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Ozark Trail Tents Produced by Northpole Limited and sold at Wal-Mart
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WASHINGTON -- At first I was happy with this tent. I like the fact that I can stand up inside -- no more walking bent over. But I only use my tent once a year -- which means to date, 4-16-2000, it had been used 3 times. Last year it rained all Memorial Weekend. It wasn't a heavy rain. The rain ended up puddling on the top of the tent in the rainfly. This made the rainfly touch the tent and I got a leak. One of the tent poles for the roof broke under the pressure of the puddling. Here is where the problem starts. I will quote someone else because I just had the same phone experience.

"I purchased an Ozark Trail tent three years ago. I only camp with my tent once a year, so this tent has only been used three times. On the third use two of the connector hubs broke in weak rainstorm, one center five-way connector and a side four-way connector. I called to get them replaced to only be told that they no longer make the five-way hub because they no longer make this tent anymore! From what I was told on the phone, they make new tent models every one to two years. Without this center hub my tent is useless. The lady on the phone actually told me that there was nothing to do to repair me tent and to look on Craigslist for a new one!

I would highly recommend to everyone not to purchase an Ozark Trail tent for these reasons:
1. My tent broke in a very moderate rainstorm.
2. The tents only have a 6 month warranty. Seriously, six months for a tent.
3. The tent that you buy this year will NOT be made within the next two years so if something does break you had better hope they have some extra in their inventory or you will not be able to fix your tent."

I am really upset that my tent is now useless. I was told it was discontinued in November of 2009. For the company to recommend that I look on Craigslist to purchase one for parts is crazy!! What happened to customer service?? And I can't believe they destroyed all of their remaining/unsold tents of this model. As a single mom on a tight budget I cannot afford to purchase a new tent, so our camping plans have been canceled.

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Ozark Trail/Northpole Limited
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