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Rip Off - Thieves
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Rating: 1/51

WOODSIDE, NEW YORK -- This Dealer Ripped of a man in his 80's. Came in to have his alarm disconnected because it keeps going off... They charged him $175.00, told him it had to be in cash, gave no receipt then later told him they were not able to disconnect the alarm, refused to reimburse the money saying since they looked at he still have to pay.

Dishonest, Vulgar and Offensive!
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Rating: 1/51

WOODSIDE, NEW YORK -- The general manager name should Brain Laughingstock not Brian **. This place is total mess. When you enter sales, people are practically hunting, harassing you in every possible way without any limits. Don't believe me, check the number of complaints and legal cases filed against Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura. They are totally dishonest and unprofessional in every aspect - during sale, after sale and when servicing your car. Most of the positive reviews here are fake and written you know by who.

Please don't waste your time and shop else where, and don't even try to contact this Laughingstock manager. He is a total joke! Word of advice do your own research online, shop and compare what others paid for similar car with similar features then shop at place of your choice and don't be afraid to walk out and get better price elsewhere. Always print out your research and have it with you when shopping for a car.

Spread the word tell your friends, family and relatives to stay away from the crooks at Paragon Honda and Paragon Acura! Also when buying and signing any type of document always quickly snap a photo and have it for your records, just in case anyone wants to pull fast one. You will have all the proof that you need to easily win in court. Consequently if you feel it is necessary don't feel ashamed to voice or video record the whole interaction without them knowing it. In New York City, you do not need other party consent to record. Happy and smart buying!

Do Not Deal With Paragon Honda!!
By -

WOODSIDE, NEW YORK -- Found a certified pre-owned Accord online and figured I would take the trip in to Queens to check the car out and hopefully drive it home today. After 3 hours of paperwork, test driving, and waiting for them to find keys to move cars out of the way for me to even start the test drive, I find out that the car was a repossession and they don't have the title to the car.

Basically, I can't buy the car because the title in not in the possession of Paragon. Title still in the possession of original owner who most likely will not sign papers to give the title up. I actually shouldn't of even been able to test drive the car in the 1st place since Paragon DOESN'T own the thing. Crooks I tell ya. Do not waste a minute of your time going to this place. Nowhere to park. You have to walk all over the place looking for the car you want. It's just plain ridiculous.

Car should have never been put on the internet in the first place. In my opinion, no one has a clue there. DO NOT DEAL WITH PARAGON HONDA!!! Buyer beware!!!

Need an Attorney
By -

WOODSIDE, NEW YORK -- Ripped-off by Paragon Honda2008 Honda element- manual-purchased at paragon Honda. Auto had a burning, smoking in driver window towed in to service for repair. Promised to be put into new vehicle salesman and manager lead me on for a month and did not put me into any vehicle. Now I have repossessed car and set for auction. I have been taken advantage of along with many others by this paragon Honda dealership. Please respond with advice. Thank you.

Company Response 02/23/2010:

My Name is Brian Benstock, General manager of Paragon Honda. It is indeed unfortunate that the bank repossessed this woman's car due to nonpayment. The dealership contacted the bank on her behalf in an attempt to assist her in the return of her vehicle, unfortunately, the consumer was unable to bring her payments current. In addition, all attempts to provide alternative financing were rejected by a series of other lenders. The customer was asking sales associates to lend her money in order to bring her payments current. Unfortunately, with no verifiable source of income, neither the dealership nor our lenders were able to secure funding for this customer. After reading her comments, it is clear that a number of facts were erroneously or intentionally left out. We sympathize with her situation, and we hope that she is able to negotiate acceptable terms with her lender.

Paragon Honda - a bumpy ride, but a good deal in the end
By -

Paragon "sold" us a car and assured us that when we came back with the check it was ours. We came back, the car was gone, they did not bother to notify us. At other times they couldn't find keys, everything took a very long time. But Joe made a real effort to make it right, found us a comparable car at the same price, and everything turned out okay and we got, I think, a good deal.

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