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Palm Beach Toyota Beware!
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Rating: 1/51

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Our experience with your dealership was awful. First off, the car we were interested in had discrepancies in the description. The listing stated it had a gray exterior when in fact it was black. Same thing with the interior color listed as "other"... I actually wondered if it was a possible "bait and switch car"..

Richi originally contacted me and when I responded, David appeared unannounced. I suppose I was not worth Richi's time for an explanation. I emailed David about the tires and the paint since I wanted to know if the paint was original (considering it was a retail car) or I most likely would have avoided the trip.. Upon arriving at the dealership, we pulled right up front and about 10 minutes later, found the car. We had to walk back down through the buildings but I found it surprising that nobody bothered to come out and talk to us.. The building was empty... I found your office and was told you were out.

Someone eventually helped us and after looking at the car, sure enough it was previously hit on the drivers side rear. The door and rear hatch/bumper had been repainted. You can clearly see dirt/fish eyes in the paint and some deep scratches that were just painted over. The car is from NY and the engine bay is a pig full of corrosion. David could have saved me the time if he would have told me the car was hit, clearly had previous body work and needs tires. Not very honest. And why on earth would you retail this car rather than take it to the block and just dump it?

Even at a price of $13,500 it's not worth retailing for that price but I thought it would be worth it to have my car looked at anyway. 2004 Prius with Navigation and 93,000 miles. The car is a decent car (we just drove it from Pennsylvania) but your used car guy offered me $1500. Sir, I have never seen in my life such an ignorant, insulting offer in my life. The car was a previous theft recovery and I understand it's not worth 7k to your wholesaler but $1500 is not just ignorant and insulting. It shows a total lack of experience in how you deal with people and put numbers on cars. Do you actually want to sell units!!!???

He would have been safe at 4k and I still would have walked! But eventually I will sell my car for 7k retail like I have before. In today's day and age just about anyone can get to the auction and buy a car. If you decide to take that car and dump it at the block, I just may buy it for around $10,800.

Deceptive tactics
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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I purchased a Toyota Corolla from Palm Beach Toyota of West Palm Beach, FL. I discovered afterward that they slipped through the sales process with not crediting my $1000 trade-in (with clever manipulation of the numbers on the signed contract). There was no recourse for this but I contacted them to let them know my thoughts on the matter. Rather than letting this minor vent ride, they insisted upon having done nothing wrong. They provided 6 coupons, each good for a 29-minute oil change.

The first oil change took a few hours. The explanation was that I had no appointment. I made an appointment for the next 29-minute oil change and showed up at the scheduled time. I was told that the wait was two and a half hours. All the managers did was explain how busy they are and compared what they do to a doctor (promising 29-minute oil changes?) who might make you wait. I was told the clock started AFTER work began on the car. I don't wait that long for a doctor and would switch offices if I did.

On the other hand, my coupons are non-transferable. A Jiffy Lube near my house (the car dealer is a 40 minute drive each way) did the job in under 10 minutes, including the wait. I will never buy another car from Palm Beach Toyota. They are high pressure "double talkers", and in my opinion, not to be trusted. They took a bad experience, and continue to make it worse.

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