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Harassing Phone Calls... on an Account That Doesn't Belong to Me
By -

ELKRIDGE, MARYLAND -- In October of 2007 I received a letter from Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA) that I owe $1570.56 balance past due on a Capital One Account from 2000-2002. This letter stated that I had not responded to their recent attempt to contact me. How can I respond when this was the first time I was hearing from them? This account does not belong to me. I was told by PRA that they purchased the account in June 2007. Since this time, I have continued to dispute that this account does not belong to me. That have repeatedly continued to call my home, my cell phone and my place of employment. I have repeated requested that they stop calling me.

I was unaware of my rights as a consumer and last year I started researching those rights. I started by sending a letter requesting additional information pertaining to the account. I was sent a typed letter, not on letter head, basically giving me the same information I was sent in the first letter. Then in October, again I received the information they had been giving me over the phone. On this letter the balance had risen to $1591.71; stating accruing interest on an account which has never existed. How is that even possible?

Now it is August of 2008 and I am still receiving harassing phone calls at my place of employment no less. This time around I have sent a letter, certified mail requesting validation. Not just a letter typed by them, but proof to provide me with any and all papers that show I agreed to pay what you say I owe, papers that have my signature.

I am also asking for proof that they are licensed to collect in my state. This letter also requests a Cease and Desist on all phone calls, that an attempt to contact me must be done in writing. At this point it is another waiting game to find out if this letter will help stop the harassing calls from Portfolio Recovery on an account that does not belong to me.

Privacy Invasion and Tactics
By -

KANSAS -- The supposed manager of this collection agency pulls your credit report and asks you how you can afford to buy items when you owe them a debt? He seriously asked me about my recent vehicle loan. I asked what gave him the right to scrutinize me and my report? I was told that every sixty days they can access your report and attempt to collect by whatever means within their guidelines. After being enraged by this individuals tactics I said a curse word, and was told that he was trying to help me. He said if I continued to use curse words toward him he could turn this account over to an attorney.

Mind you, the account is 4 yrs. old, a civil matter, and was disputed from the start when the original creditor held the account. I am not new to the collection system, so this tactic only upset me further. If they were or could find an attorney to sell the debt to they would have by now. I was willing to settle the account and pay off the account in monthly payments, but of course they cannot (will not) do this. This manager(?) kept coming back to my credit report and the items that were paid off and the items that were gotten. I asked what business this is of his. He said it is his business because I owe a debt to the company he works for.

I cannot believe that ANY company could and would scrutinize someone's credit report in an attempt to bullying them into paying a debt. I guess the Bill Of Rights does not apply to me. Collection Agencies need to be strictly monitored by the government. There are regulations in play for them to follow, but are never enforced. They cannot call more than 1 time a day if they reach you, but call 3-4 times a day. They cannot call on Sundays, but do. They cannot call after 9:00p.m, but they do.

They cannot bully you into making any payment, but they try all the time. And since when can they tell you what you deserve to have and not have? It is wrong for anyone or company to violate the law, so why aren't collection agencies made to uphold the same laws?

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