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Prayer Cross Rip Off / As Seen On TV
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PENNSYLVANIA -- We've all seen the TV commercial 100 times. Soft music playing, genuine Austrian crystal and a real religious keepsake. On 1/23/09 I ordered two. One for my wife & the second one was a gift. ($40 for the first, $20 for the second.) They clearly stated that delivery takes 5 to 6 weeks and my CC will not be charged until shipped. I didn't have a problem with this. On 3/3/09 my CC was charged for $60 and I received both crosses 3 days later. Arrived in a nice velvet black box with a Certificate of Authenticity. What appeared to look like fine jewelry on TV was actually gold plated junk.

At this price I knew I wasn't buying 14K gold but the inferior quality. Looked like it belonged in the Dollar Store. After less than one month the Lord's Prayer (which was very difficult to read) completely disappeared on both crosses. Highly embarrassed because one was a gift. Contacted customer service asking for an exchange not a refund. Very arrogant attitude. I was told that it was my fault because they got wet. Not so. Then I was told that they have a strict 30 day return policy and I was past the limit. They go by the date of order and do not include the 5 week shipping delay.

These people sell a highly advertised inferior product that they won't stand behind and give excuses for returns. Probably purchased from China for next to nothing then they inflate the price to make a killing. Do not do business with these people. You will be sorry!!

Prayer Cross Is a Bogus Scam, False Advertisement, Prayer Not Correct.
By -

We have all seen this Silly Infomercial about the Prayer Cross. First, I have to tell you is read the actual prayer in the Bible, then read the prayer that they are advertising. They do not match! The prayer is not complete, they left out the last sentence in the Prayer. Would not buy something that is not from actual Document, let alone from the Holy Bible. The people who have bought this, must not really know the Bible.

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