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Why Am I Being Blocked Out Of My Paid Member Services
By -

Please tell me why I am being blocked out of my Pogo paid member services. Tonight was the last straw. I tried to access Pogo in my usual way, a button on my browser. After I click that button I am directed to my home page. Tonight I was directed to a page that required my screen name and my password. My password was not accepted. I played games this afternoon and into the evening. I left for a while to do my e-mail. When I came back I was blocked out. You know, I would resign, but when I think about it, I have a lot invested in Pogo. I purchase gems and I have over a million tokens. I've played lots of games and invested my time doing this.

I am a senior citizen and I am confined to my home most of the time because of medical conditions. Playing Pogo games helps me concentrate on something constructive and relives some of my pain. So resigning is not an option for me. So I will continue to try to resolve these issues the best way I can. I am blocked out of my account. I can't even update my account like normal people do. I can't purchase anything at the minimall, I also have an investment there. These things are mine. Bought and paid for by me. What on earth have I done to be treated like this? What business would treat a consumer like this? If they did they wouldn't last very long.

I ask you kindly to remove whatever you have done to my member services and come to some agreement to resolve the password problem. I am old and I'm a novice at the computer and I make mistakes. I don't believe there is a human in this world that does not make mistakes. I think it is really unreasonable for members not to be able to contact you in some way. I surely would take less time than I have spent on it. I ask you kindly to please help me resolve these issues so I can continue to play and enjoy Pogo. Thank you for your time.

Bad Language In A Recent Game Played There
By -

I played a game of scrabble there and the famous F word appeared in my scrabble letters and I don't believe this to be amusing. It shows definite immaturity.

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