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BEREA, OHIO -- I have been a regular user of Heet liquid liniment. The product works wonders for back and muscle aches, where other products have failed. I do not care much for greasy muscle creams or rubs, and the sponge ball applicator on Heet's cap made the product easy to use. Also, Heet has a pleasant scent and you can feel the warmth immediately after applying. I haven't been able to find Heet anywhere in the past few months. I used to be able to buy it at Discount Drug Mart in the Cleveland area, which was the only chain that carried it.

CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens does not carry Heet and Heet has been hard to find the past several years. I found out the product was recently discontinued when I went to the Premier Brands website. I clicked on "Heet", then the "store locator" option, and the drop down menu under "Heet" mentioned that the product was "discontinued/divested". I did find a substitute for Heet with Capzacin-HP liquid, which comes in an applicator bottle, as well as an equivalent Walgreens store brand.

I also bought a bottle of Watkins liniment at Walgreens, and will use an empty Heet bottle to dispense it, since the product does not come with an applicator. The Watkins product contains camphor and oleoresin capsicum. But I would like to see Heet manufactured and sold again, whether it's by Premier Brands or another company, since it does work well on my backaches and muscle aches.

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