn't on. After opening & closing door several times it stopped. That should have been my warning.

Tonight after dinner, I thought I smelled something hot in the kitchen. Thinking I may have left a burner on I went to check. The microwave, with door shut and no time on was hot, I mean literally hot, the entire cabinet. We quickly unplugged. It stayed hot for a good 40 minutes. I hate to think what would have happened had we not been home.. any product named Oster is out for me from now on. Think I got it from WalMart but can't blame them for shoddy name brand product.

Taking Forever To Get Refund
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Rating: 1/51

VANCOUVER BC CANADA -- I recently sent back a microwave that I purchased at Target. The brand was Oster. I purchased the warranty. Had problems with micro. Send it back in Jan of 2012. They received it on and approved the refund on March 20th 2012. I had called twice since that date. They told me 4-6 weeks from approval of refund that I will receive check. 6 Week is up by May 1st 2012. Today the 4th of May I called the gentleman. Said to me I should be receiving check now. From 1 to 1/2 weeks now date will be May 16th. Wow. My problem is why so long for waiting for your money. The process that they have sucks. Sorry for that.

I will never in my life again recommend Oster brand for anything not even for hair cutting clippers. They don't deserve any business cause they are so lame in taking care of business. I pray I do get my refund. That's what they said & just noticed that they are not listed with BBB. I wonder why? "Mmmm" things that make you go "mmmm" anyway. I don't recommend them for anything in my book. Oster will never enter my home for anything not even a newspaper ad. I rate them an F. I also learned a lesson.

By -

I bought the Oster microwave and like others it did not last long before it stop heating. I took (careful precaution!!) and (unplugged the unit!!) to view the fuse which of course is the main problem why this microwave does not heat up. Everything else works well but the heating. But since I changed the fuse to something very close to the same amp of the actual fuse it did work fine next to nothing. I did not find any problem other than the no heating. This should only be attempted by someone who is in fact has close knowledge of electricity. The process is safe (WITH THE CORRECT PRECAUTION!!)

Ever since I replaced the fuse and found out that that was all it needed I have been using it for 8 months. Note-- I did take measures into my own hands which is not recommended by anyone. But it is the old-fashion way...

Poor customer service for faulty microwave
By -

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- We bought an Oster microwave in Dec. 2009 and it was working fine for 4 months. About a month ago, it started building up excessive moisture inside, to the extent the interior seams were rusting and water was dripping from the door. When contacting Oster, they first said it was our environment that was causing the problem and it wasn't a warranty issue. Then the next representative accused us of not maintaining the microwave properly because we didn't wipe it every time we used it. There was nothing to wipe until a month ago when all the moisture started forming.

They took our denial of wiping the first four months as meaning the microwave was filled with uncleaned food which then clogged the vents. When asked how they knew we had a dirty microwave, they referred to the wiping comment that was totally unrelated to food spills but was said during the discussion of the moisture problem. No moisture, no need to wipe, moisture dripping on the floor, then need to wipe. Of course, all food spills were cleaned up immediately, that was assumed as normal use on our part.

In all, three representatives hung up on us out of four including one supervisor. They have been coached to ask probing questions that they then turn around to make it seem like you have created the problem yourself. One tech even suggested we probably dropped the microwave causing the problem. Another said it was unsafe to use and we should pay to have it repaired. In all, it was a surreal experience with a company that obviously doesn't value its reputation or return business.

Oster Microwave lasts 5 weeks
By -

Bought an Oster Microwave at Walmart that lasted all of 5 weeks. It still turns and makes noise and the light works but it does not heat or cook anything. Just beginning this quest but I have already figured out: 1. Walmart does not answer my calls; 2. Oster does not make Microwave ovens; 3. The model number on my micro does not seem to exist. My advice: stay away from buying anything that says Oster on it. I surely will never buy from them again.

The Name Sold Me, What A Sucker
By -

BANGOR, MAINE -- The only thing that works is the clock!!!!! Model OM 1201EOVG. Had about a year. Purchased at Target.

Defective Oster Microwave's & Long, Mysterious Chain Of Subcontractors
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Last Friday my 11 month "Old" OSTER 0.7 cu. Ft. countertop microwave oven instantly died with the simple push of the open door button, a spark in the back vent and POOF, the electronic LED display went dead! Then the repair odyssey commenced. I tried to phone the retailer BEST-BUY (Greensboro, NC) to find out if I should take it to their repair dept. (Geek Squad) or somewhere else?? Well it seems that BEST BUY was too busy SELLING to ever bother to answer their "Customer Care" phones even after numerous attempts including trying to hack their phone tree!

So since Best Buy isn't in the business of answering its phones, I had to haul the oven OVER TO THE STORE'S repair dept. and after waiting a half hour, was given a "secret phone" number for Oster's C. S. since the "published" number listed on its warranty page, doesn't actually work!!!

It doesn't work because in REALITY "OSTER" doesn't make the microwave but instead licenses a subcon "JARDEN CONSUMER 'SOLUTIONS" which in turn sub-licenses the OSTER brand name to another shadowy "consumer solutions" firm (PETTERS CONSUMER BRANDS LLC/MLO) that has since 'taken the money & run' out the back door & likely moved to North Korea!!

If you visit OSTER'S WEBSITE there's a menu item titled: "Oster microwaves & refrigerators" On which the company attempts to explain the 'whole problem' and invites us to return for periodic updates of the situation with their attempts "to contact Petters."

Well it looks like I WAS A SUCKER FOR THE 'OSTER BRAND NAME' and the lack of consumer reviews of the product then on the web. So far I'm out $60.00 for a product that lasted 11 months and to have it repaired would require me to pay to ship it out-of-state because apparently BEST BUY is NOT AUTHORIZED to repair this product at its own onsite facility! SO I ALSO WAS A SUCKER FOR BEST BUY TOO! Maybe the moral of this story is

a) OSTER MICROWAVES SUCK (aren't even made by Oster!) b) BEST BUY's customer "service" is shady. and c) Low-cost, compact microwave ovens of today are likely to be an "ANNUAL PURCHASE" (& disposal item). Better to save-up your pennies & buy a PANASONIC oven for $160.00 or so & save the hassle of getting & tossing one every year! (But I ain't got the $160 so I had to choose a GE 0.7 compact (Walmart) to be my 2009 cooker)!

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