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WARNING: Excessive Amount of MSG in Spicy Chicken Sandwich
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Rating: 2/51

POST FALLS, IDAHO -- We've been waiting for months for Popeye's to get their Spicy Chicken Sandwich back in since we missed it the first time. Hubby surprised me with a sandwich for dinner. I was impressed with the size of the chicken breast, the bun was nice & fresh & the addition of pickle slices. It was extremely spicy, though.

It didn't dawn on me that I should be concerned about MSG since I never had a reaction with another well-known vendor's spicy chicken sandwich. But, about an hour after eating Popeye's I felt nauseous, had a terrible headache & was extremely wired. I thought I might need to go to the emergency room. What a disappointment after such anticipation. Now that I think about it I remember feeling unwell every time I've had their food, I just hadn't made the connection before. So, those with sensitivities to MSG, please be careful. I won't be eating at a Popeye's again.

Best Customer Service Ever, Anywhere.
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Rating: 5/51

MONTGOMERY, TEXAS -- I was sitting in the lobby of this Popeye's restaurant, at 14631 Highway 105 West in Montgomery, Texas, with my family eating our dinner. My fries were old, and I told one of the workers who was running around busting her butt for everyone. She was wearing the only green shirt there, so I'll refer to her as Green Shirt, and she had a head set thing on and was helping the people at the drive through, while helping her coworker at the front, and I caught her attention and told her my fries were old and asked for fresh ones.

She never dropped her smile the entire time, and without missing a beat she said, "Of course, I'll go drop fresh ones for you now and bring them out when they're done." She personally went to where the fryers were, put the fries in herself, and went about doing other things that needed to be done. When my fries were ready, she brought them out with a smile, and I thanked her.

Well, five minutes later, an elder man comes in and was trying to order, but you could tell the girl on front counter was having a hard time with putting what he wanted into a button on her register. The elder man started getting angry, raised his voice, which caught all the Popeye's employees, and my family's, attention. The other employees were obviously really busy working the drive through, but here comes Green Shirt to the rescue! She had her wonderful smile on, asked the gentleman exactly what he wanted, took all his berating and his foul language that he was directing at the girl that had been working the register, as she stood next to Green Shirt.

Ms. Green Shirt apologized, sympathized with him, even though he was talking about how the young (her) generation is going nowhere in life, she kept her smile, put his order on cash register, packaged every thing he ordered, and had it all bagged up before he could even get his change. He continued to talk negative to her, and all she did was smile and was nothing but respectful and understanding. She even gave him a free apple pie for his "troubles" and wished him back to visit that Popeye's once again.

As soon as he left, she ran back over to her coworkers at the drive through, and started boxing their chicken, boxing biscuits, and making sides. She is incredible! She not only did her job, she did everyone else's as well. She is an incredible worker, and a great person in general.

Right after the elder man left, my family and I were cleaning our mess and I went up to her to compliment her. She only smiled and said she didn't deserve it, that no matter what her main goal is to keep the customer happy, and boy, she excels at it! We will be returning to this Popeye's store, mainly because of Ms. Green Shirt's amazing-ness. Oh, I did ask her name, and her name is: **. If you go to this Popeye's and Ms. **, a.k.a Green Shirt, is working, you will not have a bad experience EVER!!!

Disappointing to Say the Least!
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Rating: 3/51

HOUSTON, KATY, TEXAS -- First, I want to say I truly love Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen, always have. However, the one at 1420 Barker Cypress Rd in Houston, Tx is in need of an "Undercover Boss" intervention! I have only lived in Houston for a month and have visited this store twice and both visits have left me extremely disappointed.

On our first visit we order a 12 piece meal which comes with two large sides and six biscuits. Since my husband doesn't eat thighs, I always order breasts and pay the up charge, the first quote was $10.00! I asked her "are you sure, for 3 additional breasts" - she comes back with "oh, I mean $6, is that too much?" Are they guessing at how much a chicken breast costs?

I pretty sure they are about $1.79. Maybe they have increased or maybe they set their own prices, but this was ridiculous that they didn't have a clue. We arrived at 6:30 and the store closes at 11:00 p.m. We like our chicken spicy - they also were short on spicy chicken, didn't offer to drop any fresh chicken, just asked us to take mild or 'other' pieces instead. Finally, we get home and unpack the bag, no side dishes - just chicken, biscuits, and the additional shrimp craver I ordered. So, no quality check either?

On our second visit I again ordered a 12 piece meal. I made my same request for an additional shrimp craver, to substitute the three thighs for three breasts and pay the difference and 4 apple pies. While the window attendant did his best to remain courteous, there were several issues.

First, they only had three breasts - three comes in the meal, he asked if we would accept the thighs - we had already asked to change. I told him to just give us additional legs and wings. What he failed to tell us was they only had three breasts. When we got home, this time we had our correct sides, but no shrimp craver and almost no fries - one of the workers brought the fries to the window as he was handing us the bag. So, I was charged for the additional chicken breasts, but did not receive them and my order was not re-rung. So I was charged more for food not received.

Again, we arrived at the store at 7:00 p.m. and the store doesn't close until 11:00 p.m. and yet they were again short on chicken. No offer to 'wait' if a batch was being cooked and still no 'quality check' to ensure the order is complete before it is taken to the window. There were two different managers each time we have gone. I hope they get it together.

Avoid at All Costs
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Rating: 1/51

JENA, LOUISIANA -- Particularly if you travel with your family pet stay away from Popeye's. They deny you a cup of ice water, a cup of ice, and if you ask for a bowl that they have tons of so you can give your pet bottled water that you have to buy, you have to pay for the bowl to the tune of the cost of a side, $3.20+. I would have happily paid a reasonable price for a cup of water for my dog, but the cost was $4.20+ for bowl and water.

[Fair disclosure: The $3.20 was returned to me when I looked at the receipt. The empty bowl was listed as "Mashed potatoes and gravy." I requested the manager change the receipt to accurately show that the $3+ was for the cost of a bowl and not a side.] And certainly do not order the tea by the gallon for a group as I tried to do for my group. They won't include the cups to serve it in, much less the ice so the drink is true to its name: iced tea.

That was my experience in the Popeye's in Jena, Louisiana. But if the company allows that kind of meanness of service at one place, you don't know where else you might experience the same. So only go to Popeye's if you do not want a cup, ice, a means of giving a drink to your pet, or considerate service. Even after I finished placing my order and adjusting my order to their "rules," the server was abrupt and rude toward me. The total cost for feeding 6 people for what should have been an inexpensive meal was $49.00, $8.00 per person.

Shame that the company cannot even maintain decent service in the state in which it was created. For sure this native of Louisiana will not go there again. The business gives the state a bad name in areas in which we are supposed to excel: hospitality and food.

Bad Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

MISSOURI CITY, TEXAS -- 9/11/2012 at around 3:35 pm, here in Missouri City, Texas, Store is located in 4850 Hwy 6 South, near Fort Bend Toll Road. I was at the drive through, ordering for the chicken Tuesday Special. The female sales representative took my order but she was not paying attention. And then she asked me again for my order three times and again I said "Four orders of Tuesday Mild Chicken." She replied to me with a yelling/screaming manner and then right before she end my order, she said "and get out of my way!"

When I reached the window to pay, I asked the black female cashier who was helping me in the drive through, she said, "I'm so sorry, I had a rough day, but I was not helping you." Then I asked to see her manager because I believed it was not right for treating me this way. As the female manager was approaching the window, her name is **, she started telling me that they were talking (referring to her two female staff) when in fact this manager came from the front store taking orders, while her two female staff were at the back of the store. I said "Stop, before you say something LISTEN first."

I started telling her what exactly happen at the drive through, while the other two female staff were arguing about the incident. I said "Somebody made me angry right now," and they refused to tell me who was helping me at the drive through." I told the manager to re-educate her staff regarding good customer service.

This is not the first time that happen to me, it happened also before. Most of the staff at this store location has a terrible customer service/very bad manners/ghetto behaviors. Who knows if they are handling our food clean and safe. l live very near to this store location and from now on I will take our business somewhere else where there is happy people and good manners and good customer service.

Price Ripoff Inconsistency
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Rating: 4/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Would like to make a formal complaint. I go to Popeye's a lot and go to different locations in the Atlanta, Georgia area. I always get a breast and a wing. The price is always between $3.10 and $3.13 depending on the tax in that particular and I get what I ask for. When I go to the store located at 683 Boulevard Atlanta, Georgia my price is never the same.

Today, August 3, 2012 around 11:35 and was greeted by ** who told me that my order would be $3.85 cent. Knowing that at this location they always give me an extra biscuit. Thinking that was the reason for the higher price. I asked that they take the 2nd biscuit out and reduce the price. I was told by the manager MS. ** that she could not break it up like that. I told her that I never have that problem with any other store and their prices are always the same and if they took the biscuit out I would be the same price.

I left to go to another location and came back to get the manager's name, store address and phone number. Ms. ** said that she was manager and that she would help me as much as she could and wanted to know why I wanted the information. Initially, I told her that it was because have lied to me and overcharged me. She continued to tell me about the difference in manager stores. I said that shouldn't matter because the price should be standard and they do not change.

Then she said that she could give me a Senior citizens discount which would take it down to $3.40. I was going to purchase it there but I went to the store on Lee street store #2108. I would like to commend them because of the excellent service I get.

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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I stopped here for a quick lunch. Had I known that the service was going to be worse than the upset stomach I got, I would have gone anywhere but here... This occurred at the 7480 Austin Bluffs Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO location.

I needed to get something NOT crunchy, nor spicy. I can't chew the crunchy, and I can't eat the 'spicy' - I was hoping that they would have something 'mild' just like KFC... NOPE! So, I decide on a Kids meal that was supposed to come with 2 Chicken Tenders like their poster had featured in the kids meal that was posted right on the wall at the register. The girl said it only came with 1 tender... I told the girl behind the counter that their ad right there on the wall said AND showed a photo on the poster of a kids meal featuring the kids meal with TWO tenders for $3.69... I told her that is FALSE and MISLEADING advertising!

She then said that they were a franchise and that it only has 1 tender on the kids meal... she got real rude about it too. So I again repeated to her that it was false and misleading advertising. (That is so bait and switch routine.) So, I was forced to buy the 'nuggets'. Well, not only were they too damn hot, but they upset my stomach really bad. Their so called sweet and sour sauce is not at all sweet and sour. It seemed all it was was entirely made of Tabasco!

I will never go to ANY Popeye's ever again. It's back to KFC for me... at least KFC doesn't pull a bait & switch routine, nor do they dump all that damn hot sauce on everything... Doesn't this crappy company realize that not everyone likes to get ripped off, nor can everyone handle hot and spicy.

I guess that is why they are behind the counter frying chicken and making fries and I have a successful career unlike them. They obviously don't care about their customers. AND, if the customer is not taken care of, the customer goes away!

Charging for Condiments
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Rating: 1/51

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I went to the Popeye's located on Greenfield and Joy Road #2280. I ordered 5 different orders for myself and my co-workers. The lunch order included 7 biscuits and 3 pieces of chicken, 2 red beans and rice and 2 dirty rice. To start off I went through the drive through. The cashier was very rude - it was like she did not even want to be there in the first place.

When she gave us our order I asked for honey and hot sauce. I was told there was some already in the bag. When I looked in the bag there was 1 honey and 1 hot sauce packet. So I in turn asked her for some more. She rolled her eyes and gave me two more hot sauces and 1 more honey.

I then parked and went in the restaurant and asked for some more. I was told that there would be a 10 cents charge for extra hot sauce and extra honey. I then asked where on the menu does it say that there is a charge for condiments. I asked to speak with a manager and was told the same thing. I find it sad that customer service is hit or miss these days and to make matters worse.

I am choosing to give my money to Popeye's and am being charged for condiments. How money hungry can you be. If you are charging for anything in a restaurant in my opinion the charge should be listed. To allow the customer's the option if they want to continue with their orders. Had I known there was a charge for honey I never would have even placed an order. I can buy a can of biscuits and honey from the grocery store for less.

Order Not Correct, Rude Manager
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- This was the last straw with this store, I am used to getting bad service and horrible food sometimes but this visit was the worst. After paying over 30.00 on my order when we got home over 20 minutes later we were short our strips. I failed to mention when we ordered the store was out of legs but they were not busy??? When I returned to get the strips they didn't give us but charged us for the Manager grilled me like I was trying to steal five stupid little strips from her. Keep in mind I PAID for these ok, she snatched my receipt, placed in her pocket and proceeded to throw some strips in a box and launch them at me!!!

When I asked for my receipt back she threw it on the counter. So as I walked out I told her I am sorry she doesn't like her job. She yelled, "Have a nice day sir," and called me a "Smart Ass"!!! This is the kind of service we get from a new store in our neighborhood, I forgot to mention as I was to receive my forgotten items she was arguing with another customer about a small half of wing he was served. Arguing with another customer about his complaint, now I am far from a racist and I fought for this country by way of the US Army, and I noticed that this kind of attitude is only given to ** customers. Hispanic customer are given preferential treatment.

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 1/51

MISSOURI CITY, TEXAS -- This review is for the Missouri City Store located at 4850 Highway 6 S. near the Fort Bend Toll Road. At the drive through at 4:30 Saturday afternoon, I ordered 8 pieces of dark meat, mild. The cashier said that they didn't have 8 pieces of mild. I had to play 20 questions to finally learn that they did in fact have 6 pieces of mild, so I then said that 2 pieces of spicy would be fine, as long as they were dark. The cashier said no problem, but when I got to the window it looked like the four or five employees were trying to "hustle up" something. I even asked the cashier how long it would be for another batch to come out of the fryer. I offered to wait.

She hollered "how long", but never got a response. I paid for my box of chicken and drove away. I did stop a few yards from the store, opened the box, and saw 4 drumsticks, and four other pieces that I assumed were thighs. It's hard to tell with batter coating the pieces. At home, we found that two of the pieces were dried out inedible white pieces. I assume that they segregate dark from white, and that they are trained to tell one type from another. They switched product just to move chicken, knowing that they didn't have enough to properly fill my order.

I won't go back there again. Popeye's has a good product -- I like it better than Churches and KFC. Management needs to focus on improving the quality of customer service and on keeping product available, especially during peak hours.

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