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Used Vehicle Purchase - Very Disappointed
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I've been extremely disappointed in the service I have received regarding a used vehicle purchase with Perkins Dodge. Since I have bought the vehicle, I have had two transmissions replaced and now am needing a new catalytic converter. My mechanic and 2 other muffler shops have informed me that there is an underlying engine issue that needs fixing prior to them installing a new converter. Perkins Dodge has assured me that there is nothing wrong with my engine and that all I need is a new catalytic converter and a gasket that is cracked is needing to be replaced, charging me around $2600, later offering me the price of $2200 to get it all fixed.

Crazy thing is that if I need all 3 converters replaced it will only cost me around 1000 at 2 different muffler shops! I have around 96,000 miles on my Ford and the warranty runs out in 4,000 miles and/or in November 2013-I pray that Dodge is being honest about my vehicle not having any engine problems! I have lost faith in this vehicle and am extremely disappointed for the problems I have had with this vehicle and Perkins Dodge for putting it out on their car lot with so many problems- I didn't even get to drive it for the first 2 months after I bought it as I had to bring it in 3 times for repairs. My air conditioning is still not working since I bought it!

I was looking for a reliable, dependable vehicle for my family and have ended up needing to put more money and time in to trying to get this piece of junk to run. Seriously how can this happen to a consumer who is paying thousands of dollars in good faith to get a reliable vehicle and the dealership couldn't care less about the products they are selling as this vehicle hasn't worked since day one? I've inquired to see if they would help me with the repairs and they will not.

I've asked if they could possibly get me in to another vehicle and they will give me 5000.00 for my vehicle as-is, when I am still owing 10,000.00. Trade in value estimate is over 8000.00 (if in good working condition), if I were to get my vehicle repaired through Dodge at 2200, they are still shorting me over $800 - the dealer obviously doesn't want this vehicle back! That tells you about the type of service Dodge provides!!! Buyer beware!

Bad Experience
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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- The worst car buying experience ever! I purchased a used truck from them and they were supposed to fix an oxygen sensor and the door locks. All they did was reset my check engine light to turn it off. One month later it was right back on. As far as the lock issue I had to take it back two times and they still do not work properly.

I decided to give them another chance and bought a used GMC and the check engine light was on this also and they said they would fix the problem. I explained to them the bad service I had before hoping that this would help, but apparently not. The service guy went out while we were there with his computer and checked the code and it was an oxygen sensor as well. When they came back in from checking they told me the light was not on anymore.

I know that check engine lights have to be reset to go off so I told them this and they said to bring it in and they would fix it. So we left the dealership and before we even got home the stability control and traction control said to service. I called them and they said that they would fix this as well.

I took the car in and left it for 5 days so that they could make the repairs. When we picked the car up the service department was very rude and they could not find our vehicle. Once they found our vehicle they stated that they fixed everything.. Not more than one day of driving the vehicle the traction control/stability control light was back on leaving me to believe nothing was done. Three days later the check engine light was back on with the same code. The service department fixed nothing and lied to us and said they did.

I am going to ask them if I can take it to my mechanic to have the problems fixed because I believe that their service department is the worst ever. I would not let them work on my bicycle. I will update you on what happens next but if you are planning on buying a car I would highly recommend going elsewhere.

Bad Service Experience
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- My 08 Dodge Avenger (with only 48K miles) developed a rear seal leak. I brought it into Perkins and paid $1,200 for the repair (with a coupon). It recently started leaking again with about 58K it. The service lady claimed they had never made the repair! She insisted they only looked at the transmission. In fact they did both. She went on to suggest the leak must be transmission fluid and not oil. I'm shocked to think that a female representative would assume another woman wouldn't know the difference. Had she reviewed all of the service tickets that had been performed on that car the conversation wouldn't have taken place to begin with.

In addition the transmission issue developed after they replaced the rear seal but they claim nothing is wrong... Also, don't buy their service packages when you buy a car there if you have low mileage vehicles. They expire! I should have read their "fine" print so it's my fault but it is a ripoff. I ended up only getting 3 oil changes per vehicle under that service agreement so I basically paid over $100/oil change for 2 vehicles.

Unexpected Closing Last August
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Rating: 4/51

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- Closed the University Avenue location in August 2017 without advance warning. The local papers indicated property was “sold for development”. There has been no development 10 months later: Just an abandoned building and parking lot behind a chain linked fence. This was a popular restaurant for people living nearby.

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