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Sells Totaled Out Cars! Beware
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Rating: 1/51

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS -- SOLD A TOTALED CAR!! STAY AWAY!!! Since January 2018 I had been saving for a dependable reliable car, I had gotten myself in financial trouble and my parents (I'm 22) told me “no more handouts.” I wanted a more reliable car, specifically an SUV (to fit friends in, good in snow, etc) so that I can go back to school and get my degree and save money and get a better job. I went to work basically full-time in January working at jewel at $9/hr. I worked 50-60 hours a week to pay off debt and save for a new car. I put in the long hard hours, and finally at the end of May I signed off on a new-to-me 2006 Honda Pilot with less than 100,000 miles. Bought and paid for with cash, in full. I was so proud of myself, because I set a goal and actually reached it.

I felt so good because now I actually owned something that was mine bought and paid for by myself. Three months after I purchased the car, the transmission began slipping. I brought it to a locally owned shop and asked for some help. That's when my happiness turned to sheer HORROR as the gruesome past of this car had been had been in an accident that totaled it, the car was then put together piece by piece to give the appearance that nothing had been wrong with it. THIS CAR WAS SOLD TO ME WITHOUT A WORKING AIRBAG SYSTEM, ABS SYSTEM OR EVEN SEATBELTS and to think I put my family, my friends, my loved ones in this car and drove around in it without even questioning this car's safety and integrity.

I was horrified because if I would have been in an accident, this car would have done absolutely nothing to protect me or my passengers in an accident meaning we could have been killed. To this day, I am still haunted by the fact that I had no idea I was driving a coffin on wheels. I called the dealership in which I got the car and asked for my money back, I was told to “** off” and was hung up on. After doing extensive digging online with the VIN number, I uncovered pictures of the SUV BEFORE it had been repaired and it's SHOCKING. THIS CAR SHOULD NOT HAVE EVER BEEN PUT BACK ON THE ROAD.

I hired an attorney, who tried to negotiate with the dealership, and they will not do anything to get my hard earned money back, after I poured my blood, sweat and tears into buying this car, literally dropping school to buy it. They only want to “fix” the airbag system to make the car “roadworthy” again, okay fine the car would have airbags, but how do I know that the structure of the car would hold together in an accident?

How would I know if it would protect me and my family? ALL I WANT IS MY MONEY BACK AND A RELIABLE CAR! I am writing this to make sure that my story is heard and to warn everyone to stay away from Premier Auto Haus. Run away as fast as you can! This dealership is a scam! False advertising as it was advertised clean and clear title!!! As you can see from the attached pictures, this car should have never been sold. And I conclude with this: would you want YOUR family driving around in this car?

Delivery Issue
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Rating: 1/51

NEWARK, DELAWARE -- Bed delivered with wrong screws. "White Glove" delivery service couldn't assemble bed. Happened 5 days ago. Still not answer as to when this will be resolved. Wait time on phone for customer service is almost an hour.

Rusted Outdoor Light Fixtures in Less Than One Year
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Rating: 2/51

NORTH CAROLINA -- November. In less than a year of owning this house, the fixtures have completely rusted. Purchased Bolton Indoor/OUTDOOR lights. The rust is staining siding. I will have to hire someone to remove, replace and repaint the siding. Fixtures rusted within a year, which actually must have started earlier, because the wall fixtures have completely rusted and I'm sure if I was here in the summer I would have noticed this rust. I have pictures! Outdoor light fixtures usually last for several years even decades not less than one year.

What can you do for me, or where can I go get this problem resolved? This is misrepresentation and faulty workmanship and I would like a complete refund along with payment for an electrician to replace the fixtures with a quality fixture and repaint my siding. I spoke to customer service and was told there was nothing they could do because it is over 30 days. Really? I should have seen the rust in 30 days? Outdoor fixtures do not rust in less than one year!! I left a message with a manager and also wrote to them and waiting for a return response.

Pottery Barn Buyers Beware!
By -

My husband and I move onto a house from a smaller condo and decided to redecorate our living room. We searched high and low for the perfect couch, and ended our search with a design consultation at Pottery Barn at Lenox Mall in Atlanta. The designer was lovely and spent almost two hours helping us pick chairs, accessories etc.

Weeks went by, and we received a call that our furniture was ready for delivery, almost three weeks ahead of schedule. I was thrilled, until I got home from the office. My husband had taken delivery of a solid WHITE couch. (We ordered the white herringbone which is more tan than white.) At this point, I was disappointed, but thought perhaps they had just delivered the wrong couch. I called the store to inquire, and was told "no, you ordered white," to which I replied "no, I ordered the herringbone and I am holding the receipt with the sample fabric stapled to it, it's not white!"

I'll save readers the pain of the next few hours, but I'll sum it up by sharing that I was told the sofa I selected was not available in the herringbone fabric and unless I wanted to pick a different one, I was out of luck. Remembering that I originally selected the sofa, and fabric out of a catalog, I went in search. Having just moved, the catalog did not turn up so I decided to check the Pottery Barn website. There, next to a number labeled "Pottery Barn Design" were the words "ANY couch available in ANY fabric".

I called and was told they could have me my couch, in my fabric (at the original selling price no less) in six weeks. Frustrated and confused, we called the store back again. This time, we were connected to a woman named **, who tried her best to help us. The last message we received from ** stated we could keep the wrong couch (kept us from sitting on the floor, since the old couch was donated to make room for the new ) and that they would rush order the new couch.

That was about two weeks ago. Yesterday, July 30th - nearly three months from our original order date - we got a message at home stating we either have to return the wrong couch or pay for the correct couch BEFORE Pottery Barn would make this right for us. I admit it, I flipped out and called the women back at the store in a less than tranquil state of mind. To her credit, she apologized and said she understood our frustration. At the vortex of the issue is apparently Pottery Barn Design, who is unwilling to proceed with constructing the new couch without the old one or the money.

Pottery Barn - if you are listening (and based on the messages I am reading you should be), your customers DO NOT CARE if your company has multiple P&L's and/or you are "not allowed" to work across different divisions. At this point, we have no idea if we'll ever get the couch, but opinion of your company has been forever damaged. Finally, to all you employees on the frontline at PB stores - I applaud you because it is very clear your organization does not make it easy, or in this case even possible, to offer the level of customer service you promote.

Resolution Update 08/04/2010:

Thank you Pottery Barn for responding and making this right.

Pottery Barn Sells Bad Quality
By -

We purchased a dining table two years ago for over $2500. We don't use it much - as it sits in our formal dining room. Perhaps, we use it twice a month. The legs began to wobble and now some of them are completely unattached. The bolts that attach it to the frame have simply come loose and won't screw back in (the nuts somehow just don't accept the bolts). I called twice, sent three emails, was told to send photos and they would get back to me. 5 weeks have passed (and I have repeatedly tried to make contact) and I can't get a response.

Product Satisfaction
By -

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- Very pleased with every purchase.

Light Fixture
By -

MORGAN HILL, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a light fixture from Pottery Barn and hired an electrician to hard-wire it into the wall. The fixture has three lights on it and was installed over our breakfast bar in the kitchen. It worked at first, then one light would not work, now two of the three will not work. New bulbs are not the solution. Pottery Barn will not replace or repair. We have other lights in the same room that are going on 27 years old that work fine. I like the fixture in question which is less than five years old, but now am very reluctant to purchase anything again from the Pottery Barn. Any help would be appreciated. We are retired and my husband is now under hospice care.

Bad Product/No recourse
By -

Four years ago I bought furniture from the Pottery Barn catalog. It is now splitting and a veneer is coming up. There are more than 10 large splits in the 4 various pieces. This furniture cost me thousands of dollars. Good furniture should last lifetimes, not just 4 years, regardless of the New England environment we live in.

After at least an hour on the phone with them and being transferred no less than 4 times, all they finally said they *might* do for me is to come and take away all the furniture and give me 25% of the purchase price back. This is outrageous to me. I hope it is to you too.

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