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Pizza Is Good, Service, Deliveries, Carry Out, and Everything Else Sucks.
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BAYTOWN, TEXAS -- My Pizza Hut visit was terrible! Service here sucks **. The communication is crap. If you want your food and you are hungry you better just wait for a good while because they have no managers or employees that give a crap. If I had the money to start my own franchise I would kick the crap out of every Pizza Hut here in the Houston area. There is a Pizza Hut 2 mi from my home and they won't deliver here because they think it's another Pizza Hut's responsibility. So after much wasted time on the phone the family elects to get carry out at location in Mont Belvieu TX. What an even worse idea!

We ordered the food we wanted waited the 1 hr wait time then went to retrieve our food. When we arrived we found that we were not the only ones - 13 other people to be exact were waiting just to pick up their food. When we finally got to the counter 30 min later the kid hands my wife half the food we ordered and charges my card. When we didn't get the wings we ordered told him he said "Oh I forgot to call and tell you our machine is not working." I'm thinking what machine it's wings (Duh). So many people in there were pissed off!

So long story short, we get half our order and go home. Then 2 weeks pass and for some reason we decide to go back. But this time we will dine in, even worse idea. Baytown TX Garth Rd. We arrive to be seated as the sign says. After waiting for 15 min with tables open my wife decides to put two tables together and seat ourselves. The waitress sees this and says hello and still doesn't take our order after another 20 min.

At this point I am so pissed off at PIZZA HUT I am DONE. And I get family and storm out of the place. Sad to say but they had only one waitress. Hard to believe all this happened when all these people PAY ASS LOADS of Money for over priced service and food. IT WILL TAKE A WHOLE LOT FOR ME TO EVER USE THEM OR GO TO ONE OF THEIR ESTABLISHMENTS EVER AGAIN...

Hitting My Car and Not Telling Anyone.
By -

MENTOR ON THE LAKE, OHIO -- The man parked in a No Parking space next to the handicap space that my Ford Explorer sits in. I live in Lost Nation Condominiums on North Lane in Willoughby, Ohio. One of my neighbors came and told me that he watched the delivery man hit my car. He tried to get the guy to stop and look at the damage he had done but he just raced off.

Upon calling the store and speaking to the manager I was told that they are not responsible for any damages done by their drivers. She was not here and she can't believe her driver would do such a thing. I was never told that Pizza Hut was sorry that my car got hit. I feel that is a very uncaring attitude for a manager to take. I have not called the police or threatened anyone. I did not swear at anyone. I do feel violated.

This afternoon my disabled daughter and I stopped and bought food at this same store. How would you feel if this were you? We have called the Pizza Hut on two other occasions because their drivers almost hit children in our complex. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour and there are tons of kids living here. The Pizza Hut drivers are employees of Pizza Hut and should at least take some responsibility for those who work under their name.

I am not suing anyone and I'm not mad. I am disappointed. If I make a mistake at my job I know that I am accountable but my employer is accountable also. My boss goes out of her way to make sure every guest in our establishment is happy about their time with us. No one is happy all of the time but we can all try to make that happen. I feel that no one tried.

Very Poor Service in Cortland, NY 13045
By -

CORTLAND, NEW YORK -- During the weekend of January 15th and 16th (2011), my wife really wanted a $10 Large Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. So, on Saturday night around 7:30pm I called the Cortland, NY Pizza Hut for a Large Pan Pizza. I was told by an associate that they had just run out of Pan Pizzas, but I could order any of the more expensive pizzas but if I wanted to wait it would another 2 hours before another patch of dough was made (bait and switch?). So, given the time, I decided to not order out that night.

On Sunday night, January 16, we gave Pizza Hut another shot. I called around 6pm to order the Large Pan Pizza. The gentleman on the phone told me that they "had just run out of Large Pan Pizzas". I explained to the employee that this is the second night in a row they were out of Pan Pizzas. I asked him how could they be offering a $10 Large Pan Pizzas and not have any in stock. He responded, "that's Pizza Hut for you". I did not place any order at this time. I got off the phone, and immediately redialed to talk to Pizza Hut Management in Cortland, NY.

I explained very calmly to management my position, and the "management", who did not give me her name, did not apologize, she just told me that Pan Pizza had just come out and the associate did know any better to check. Well, I placed an order for a $10 Large Pan Pizza, and picked it up. I was sure this was a Pan Pizza, it was rung up as a Pan Pizza. Having been a customer of Pizza Hut for over 2 decades, let me say, that the pizza I picked up WAS NOT a Large Pan Pizza, it looked more like a medium hand-tossed pizza which was BURNED! I took pictures which I will be placing on Twitter.

The young lady LIED to me. Out of this whole experience, I think the lying is the worse you can do to a customer. We live here in Cortland County and I am very disappointed with my experience at this Pizza Hut, and will be very hard pressed to recommend it to any friends, bring any visitors to eat there or even suggest eating there during Jets camp... On a scale of 1 out of 5? a ZERO!

OMG Awesome!
By -

A most amazing thing happened at Pizza Hut today! It's Saturday and I didn't feel like cooking dinner. I cook dinner all week. My husband got called out to do some installs and won't be home until after 10. I figured I would have dinner ready for him, a stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut! They're on sale for 10 bucks now.

I placed my order online for pick up after deciding to save the 2 dollar delivery fee + tip. I decided that I wanted a chicken alfredo stuffed crust pizza, a special creation. They have a chicken alfredo "super specialty" pizza at most Pizza Hut locations. You just have to specify that you want white/alfredo sauce in the comments section of your pizza order, on any pizza. So far, they've always gotten it right but I fear every time that they won't read it and accidentally give me red sauce. I would still take it, I'm not one to complain or fret over such trivial matters. I simply enjoy white sauce pizza more than red.

I also took advantage of a 5 dollar coupon to get bread sticks and a 2 liter Pepsi product. Meaning, I get a 2 liter for a buck, not too bad. My total was 15 bucks. I go to the store after 40 minutes to pick up my order. I was greeted promptly and watched the girl scan the pick up rack for my order. None of the orders had the right amount of boxes to be mine. I fretted a little, was I too early, did my order not go through? She picks up an order with 2 large pizza boxes, bread stick container, an 2 liter of mountain dew. I start pondering in my head... did I accidentally order a second pizza?

She quickly explains that the guys made my pizza twice by accident, and being such a "special" pizza, they figured they would just give me the mistake. "blink blink" Free pizza? For me?! I worked in pizza once, Chuck E Cheese. In the rare event we had a mistake pizza, it would either go in the trash, passed on to the next customer who ordered one (if it was a fast selling normal pizza like plain or pepperoni) or eagerly gobbled up by us hungry workers. I was completely blown away that a mistake pizza had survived long enough to be passed through to me, free of charge.

I scanned the counter for a tip jar to toss a couple of bucks in but alas, there was none to be found. I happily thanked the girl and left with my bounty. When I got home I noticed what the mistake was, one pizza had red sauce, one had white. My husband will be THRILLED to have an entire red sauce pizza to himself, he prefers red over white. I know it's a silly thing to be complimenting but it's silly things like that that make me a happy, loyal customer.

Rude and Nasty Customer Service Rep
By -

COCHRAN, GEORGIA -- I wanted a pizza delivered to me, so I called the Pizza Hut in Cochran, Georgia thinking I would end the phone conversation satisfied and with a pizza. Instead I ended the phone conversation angry and without a pizza because I got fed up with the rude customer service representative and I didn't want to buy anything from the restaurant because she made me lose my appetite I was so pissed off.

The customer representative was so rude and unprofessional. She sounded so alley, and she was nasty when she didn't understand something I was saying. This is not the first time I encountered problems with the customer service representative. The time before that she got my order wrong and she gave me thin crust pizza when I clearly told her I wanted pan crust/thick crust. Another time I encountered problems with her nastiness is when I had a pizza delivered to me and I wasn't standing outside waiting for the pizza man so he pulled off. They didn't try to call me or anything.

When I called the Pizza Hut after waiting an hour for the pizza, I calmly said, "Ma'am, I ordered a pizza and my neighbor said he pulled in my driveway and pulled off. Why didn't anyone call me and let me know he was on his way?" They usually called me and let me know that the delivery man was on his way. She got loud with me and said "You knew he was coming, so you supposed to be out there to get your pizza." I have never had such bad experience at a Pizza Hut other than the one in Cochran, Georgia. I am trying to get something where I can report this lady somewhere and I guess the only way to do that is to email their manager.

They need to put her nasty tail somewhere on clean-up, then one day she had the nerve to leave something out of my order. I asked for two orders of Hershey's dunkers and she going to give me breadsticks. She is the worst customer representative I have ever seen in my entire life.

False Info And Very Poor Customer Service
By -

GAS CITY, INDIANA -- Last night, Monday 12-15-08 I had called to place an order for pickup. I had a coupon for Pizza Hut's pasta with wings "deal". The guy on the phone had NOT informed me of the fact that there is a choice between ordering a large and extra-large pasta. He had told me, to give them my coupon, and they would lower the cost.

When I arrived, the girl at the window gave me the total and then I handed her my coupon as I was instructed to do! She then said, "This coupon is only for an extra large order and you've ordered a large." I then explained that I had NOT ordered a large over the phone because I wasn't even aware that there were two different sizes. The coupon had NOT displayed anything about different sizes!

She asked me what I wanted to do, and I said, "I want to be able to use my coupon for the discount that I was promised." She then said, "Well then you'll have to wait for a while because we'll have to put in another pasta." I explained that this was ridiculous because I wasn't even informed about the size difference. She then said, "You can pay the extra 8.89 and get the regular." This is crazy I thought!

The whole reason for using the coupon was so I wouldn't have to pay the extra $9.00. The coupon would have been useless and I felt very deceived. They would not allow me to pay the coupon price of 15.99 for my meal, and I basically was caught in their web. But I decided to say, "Forget the whole order," and I drove away.

Good customer service would have responded by apologizing for the miscommunication and accepting my coupon for this time, followed by a more clear explanation of what is to be expected next time. That way, they get the 16.00 rather than nothing, and a happy customer who would have come back time and time again. My wife and I discussed this, and we are never going to eat Pizza Hut pizza again. Not like these people care though. It's called customer service, NOT customer pain.

Pizza Hut Is Disgusting!!!
By -

CAMDEN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- On 10/21/08 I went to Pizza Hut in Camden, SC. I was extremely hungry and was very happy to be able to eat. When I got inside they had Country music blasting and the Air conditioner on so it was absolutely freezing. Then we sat down and waited for someone to take our order. The woman came and took our order and my father said something about the music and the air. She said that she would be able to turn down the music but there was nothing she could do about the air.

So she took our order and walked away to turn off the music. We sat there for about 10 minutes and she finally walked back over and gave us our drinks. My father's and my sodas had cups with ice all the way up to the top with some soda, and my mother's water was flavored lemon which was not what she wanted. We waited another 10 minutes for our food to arrive and it was the wrong things. We had ordered Garlic cheesy bread sticks and Cinnamon sticks for an appetizer and she just gave us garlic sticks. We told the waitress and she kindly said sorry for this mistake and took the food back while sticking her nail into the bread.

Soon after we got our food and ate. After that my parents got their pizza and she said my pasta would be coming out soon. 5 minutes later she brought me my food and the cheese was burnt to the sides of the bowl. I went to mix up my cheese and start to eat. I think that it only had about 20 pieces of pasta but I was hungry so I still ate it. May I just add that it was not very appetizing at all! Not to mention the place was a mess!! They had food on the floor the seats were still dirty and The Salad bar was disgusting looking! I want to say that if it was up to me I would not be going to this Pizza Hut ever again!!!

The $10.00 Any Size, Any Toppings
By -

DENISON, TEXAS -- I have been watching the claim of any size and any toppings and they look so good that I thought I would get one and it is true only thing is when the pizzas were at regular price I would get a fair amount of toppings, but when I stopped by and picked up my order and got it home it was nothing like the ad of a great pizza. There was hardly any toppings on it so the next time I go I plan on telling them if I don't get a fair amount of topping then I will not accept the pizza and want my money back.

Pizza Hut Crust
By -

RENTON, WASHINGTON -- My wife and I decided to order from Pizza Hut tonight simply because we wanted a change from Dominos. We had ordered Pan crust (deep dish) within the past year and recalled it being VERY "doughy", greasy and NOTHING like the way they used to make it. I ordered hand tossed tonight instead and the results were the same except not as greasy. What happened to the crust of years ago? I used to go to the "all you can eat buffet" about 5-10 years ago (once every few months) and the deep dish was the best. Night and day compared to what they have now. It was not only a crispier, crunchier crust but a very tasteful one. It was more golden brown on the bottom as well.

I can't speak for the thin crust but the hand tossed and pan style is simply awful now unless you like bland, doughy bread. I would like to find out why Pizza Hut changed their recipe. They could not possibly think the change was for the better. They get a D - unless the Pizza Hut in Renton, WA is using a different crust recipe than all other Pizza Huts across the country. Bring back the old crust and I'll write a good review.

Not Right Again
By -

GREENVILLE, OHIO -- On 3/12/10, I called in a order for 1 large pizza-deluxe, extra cheese on tossed crust, and 1 sausage pizza with extra cheese on thin crust. I picked up order, should have checked it but didn't, when I got home I had a sausage pizza with mushrooms and on tossed crust, I hate mushrooms and I had to pick them off. I called the store and was told I could bring it back, about 20 miles and they would remake it, the lady said it was hard to hear the orders on the phone, I wonder how many other people got the wrong order. I thought sure she would give me a refund or a free one, she was very short. I will not go again, should have learned my lesson from before.

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