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Preferred Warranties Inc of Orwigsnurg, PA Will Find a Way Not to Cover Your Warranty Repairs
By -

ORWIGSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- On July 13, 2010, I purchased an extended protection warranty from Preferred Warranties Inc. ("Preferred") for the used vehicle that I purchased. My vehicle is a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4. The extended warranty cost me $1500, and was to cover a wide variety of items if the car broke down or needed repairs over the next 48 months or 60,000 miles. So far, I have needed to use the extended warranty twice. The first time I tried to get Preferred to cover what is specifically supposed to be covered under the warranty, they told me that I had not followed their precise rules on pursuing a claim and that they would not honor any warranty for the repair.

The second time I was particularly careful to follow the procedures so that the repair would be covered. I thought that I did everything needed, including having the repair shop call Preferred to make sure everything was done correctly. Once again, Preferred found some small procedure that they claim was not followed and refused to pay for the repair. So far, I have paid close to a $1,000 for repairs that are specifically designated as being covered under the extended warranty from Preferred.

From the instant I was on the phone with the Preferred representative, I got the runaround. Before I could barely state what I was calling for, I received an adversarial challenge that I had not followed some minute procedure so the repair would not be covered. This was followed in later calls with Preferred substantially negotiating down what they would pay for a covered repair because their procedure was not followed to the "nth" degree, even though I did everything possible to follow these procedures.

I have been around long enough to know when I see a scam and this is it. Preferred is happy to take your money and give the impression that any major repair for your used vehicle will be covered under their warranty, but then they actively seek to find a loophole or super-technical item to not pay, or to negotiate down the amount that they will pay. This is a total rip off and an expensive one at that. So far, I have paid for an extended warranty, and I have also paid for the repairs that were supposed to be covered by that warranty.

Preferred is running a scam. I would like my $1500 back that I paid for the warranty. Clearly, Preferred has no intention of ever paying anything under it. I still have 41 out of 48 months left on the extended warranty, but with no real hope that Preferred will ever honor it and pay what it is supposed to pay. I also note that I am just the latest victim of these same business practices of Preferred.

Worthless "Warranty"
By -

ORWIGSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA -- Don't buy a used car extended service contract from Preferred Warranties of Pennsylvania. Their exclusions are comprehensive, meaning that it is VERY unlikely that you will ever recover on a claim. Check some of their exclusions at and then ASK your mechanic how likely it would be to have a problem that IS covered by their contracts. They REQUIRE that you make your decision on the service contract at the time of auto purchase, and they GIVE NO REFUNDS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Stay away from this company's service contracts!

If your dealer offers their "warranties" for "free," ask them to reduce the price of the vehicle by the amount they would have to pay for the "warranty." "Free" is how much the warranty is worth to the consumer, but it is not how much it costs. Check out their claims at their website

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