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Porch has to come down
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PASCO COUNTY, FLORIDA -- I bought my house in 2006, which was sold to me WITH a screened porch. A neighbor got vengeful with me, one who knew that my porch was built without a permit. So I get a visit from code enforcement telling me the porch was never permitted and must come down or I must hire an architect or engineer to write plans out for the porch and certify that the porch is built to most current codes (probably isn't). This whole time, I've been taxed on the porch, it is clearly on the property appraiser's website, the realtor didn't catch that there was no permit, really who would have thought???

The property appraiser office simply says they only check for what's on the property, they're not concerned if a permit has been pulled for it. Why must I pay to have the porch examined and permitted when it was there when I bought it and since it's been on the payrolls. They're saying I must also pay double the permitting fee for the porch as well. Also, my Rubbermaid shed, that has to go too. I didn't get a building permit to put up a Rubbermaid shed. Anyone know of another county that is like this, or what I can do about my porch. I love my porch and I feel this should have been caught before I bought the house. Thanks for any advice!

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Want a Permit for a Shed? Its Easier to Win the Lotto! What a Joke!
By -

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Pasco County in West Central Florida has made it nearly impossible to get a permit for even something as simple as a storage shed. This is really a joke... It costs more to get a survey, building plans, and pay all the fees the city requires than the cost of the shed. It's not worth it! I built a shed 4 years ago and recently the City of Pasco put a stop building sticker on it.... The shed has been there for 4 years! I am about to tear it down! I am really pissed off! At this point I am ready to have a Garbage dumpster brought in and tear the whole fricking thing down... I am so pissed. I would rather do this than donate another penny to the County!

What Bull! This is my Property! Not the county's.. What business is it of theirs if I have a shed on my property! This is supposed to be land of the Free? It is so far from being the land of the free anymore, it is pathetic!!!! And we as Americans are letting this happen! It is impossible to do just about anything today without the city, county, and Government sticking their hand out expecting donations. This is not freedom! I would love to hire a lawyer and sue the crap out of the county! Are there any lawyers interested? Any suggestions?

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