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Paradise Mint - Worst Customer Service EVER.
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BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- Never in my life have I encountered such a rude, insulting, and threatening individual. After winning an auction for coins, this company sent me a confirmation email. Inside the email they included a link to their own website with an invitation to browse. Upon visiting their website I discovered that they were selling the very same product I just won in the auction - but for LESS! Very deceptive. I emailed them to explain the situation (FYI, it was a difference of about three dollars).

What did he reply? Not, "Oh sorry about that. Let me take $3 off since you could have bought it right from my website." Nope, he says I "don't make any sense" and continues to insult, and threaten. Saying "I will ban you from 450 coin dealers" so on and so on and then attempts to call me at home to do the same harassment by telephone!

So I pay the man and he send the coins, and I leave negative feedback saying "Nice coins but TERRIBLE customer service." He then writes me MORE threatening and nasty emails! What a piece of work. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY AT ALL. You can find what you're looking for from many other places who will actually treat customers right.

Company Response 10/04/2013:

This is very simple.

This guy bought from us on ebay. And then after he took delivery of product saw we had the same item cheaper on our website. As ebay charges us about 10% in fees at that time of course ebay is going to be a more expensive price than what we can charge on our website. We don't even have a 10% mark up in the items he bought. Our prices will be lower on our website 100% of the time on buy it nows because of the fee difference. Buyer is just lacking common sense here!

The buyer left bad feedback on ebay. However ebay removed the feedback as it violated their policy. Yes we certainly banned the buyer from future purchase on ebay as he was such a problem. His feedback as a buyer showed a regular history of being a problem to sellers.

The rest of what he is writing is an outright lie. We do not call customers at their houses. We won the ebay case. Ebay sided with us as the seller and that was enough for us.

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