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Sold Maintenance Plan Under False Pretense
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- On 1-22-13 I bought a 2013 accent from planet and while in with Staci in finance she talked me into a maintenance plan and I asked if it could be used at any Hyundai dealer she said yes. Then about a month later I went to Henderson Hyundai to get the oil changed. Turns out the maintenance plan can only be used at planet Hyundai so they lied to me. I talked to Tom ** the finance director who says they would have never said that by my 2nd oil change Tom was going to cancel the maintenance plan but it would only lower my principal amount not my car payment. So I said forget it as if I didn't buy it.

My payments would have been 20 dollars a month cheaper and got promised I would get a loaner car whenever I need one. Every time I went back I got told no loaner car was not available on oil changes and got a different story every time. So enough was enough. 9 months later I went to Henderson Hyundai and got a new car. When I went to planet to cancel my warranty and gap I talked to Jason and even asked for the maintenance plan to be canceled.

He said he would talk to the owner and call me Monday. Well he never did. After two weeks of me calling I got a hold of the owner David explained everything to him. At first he didn't want to do anything he claims I had gotten over 800 worth of maintenance done. I did get him to agree to a window tint and a 150 dollars off and maintenance plan for my new car to be used at any Hyundai dealer. Well when I found out how much it would cost to put plates on my car I called and tried to make a deal with David instead of the window tint and the maintenance plan as it would only cover oil and tire and I get free oil changes pay for my plates.

He change to only a window and when I picked up my car he comes and talks to me with the attitude of how dear I insult him, I need to be thankful for the window tint cause he didn't need to do that which was awful job as my driver window has a hair in the tint which tell me windows didn't get clean. I got news for you DAVID. None of this would be going on if you guys were honest or better yet the saying customer always right. I would have been happy with my plates getting paid and you would never hear from me again. It far from over now I am going for that maintenance plan refund or I will take you to SMALL CLAIMS.

Nothing But Lies And Empty Promises To Get Your Money!
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST LOOKING INTO THIS COMPANY BEFORE GIVING THEM YOUR BUSINESS! I WISH WE HAD! WE ARE THE 53RD BBB CASE IN 36 MONTHS WITH THEM!!!! I wish I would have done my research before going here! They promise anything to get you to sign the papers. My husband and I went to Planet Hyundai because of a good looking Ford Focus that was posted on the internet special section of

After negotiations on price and a test drive we made a deal with the salesman and his sales manager. The deal we shook on (literally) was that they would replace the clip that holds the gas cover against the car and give us the cars locking floor mats (which were printed on the specs on the online details of the car, but were missing from the actual car) They agreed and said that we could come back in 3 days to get the mats and have them fix the gas cover.

We signed the papers and while signing, we asked if we needed the "we owe" slip from them for the above listed items. They assured us that they are all about 100% satisfaction and would not go back on their word. They said they had the mats there in fact and that the man who cleans the car must have taken them out to clean and forgot to put them back in, but they would have them by Friday. We also purchased the 5 star warranty (which is the best one).

THE NEXT 3 WEEKS OF MY LIFE WERE A LIVING H_LL!! We left and by this time the dealer was shut. The tire blew out on the way home and lo and behold, the lock to the alloy's was not in the trunk like we were told at the dealer. We had to get in contact with someone to come remove it (not from the dealer by the way) and it took 3 hours. When we told them about it the next day, we were never offered an apology. We just got many excuses as to where the tool must have gone since they swear it was in there. They said they would order us the tool for the alloys, no problem.

We came back on Friday to do the original agreed services. We were then told that they had to order the part for the gas cover and the guy who knows where the mats are is off today. "Come back Tuesday and it will be here." We came back Tuesday and were told that for some odd reason the mechanic is off today and can't fix the gas cover. And now they can't seem to find our mats anywhere. They will get to the bottom of it and call us.

A week goes by and no phone call. However, I had tried to call 4 days in a row and NEVER received a return call from anyone. The following Tuesday (which has been a total of 15 days from the signing of the paperwork) my husband took the car back again. When he gets there, he is told that not only have they not ordered the part for the gas cap or the tool for the alloys, but they can't find the mats, so they aren't giving them to us.

Our original salesman sees how upset my husband is (for not only getting the run around for 2 1/2 weeks, but also for being lied to about the parts being ordered and wasting gas on 3 occasions to drive from Wigwam/Maryland to Sahara/Tenaya) so the salesmen offers to fill up his tank when he returns on Friday to get his alloy tool and gas lid fixed.

Friday comes around and we are called and told that again, they don't have the parts. My husband gets upset and asks why he is being lied to and asks to speak with the sale manager that was there when we purchased the car. He gets on the phone and tells my husband that since none of this is in writing, he does not have to honor anything that is not on the paperwork. He tells my husband that they are not going to give us the mats, the tool, or fix the cover for the gas!

He tells my husband that the car was sold "as is" and that the salesman did not have the authority to promise such things. I got on the phone and explained that it was him that shook our hand, not the salesman. He tells me that "If it is not in writing, it means nothing to me. You get nothing from me." So I reiterate and say, "So your word means nothing?" and he says "Not if it's not in writting!"

I was so flabbergasted! How dare they! I am in sales and would never, could never treat one of my clients in this manner. The next day my husband and I are on our way to a wedding where he is the Best Man and I am a Bridesmaid. The car breaks down on the side of the freeway and my husband is nearly killed trying to get it off the 6 lanes of rushing traffic without being hit!!! We call the dealership and frantically explain where we are located and that any second we could be crushed and with a giggle on the phone from their end we are given the roadside assistance # to call.

Once we get through to someone after a 30 minute automated voice touch tone questionnaire, we are told that towing is not covered under the warranty we purchased. Even though the first page of the warranty states that within a 50 mile radius, it's 100% reimbursed to us, they are saying no such thing exists!!!!! We figure there must be a mistake but we have no time to argue. We are sitting in a really bad place and need to get off the road. 3 hours from when the car broke down a tow truck comes and takes the car to Planet Hyundai. We get a ride to the wedding and are an hour and a half late!!!!! (Yes we held up our friends wedding...nightmare!)

The dealer is closed on Sundays, so on Monday they call us and tell us the alternator went out. They fix it and we come in to pick it up. When we get there I see not only our salesman, but also the manager whom we have been dealing with. He sees us and practically runs to the back office. I ask the person at the desk if I can have a word with him and I am told he is busy. I say I will wait.

Eventually, he sends over our original salesman to tell us that they are not going to do any of the things that we were promised at the time of sale and basically to get over it! I explain that I do not like being bold faced lied to and I demand to know his excuse for all the lies about ordering the part and filling the tank and come back here and there.... and he just sits there dumbfounded.

I can see the manager peeking his head around the corner (like a child in timeout) so my husband and I march over there to have a word with him about his horrible customer service skills. He says "Bottom line, your fault. You did not get it in writing. You should know, you are in sales." I cut him off and got angry and told him that "no, I don't know! I run a legitimate business and would never, have never, could never take advantage of my customers' trust." He laughed and told us to leave!!!

We are now opening up a report with the BBB. Between the blown out tire, locksmith, floor mats, alloy tool, and the gas tank cover, wasted gas, alternator and towing, the last 3 weeks have been a MASSIVE HEADACHE! I wish I could give you names to stay away from, but we aren't allowed on here.

Questionable condition of car purchase
By -

GOLDEN, COLORADO -- We purchased a 2001 Santa Fe from this place. We've had it for about a month and had a huge oil leak. It turns out it had a hole in a power steering hose. While in a shop they found out some things wrong with the transfer case. Huge cost for a car we just got. And no wonder they were so pushy to get an extended warranty. I was told that they did 700 point inspection on this car. How did they not find these things I got my car back and had it for about an hour and discovered another oil leak.

Now it turns out I need entirely new Transmission. All this and I still have only my temp tags. When I called the dealership. They were so rude and said "What do you want me to do". I tried talking to the GM Dan ** but he was the rudest of them all. Be aware.

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