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P&G Tin Plate Can Problem
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Rating: 1/51

CAIRO -- Hope this mail finds you well. I faced with skin problem when I get my shaving cans from P&G (Gillette shaving foam) rusted and I received below email when I complained which is emphasize that this can is not rust resistant, and they didn't mention on the can anything as caution and when they use tinplate can they were know that it will use in bathroom and didn't use aluminum cans like the others in the same product.

Kindly help me to avoid any potentially harmful effects to any person in the future. And kindly don't reply with: "It's not my responsibilities." NO it's your responsibility as human towards your brother in this world to avoid tetanus infection as a result of P&G Gillette rusted cans.

You are now in front of cheating company as the rusted cans and the effect of rust on the healthy and the reference (handbook of Cosmetic Science and Technology) and the contributors in this handbook are consultant from P&G so they are good known and their email which is acknowledgement their can is not rust proof and from their website the below article saying: Let my voice reach the solution.

Even we Try wiping the bottom of the can dry after use and store it in a dry place what about the Nozzle of the bottle which it expose to the wet foam when way out, how can I clean the rest foam by water or leave it as it is, the two steps Leads us to rusted cans.

Change in Aussie Freeze Hairspray Formula
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Rating: 2/51

AUSSIE DIVISION -- I live in the south, very humid year round, Aussie Instant Freeze hairspray was the best - Perfect!! They have changed the formula. It now has ALOE, SEA Kelp and JOJOBA OIL in it. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!! Your hair will be flat and very sticky. I have used Aussie products ever since I can remember for volume and hold. I do not recommend them to anyone anymore. There are other freeze sprays that are working great. Since I had to change hairspray, I quit buying the other products also. I hate it women of the SOUTH but "AUSSIE HAS LET US DOWN" I mean FLAT DOWN.

The New Improved Tide - Not always Improved :(
By -

I have used Tide Laundry Detergent for my whole life. My Mom used it, so by default, it's what I have always used. A few months or so ago I started to get a very bad, itchy rash. I could not seem to get it to go away. So, I went to my doctor. Who couldn't get it to go away. He sent me to a dermatologist. Didn't work either. Tried every medication. Nothing worked. Searched the house for anything new that I had bought. Nothing new in the house. Tried to think if I had eaten anything new. Nothing new tried.

I was at my wits end. So I went on the internet one morning and just started researching everything that I could think of. In one blog I found a mention of someone with contact dermatitis with the same exact problem that I was having. They mentioned that they finally narrowed it down to the laundry detergent. New Improved Formula Tide. I ran over to take a look at my good old faithful Tide. There it was. Right on the box - "New Improved Formula".

Back at my computer I typed in "New Improved Tide and Rash". Pages of people having problems. So I bought All Clear Laundry Detergent and washed every thing that could be washed. Rash is finally going away. I may miss my old Tide (loved the scent and the way it cleaned the clothes) but I will NOT miss that rash.

Big Blue Spots on Tide Washed Clothing
By -

I don't usually buy Tide, although I always liked it because it cleaned so well, it was more expensive. So, when it was on sale, I bought some. For some reason the product inside the bottle is BLUE. I don't remember Tide being blue, think it was a clear color. I have always poured the detergent in while the washer was filling.

However, it seems that Tide contains a dye and it stains my clothing. It looks like wherever it touches on dry clothes as the washer is filling it just attaches like a regular stain. Now, I am NEVER going to use Tide again. I see others have problems as well. I am going back to the cheap stuff and a clear detergent that has no added color in the liquid they merchandise. I wonder if they are buying it from China nowadays, like everyone else?!!! Thanks. Hope this helps others.

Dawn as a grease remove on a stove
By -

OHIO -- I'm pretty broke these days but one of the luxuries I always try to afford is DAWN! I have used it to wash my hair, clean my ex husbands greasy clothes and grease stains from my uniforms that I thought would never come out with anything. But DAWN never lets me down. Recently I bought some grease remover to clean up an old kitchen stove that had not been used or cleaned in years, the grease remover that cost $6.59 did not work!

I thought maybe DAWN will work and to my surprise this old stove cleaned up like new. The white is so bright it'll give you a headache to look at it when the sun shines through the window on it even the knobs shine and the Dawn didn't take off the numbers on the knobs a mistake I made years ago with 409. Thank you Procter and Gamble for DAWN! I love it. It's one of the best products on the market.

Nice and Easy-NOT!
By -

I used the "Nice and Easy" foam hair color and it was HORRIBLE! It seemed to work okay until I had to do the back of my hair. The foam would not dispense unless the bottle was at the correct angle (hard to do when your hand is behind your head) and the foam just came out and dripped down the bottle and all over my back.

The foam stains your body within seconds (literally) so you're trying to wipe off the stains in the middle of your back while still coloring your hair. The foam also stains your hairline with speckles of dark color which I had to remove with fingernail polish remover (it was only partially successful). The color was much darker than it said and my hairline was stained for about a week. PLEASE take this product off the market! The marketing is so enticing but it's totally wrong--it's not easier than the old fashioned mixture.

Tide Television Commercial
By -

I am very upset about the Tide television commercial where a young lady asks her mother if she has seen her green blouse. The mother replies that it is 'not her style' but it quickly becomes apparent that she is lying as she is seen partying and wearing the 'green blouse'. She then retrieves it from the laundry hamper and washes it and secretly replaces it in her daughters closet. What is the message that is being promoted here? That parents cannot be trusted. That parents lie to their kids? Honesty was left buried in the 20th century? Shame on Proctor and Gamble.

By -

ILLINOIS -- I recently purchased a jug of gain detergent with baking soda. Nothing on the label indicated it to contain coloring, which I have to avoid. What a disappointment to discover upon opening the jug, it did have coloring added. This is not just a little coloring--it is a very dark green color. Their label simply says: "ingredients include biodegradable surfactants (anionic and nonionic) enzymes and baking soda."

Needless to say, if P&G chooses to limit their ingredient list this way, I will buy none of their products. I realize many people do not have a problem with coloring, but why not let the buyer know if it is included. And what is the point of adding coloring to laundry detergent anyway? Goofy, goofy goofy. Oh yes, and try sending them an email. What a hassle.

New Bounce Bounces All Over My Dryer
By -

The New Bounce Stick on Fabric Cube you stick in your dryer and its supposed to last up to 4 months?? What a joke I put it in my dryer and within minutes of drying the very first load it came apart and got a chalky buildup all over my clothes had to rewash them several times just to get the fabric softener out of my clothes, also when I did buy the product from Wal-mart they had NO replacements for the product and said they didn't know when they would be getting some. VERY VERY disappointed in this product. If anyone else has had a problem let me know...

Not Worth It
By -

Do you know how the product from this company you use made it to the stores? Well, first it went through many animal tests. Many UNNECESSARY animal tests. I came across a website which opened my eyes. It is not the law to test on animals, and despite human volunteers, they continue to do animal tests that include stripping layers of skin, burning the eyes, making animals breathe intoxicated air until they die, removing dogs vocal cords - this is so they cannot bark when they are in pain. Any many more. It is cruel and monsters work. I personally, refuse to have anything to do with any company that supports animal testing.

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