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Stole My Gold
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September 27, 2011 I took my size 7.5 solid gold engagement ring to Pagel and Sons to have it cut down to a 1.5 baby ring for my grandson and when I went back October 1, 2011 to get it 4 days later they had my baby ring ready but when I asked Elizabeth the clerk for the remainder of my gold ring I was told they didn't have the leftover gold and there wasn't a note on order envelope to return my leftover ring and when there isn't a message left to return the leftovers to customers the gold is shredded.

After getting loud and saying it's not shredded it's melted and use that they don't just throw out the leftover gold when the cost of gold is increasing she went to the repair room and came back and I was given the prongs from the ring BUT NO GOLD I again asked for my gold and told that it hadn't been save because it wasn't on the envelope that I wanted my gold remains back and It was ON AND POPPING.

I told Elizabeth that I had talked to sales clerk about the cost of gold increase and she knew that I wanted my leftover gold back. She tried to get the jeweler from the back to come talk to me. She came back w/ the prongs from my ring and no gold again. I asked for the rest of my ring. She came back w/ 2 small slivers of thin gold saying that was the leftovers and not the same gold as my ring or my baby's custom ring from my ring. I was livid and asked her why. If I didn't advise the clerk that I wanted my leftover ring why would they save the part of the ring that had no value and was able to return that to me?

Again she said there was nothing she could do because it wasn't written on the order envelope. I told her that it wanted my leftover ring twice she tried to have him come talk to me and he wouldn't come out to talk to me. Eventually some older man I'm assuming it was the Owner who told me that because HIS employee didn't write on the envelope that I wanted my Gold back and gave me 3 small pieces of gold slivers not the same gold as my baby's ring and REFUSE TO RETURN MY GOLD and walked away saying, “whatever” until as customers came in.

I loudly told them about my experience. Did the older man come back out and tells me I shouldn't be telling them that and that he was recording me. I told I hope he was and asked him to tell the customers what I was saying was wrong and he didn't deny what I was saying to the customers. When I took my jewelry in to have repair the first piece it took out was to have 2 lobster clasps added on to a piece of gold that I had left from a bracelet made for my baby by Pagel's earlier and the sales clerk advised me that it would be expensive to have the clasps added to the bracelet because of the cost of gold going up.

I reminded her of the price paid to have the original bracelet made. She said it would be more expensive because of the price of gold increase and she laughed at my response to not have the clasps added at this time and she commented that because his bracelet still had room and don't really need an extension right now and I agreed and later I was looking at baby rings and she offered to assist me with the baby rings and they weren't his size. She recommend that if I had a ring that I wasn't using it could be reduced to fit his finger. I told her that was the original reason I had come in today to have him a ring made from my ring that I had in my purse.

I took it out. She said it would make a good ring for him. I didn't know his size. She measured his finger. It was 1.5 and I told her that with the leftover ring I could make him another ring as he got older and we both agreed that would be a good idea and she gave me my receipt and I left excited to have a ring for my baby and to return and they refuse to give me my leftover gold back isn't ethical and I had been doing business with this company since the early 2000 and to have them do this to me is unethical and I can only imagine how many others have been stolen from and at what cost.

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