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Are you against cigarettes?
By -

Are you one of those people who whole-heartedly stands against cigarettes? Are one of those people who stood up and cheered when the courts ordered companies such as Phillip Morris to pay billions of dollars to people with cancer and their families? Do you truly believe that doing away with cigarettes altogether will allow people to live longer? If so, please read the following. Aside from the obvious sarcasm associated with this site, I’m wondering how many people can actually justify being against cigarettes.

First off, the courts came up with the hilarious statement that before “warnings” were put on packs of cigarettes, the public had no way of knowing they were harmful. People must be pretty stupid creatures. After all, I think I’d be questioning something that has to be stuck in my mouth and fire put to the end of it and smoke being sucked into my lungs as to whether it is harmful to me. I believe from that alone a clue would be given to me and some lawyer didn’t have to twist the truth to get me to understand it. If a person puts something into their body to alter their body (physically, mentally, whatever) and that person does have a disease or a sickness (in other words, doing it for “pleasure”), that substance is going to harm them. I believe I was born with this knowledge.

Next, people who don’t smoke have every right to protest and claim they don’t want it around them. I’ve heard a lot of people say they don’t want themselves or their children exposed to cigarette smoke especially in restaurants. I think by banning smoking in all “family” type restaurants (those that do not serve alcohol), might be a step in the right direction. Smoking should be allowed in all restaurants that serve alcohol. After all, any place that serves alcohol cannot be construed as a “family” environment.

Now, how many people who actually refuse to be around cigarette smoke have done the following:
1. Absolutely refused to drive a vehicle because the pollutants from the vehicles are just as, if not more, poisonous than second hand cigarette smoke. After all, if everyone wants clean air, wouldn’t this be an obvious way to get it?
2. Openly protested a factory or industrial plant within 10 miles from their home. If lawyers are going after automakers and factory / industrial plant owners, the media has failed to report it (aside from the reports where a factory is forced to clean up waters such as rivers, etc.).

The sad truth is, people who don’t smoke cigarettes entertain some type of eternal life fantasy that they will be vibrant, fun loving, healthy, sex maniacs at age 96. The media has failed to get that story aired as well. I just want to see how many people will actually give an intelligent reply to this post…and perhaps give a valid reply to the 2 statements above. I’ll let everyone decide for themselves if a smoker posted this…

Customer Service
By -

PHONE, CALIFORNIA -- I am extremely disappointed with the horrible quality of your employees in customer care. I called again today 1/25/02 to share my discontent with there not being a catalog available to Benson and Hedges smokers. I have smoked these cigarettes for 9 years and have many labels saved and would like to turn them in. Since there is no catalog I requested that they send me a different one for one of your other brands and you could honor my labels. 'JOAN' said "no we do not have a catalog".

When I presented her with this very easy solution, she said "OK" - she'll send me a catalog and which one did I want. I wanted to clarify so I asked if she was going to make sure that they would be honored and her response was 'No, but if you want to send them in - Go ahead'. I have been in the customer service industry for most of my life and am about finding solutions that keep customers happy - clearly Joan has no concept of this at all.

I then asked to speak to her supervisor and he was just as disappointing. 'JAMIE' said that I should hold on to my labels and maybe one day there will be a catalog. I explained to him that my frustration was because that I received a catalog and sadly, called 2 days late to trade for the objects. I was informed then by someone that another catalog would be out soon and just to hold on to the stubs.

That was more than a year ago. I called about 6-8 weeks ago and the customer service person that I spoke to said that she would try to get me catalog or information as to when the catalogs would be out or to see if she would be able to send a different catalog and honor the labels. She said that she would do so, took my information, and said that minimally I would receive a letter in response to my request and coupons. That, of course, never happened either.

Frankly, I am sure that I could go out and buy the various giveaways and I am sure they would be relatively inexpensive. However, it is the principle of this issue that bothers me - why do some of your customers - those who smoke Marlboro for example, deserve rewards, whereas I, a loyal B&H smoker do not? Quite frankly, with the cost of cigarettes now due to taxes, regulations on smoking in public, and constant negative publicity about smoking I am shocked that you wouldn't want to hold on to my business and send out all kinds of prizes and rewards.

Perhaps you feel that since I am addicted to your product, there is no need. Well, I have switched to another brand that I made sure has no affiliation with Philip Morris because I feel so strongly about this issue. In addition, I am one of the leaders for a pro-smoking group that has members all over California. We focus mainly on inalienable rights, scientific proof regarding second hand smoke, and the impact the tobacco industry has on the economy.

I have yet to share my situation with your company because that we haven't had a meeting since October. However I have every intention of doing so in Las Vegas in February when we meet to discuss the above mentioned issues. Smoker's rights is something I personally choose to believe in and I have always felt that Philip Morris had a consistent, quality product until now.

You need to recognize that everyone who works for represents your company - so when the people you have in customer care are rude, have no follow through, and as unaccommodating as possible they represent your attitude toward customers. You hire them, you have systems in place, and they feel it is OK to behave this way with no repercussions. I just wanted to give you the opportunity to correct this problem and to change your policies on service expectations. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

Excellent Response to Complaint
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I had received a defective cigarette in a package of B&H Ultra Light 100's. I wrote to Philip Morris via their website. Every correspondence received a very timely response, and upon submission of a copy of my driver's license and completion of their required form, I received 3 free pack coupons as promised. I am very pleased with their customer service department!

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