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Pella Windows Not Worth the Premium
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Rating: 2/51

TORONTO -- We recently upgraded our windows. After much research, we decided to go with Pella, despite the fact that they were nearly double the cost of the cheapest quote. Almost all of the reviews were positive. The sales process was fine but rather long but once we had signed the deal and paid our money the games began. We had a deadline to meet as we were having visitors from overseas and we didn't want construction going on while our guests were with us.

Without going into a long winded summary of the day to day issues we had with trying to get a response from Pella, I will tell you that we had our installation date changed 4 times and delayed nearly a month. We called everyone we could at Pella but got nothing and no one seemed to know what was going on. No one could help.

As a result we decided to call the CEO, only to be told he doesn't talk to customers. To me the only reason a business exists is to satisfy customers. If that's not happening then the CEO had better be involved. This to me is the height of arrogance and is where the lack of customer focus begins. This company is on the slippery slope. We then wrote a very courteous letter to both the CEO and the Chairman. To date we have not had the courtesy of a response. This was more than a month ago, so there is no excuse.

The installation was fine and in fact the installer was exceptional but he is an independent and doesn't work for Pella. The windows look great and come with a great warranty but I can tell you that we would never recommend Pella to anyone. They are too big, too arrogant and too impersonal and their service is no better than Rogers. The interesting thing is that we have told a lot of people about Pella's terrible service but almost no one about the windows. My wife tells anyone who will listen.

I have read that angry customers tell 10 times as many people about their experience as do happy customers. I guess this item is proof of that. Think very carefully before you go with this company. I believe that management has lost sight of the customer and that can never be a good thing.

Crappy Windows
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Rating: 1/51

NORTH CANTON, OHIO -- We built our home 15 yrs. ago. All the windows are Pella and all the windows are now rotting. We have sanded and refinished 3 times, and have just realized the wood is rotting from the inside because all of the windows were improperly sealed.

We went to the local Pella store today and it was locked up tight. We called and no one answered. We left a message and no one has even bothered to call us back. We also called the Akron store and got no answer. You shouldn't have to replace all of your windows after only 15 yrs. Not only do you have crappy merchandise, your customer service is even worse. Needless to say, we will never purchase anything from you again.

Warranty Fraud
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Rating: 1/51

I have A Pella sliding door. It had been installed for 6 years. In the middle of the night, it imploded. Mind you, there is nothing but a ravine and woods behind my house, only 1 near neighbor, and no easy access to my backyard. I talked to other people in the window manufacturing business and was told that on very rare occasions, the dual pane window can, in fact, implode.

Pella (lack of) customer service says a phantom appeared in the middle of the night and threw something at my glass, causing it to break. Therefore, it is not covered in warranty. Add the fact that the individual I talked to was rude, and would interrupt with condescending comments made the whole experience horrible! Keep away from them! They will come up with any excuse to avoid living up to their warranty.

Pella - Bad Installation and Atrocious Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

PELLA, IOWA -- DON'T use Pella. I purchased eight windows and three patio sliding glass doors from Pella for over $17,000 (before discounts), which were installed in November 2014. When the black PVC trim on the patio sliding door warped, I found out that Pella had knowingly installed a defective product. According to a Pella Senior Logistics Supervisor, “When PVC is painted brown or black, it was [will] absorb so much heat that it will warp...” Pella knew the PVC trim would warp and installed it anyway.

After I made a warranty claim in November 2016, it took over six months for Pella to complete the repair. They brought the wrong part to the first appointment, and after a month, when I contacted them to inquire on the repair's status, I was told that it “fell through the cracks” and the matter would be escalated.

Pella then canceled the second repair appointment because they did not have enough material, and the third appointment was canceled because not all the repair material was painted. Pella finally installed a replacement material on the fourth appointment, but the material did not work. So a fifth appointment was scheduled to repair the trim, and then a sixth to paint the repaired area.

When I contacted the General Sales Manager of the Pella store where I purchased the windows and patio sliding doors to discuss some of these issues, he was, in my opinion, adversarial, disrespectful and rude. His responses gave me the impression that Pella was not going to take any responsibility for its numerous mistakes.

In summary, (1) Pella knowingly installed defective material; (2) Pella's customer service on this warranty repair was atrocious; (3) I had to take personal time off work numerous times (which I can never get back) trying to get this repair completed, which was delayed over and over due solely to Pella's errors; and (4) it took more than six months for this repair to be completed as a result of Pella's mistakes. Pella's marketing materials state that "At Pella, we're committed to doing things right..." However, my installation and their customer service was not "done right."

Unhappy Pella Customer
By -

As I read the postings with regard to Pella Windows, it is so easy to see just which people earn their living through the sale of Pella Windows and Doors! We are unhappy Pella customers, as is easy to see that there are thousands of us. Our nearly 30 architect series windows, in our new 2008 home, all leak when it rains except for the ones that are under the porch roof. Pella was contacted dozens of times to service them. Pella sent out what they called installation experts 4 times.

The first time this expert was in our home he offered that we should pull off the siding so that he could see the way that the windows were framed out, the shimming of the windows and the way the water sealed flashing tape was installed. We were so desperate that we did exactly as he requested. We had the siding removed to show the "installation expert" just how these things were done. We pulled off all the siding on the north side of our home. This cost us a total of $6,380.00, out of our pocket to remove, purchase new, have replaced and painted.

There were no "installation errors" that this Pella professional could locate on any of the 17 north side windows. The Pella "installation expert" could not give us any suggestions for the water leaking into our home when it rained and blew. We were smart and took photos of our home as we removed the siding and had this "Pella installation expert" review our case on our property.

We demanded that Pella fix our windows. As we read in another posting, my 76 year old wife and I were "nice". We have had to call dozens (my wife says hundreds) of times and visit the store way to many times to count to get any response at all. After the first inspection that revealed nothing wrong I refused to remove the rest of the siding, as there was nothing wrong with the entire north side. Pella then sent out "installation experts" 3 other times. There has still to this date not been anything that has been done to fix our windows to keep out the water.

We also watched the video of "Sharron of Moravia". Our windows seem to have the same issues as hers. The water comes into our home when it blows. There is no water above as it comes in where the sashes meet. Our water looks exactly the same. As we search online, we see that there are many others that have the same problems. Pella just simply does not service their products.

For nearly 80 years, my wife and I have been good community members. We have never needed to look into an attorney except for the normal trust/will preparation and the two times we have purchased new homes. We did look into filing against Pella and found that we only had 2 years. We now fully understand why Pella quit talking to us. They knew that if they could play us for 2 years, our time would be up and they would not have to ever service our windows.

We are writing this in hopes that we can save another family our hopeless dilemma. Please choose your windows from any other company. A Pella window purchase will prove to make your live miserable. If you do not believe us, just read all the reviews you can find online about the many other unhappy Pella customers.

Pella Windows Leak Snow/Air/Water
By -

PELLA, IOWA -- My husband and I purchased 49 Pella Architect double hung douglas fir windows and 1 quad door in August 2009. We paid 100% of the contract the day we ordered them. The windows were delivered 15 days later than the contract stated. Pella had nothing to say except that they had our money and we could not do anything. Once the windows were delivered, they were instantly installed. Once installed, we knew that there were problems with the windows. We contacted Pella the first of October 2009. It was November 2009, we had snow inside our home. I will try to shorten the rest of the story.

Pella replaced all of the windows in February 2010. They delivered and replaced all except 21, which they left stacked in the garage. It continued to snow inside our home. The seals were not made correctly in the middle of the sashes. The snow comes in between the sashes, where the latch is located. Pella has not returned any of our phone calls, emails or letters since February 2010. We live just 40 minutes from Pella, Iowa where these are made. We have tried to make personal contact with anyone from Pella Window and Doors. We cannot get any response from the salesman or retailer, of Prairie Pella Inc., or Pella Windows and Doors of Pella Iowa. They do not care.

We have over $100,000.00 in windows, installation, and damages to our home. We have been unable to put in the drywall because we live in Iowa and it has rained nearly every week this summer. The mold problem in our home is just awful now that we have had all the water in our windows all summer.

We are homeless. We cannot live in our home. A neighbor has taken us in while we wait out this mess. We need help. We have dozens of pieces of communications between Pella and ourselves. We have hundreds of pictures of the water and snow inside our home. We believe that Pella just does not care that we have no home, as they have our money.

Pella Window
By -

In September 2009 we purchased 49 Architect Series Douglas Fir Double Hung Windows and one 4 pane patio door. The windows leak water/snow/air. Because Pella did not feel that they had manufactured the windows correctly, they delivered all new windows in February 2010. They installed all the 2nd set, except for 21, which they left stacked in our garage. The 2nd set of windows all leak, just as badly as the 1st set.

Our family is unable to move into our home and has been homeless since the summer of 2009, because the water/snow/air that is allowed into our home has allowed a serious mold issue. We urge your family to make a better choice than our family has made. We do not want your family to lose your home by making such a poor decision of purchasing Pella products.

Pella Shmella !!!
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- After much shopping and deliberation we decided to go with Pella to install our 7 replacement windows. The salesperson Dave ** came over and discussed the 36 month interest free credit line available; we were pleased and proceeded to order. He said that we could custom order the grids because the windows were being made for us. We requested "No grids" in the 2 large picture windows. Of course the day they came... they were NOT grid-less.

Evidently, he didn't make notes of our preference. When I called Steve ** (the project manager) that came out to measure before the windows were made, he said it was not his problem and that I should take it up with Dave. So after being bopped around with little to no communication and definitely no sign of anyone trying to work with me I started calling the head of the Va. regional Distribution Center, Patrick **. AFTER SEVERAL MESSAGES WERE LEFT... STILL NO COMMUNICATION.

At this point it is obvious to me that this company is resting on "old laurels" and now that they have all of our money they couldn't care less. In addition to the order mistake, the installation was poor and shoddy and I have to hire someone to help me make it right. Not one person has called to check on satisfaction or bothered to inspect the job at all. BEWARE. YOU HAVE BEEN FOREWARNED...

Pella Windows - Defective Products
By -

I've experienced many problems with my Pella Architect Series windows and doors, including cladding problems, seal failure, spotting on the glass, rotting wood among other issues. These Pella windows and doors were installed throughout my house in 1995. Pella refuses to acknowledge these claims. Therefore, I highly discourage using this brand. Thank you.

Misleading Contracts
By -

MISHAWAKA, INDIANA -- Beware that PELLA Corporation is not responsible nor do they answer for the individually owned stores that claim to be Pella. Evidently these stores may do as they wish and do not care about Pella's reputation. We were led to believe it was a reputable company, and on the up and up.

The sales rep. misled us and "fudged" the contract dates (all while placing the order). I tried cancelling (one day after the 3 days) and called Corporate HQ in Iowa, and they only relayed it to the local Manager. The 3rd day they claim the windows were being made already and they could not stop the order. All the while the original sales rep placed the order on the first contract when I specifically told him it was wrong. So the one week before he could make it back out to sign a new contract was enough time for these folks to mislead me further. Of course he stayed by the claim we signed a contract (the original date of the wrong 1st one) etc... even though we were misled totally.

What an awful way to make a living by ripping other people off. The manager made no effort to stop this order, merely said I was bound to the contract. Pitiful. Beware when dealing with Pella dealers, and read the fine print very carefully. I now am stuck with extremely expense (overly priced) windows knowing I was lied to.... Sad, really.

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