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PC Richards a Rip Off
By -

FARMINDALE, NEW YORK -- September 2007, purchased a Malbar Washer Dryer WD1000 combo unit w/ a 3 yr extended service plan. Was delivered by Malbar within a couple of days. Months after, reading the literature it was apparent that Malbar omitted packaging the shipping bolts required to move the machine. I called back and insisted on having it. The pissed off Tech dropped it off along w/ some extended hoses that I had bought. August 2009, I moved from Astoria to Manhattan, personally installed the bolts (thought I was qualified in having my Master'€™s in Engineering) and ensured that the reputable, moving company moved the unit in the upright position.

The machine was then reinstalled and worked well until June 23, 2010. That night during the washing cycle, there was a loud explosion along w/ sparking and smoke coming from the top of the machine. I hastily unplugged it, disconnected the plumbing and pulled it off the wall to ensure that it did not catch the building on fire. Next day I called Malbar to set up service, spoke to Nancy (nice lady) and explained what happened. She had asked if I had moved (nothing else), and asked me to update my address w/ both Malbar and PC Richards, I did. Service Tech came out, same guy that installed the machine, pissed that he could not get parking, and started arguing w/ me from the front door..

"This is not the same address, why did you move the machine? Why did you move the machine? I can't deal w/ this **" Additionally, he did not remove any panels of the machine, continued arguing, and started writing. When I engaged him, thinking that he was over his parking woes, he stated that the machine had "œstructural damages causing the electrical sparking incurred due to the move". I asked, "all that by just looking at the machine?" He responded "yeah smart guy. Deal w/ it. Wait for the report."

As soon as he left, I called Nancy to report his unprofessional conduct. Her response "He'€™s usually like that." Called PC Richards few days later, and spoke to several folks. One stated that they'€™ll send a PC Richards tech to check it out and would call back when appointment was confirmed, still waiting! I called back on 7/6/10 to follow up, spoke to Cassidy (refused to give her last name), who informed, that due to "€œcustomer neglect"€ I voided my warranty stating that I had moved the machine without the shipping bolts as indicated in Malbar's report. I couldn't believe it, and asked her to send out their PC Richards Tech to confirm that. She responded "it's your word against theirs".

No need to confirm! I asked for their NYC consumer affairs ID#, she stated that they did not have one. Asked her to check w/ her supervisor which she did stating that they did not have a NYC Consumer Affairs ID#! I explained that they were breaking the law and furnished her w/ the ID #. I couldn't believe it, a company like PC Richards and Son's lacks the professionalism. The integrity, the rational to properly investigate legitimate consumer concerns only to advocate the capitalistic gains for both their manufactures and themselves. I would never patronize PC Richards and their warranty ever again. Apparently, their spin on their customers are "€œthere goes another sucker!"€

Crappy Service
By -

SOUTH CAROLINA -- I am just writing to inform all of Long Island of the disrespect and lack of customer service I am receiving from P.C. Richard and Son. I will give you the short clean version of it. A laptop was dropped off at the service center in Farmingdale. My husband had purchased the laptop along with a service contract which is still good a couple of years ago. We were told 10 days. We had no problem with this. I might add we are no longer on Long Island we live in Missouri and were visiting family on Long Island. It was taking more than ten days. We arrived back in Missouri without the laptop.

Calls were made twice a week inquiring about this laptop. We were given the runaround. We were told the parts were on backorder. One day I called and in the same phone call I was told the tech working on the laptop was out to lunch, out for the day and on vacation. That was in one phone call. When I asked numerous times to numerous service reps to speak to the supervisor I was given a hard time about it. I was connected to people who were not supervisors, had to fight to speak to a supervisor, was hung up on, was cursed at. I had one woman claim "God I hate my job" and slammed the phone on me.

I finally spoke to a supervisor. I was told they would keep us posted on the progress and would even ship the laptop to us free of charge. When the laptop arrived in Missouri it was not fixed properly. The heat fan was not replaced like they said. It still rattled and was still dirty. The LCD was not repaired and the touchscreen for the mouse pad was still not working. I called up the supervisor that I spoke with and explain the situation. He said everything was fixed and before it left the shop it was tested but if we had a problem with it to send it back and they would reimburse us for the shipping.

We sent it back with a letter stating what was wrong, a copy of the repair receipt and a copy of what they claimed was repaired. I also asked that we be contacted when it reaches the shop. Two days after UPS tracking said they received it I called P.C. Richard and asked why I had not been contacted. They had no response. They said they would look at the problems, fix it, keep me posted and ship it back. A week went by when I called and was informed it was being shipped back.

When it arrived in Missouri it was not only not fixed again but the screen was looser then ever. I called back the supervisor saying this is going too far and I want it fixed on final time or replaced. He agreed and I said "Before I send this laptop back to you I want this in writing and I want it sent immediately". I might add this is almost two months after the laptop was brought in the first time. He responded "Well maybe I should have done it yesterday". He started to talk sarcastically to me and was being rude.

A week later I received a letter in a P.C. Richard envelope however it was not on company letterhead and not signed. I called back asking for this letter to be resent. He said that letter was fine. I explain that is unprofessional. Correspondence need to be signed on letterhead. The letter he sent me looks like something I could have typed up on my computer and would not hold up as legit in any way. It has been a week since that conversation and I have not received anything. I have left numerous messages for him and he refuses to call me back.

I have asked to speak to anyone higher up and I can never get through. I have filed three complaints with the BBB. I just want to let everyone know how they are treating their customers. I don't know what my next step will be. It is hard being half way across the country now. It was brought in under a purchased service contract and they are technically breaking it by not repairing this computer. I just want to let people know so it does not happen to them. Do not shop at P.C. Richard.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

NYC, NEW YORK -- PC Richards has the worst customer service that I have ever seen. Me and my wife purchased a brand new Whirlpool Refrigerator. We specified that we had a small apartment with narrow doorway openings and that the doors needed to be removed before installation. The Sales Rep Joe ** stated that it would not be a problem because he would note it on the receipt.

When the delivery guy came, I removed one of the doors on the old fridge. He got upset and said that I did not need to remove the other door. All he needed to do was remove the door handles. As he was removing it from the kitchen, he banged the back of the fridge against the door frame, chipping one section down to the metal, and scratched a good 6 inches more.

He finally agreed to remove the doors off of the new fridge. When he installed it he did not install the leveling screws. The fridge is sitting on the floor of the kitchen. We are afraid of moving it because we do not want to scratch the tile floors. The new fridge also arrived with a bunch of big dents in the back of it. The delivery driver insisted that all new fridges have dents in them. The Whirlpool fridge cools adequately only when the controls are turned almost all of the way up.

We have an appointment with PC Richards to pick up the unit so that we can get a refund. The Customer Service is horrible. My wife was bounced around from customer service to sales rep back to customer service back to sales rep. I finally got the trucking firm to agree to pay for the damage to the doorframe. We will not be buying anything else from PC Richard & Son.

P.C. Richards Got the Worst Customer Service
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- So I got a new flat screen tv from p.c. Richard. One month after I got it delivered to my home, the tv went bad, it wasn't big deal because I got the extended warranty and in 24 hours a technician showed up at my door step and took my tv for reparation.

14 Days later and still no phone call, I decided to call p.c. Richard myself. After a short conversation with a phone representative it turned out that no one started to work on my tv cause the technicians over their work only mon-fri. I was informed that they still don't know what the problem is, but as soon as they going to figure it out, they going to fix it. 7 Days went by and still nothing. I got tried of being mister nice guy and decided to call there every day asking about my tv. I guess it worked cause after 7 days the manager of the customer service center admit that they had no idea what they doing and gave me full credit to go and buy a new tv.

i wish this how my story ended; regretfully I was missing my metal bars that I used to hang my tv on the wall with. The bars used to be attached to my old tv and for some reason, no matter how many times I called the customer service center, I can'€™t seem to get them back to me. It'€™s been a month and 2 weeks now and i'm still on the phone with them almost every day. They schedule a drop off, I take the off from work and then they don't show up. Keep away from p.c. Richard!!!

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