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Leased A 2007 New Lemon Ford Fusion
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In 2007, I leased a 2007 ford fusion with 125 miles on it. The first thing that went out on it was the brake light which ended up being the sensor. Next thing, the engine light came on after the dealer failed to put the cap back on after doing an oil change. Next, the thermostat was bad. Pocaro replaced it. The next day, it made a noise and the engine and transmission were junk. Pocaro had the car for a month. When I got it back, it ran like they didn't fix anything. When I brought it back, they told me if it doesn't run right, just give it back. My agreement with Ford credit was 39 months lease and a extension after 6 months.

After the 4 months extortion, I told Ford credit about the problems with the car. They told me if it doesn't run right, just give it back. Then they sent me a letter voiding out the warranty and they wanted to charge me double miles. When I told them I wasn't going to agree with that, they reposed the car. They tried to get me to sign a paper saying that I gave it back. I refused to sign it. Also, the letter said that they were auctioning it off out of state. If the car had a new engine and transmission as they claim, it would have been sold at the dealership instead of being lemon laundered at the auction.

Then they sent me letter telling me that I owed 4000 on it for mileage. I paid 12000 to lease the lemon car that only had 45000 miles on it My intent when I leased the car was to buy it but this car was an unbuyable lemon. If it would have been a good car, I would of had 5000 equity in it.

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