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Poor service & quality
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Rating: 1/51

1963, FLORIDA -- Jewelry is pretty but overpriced for quality. I know how to care for my metal correctly and most of their metal jewelry turns/tarnishes with little use.

I had several pieces of beads, a ring, watch, necklace, etc., that broke & I had to pay money for the return & then some broke what is the point of returning?

I bought items to help a church friend and I was told it is a company with Christian ethics....well..I will never do that again. I came to learn she lets me down in other
professional manners, but this is a company that touts Great Christian service should do better. She bombarded me with ads & posts and parties and I somehow I got wrangled into the GEM membership...well I paid $80 & got a couple dollars off of $150 in stuff & then my friend faded away..& before I realized it, she was out of the biz & never told anyone...but she sure contacted me non stop to get money & then no representative picks me up & takes over...I spent $100's and they could care months go by & I wait til finally I get a reply from some Luis that says he will take over...and he had to forward my concerns of broken pieces no longer in style and my missing term of GEM I received no catalogs or any sales correspondence..and then months later I hear nothing again...I emailed & called several then I call the #800 & she said too sad your GEM expired...that is not Christian ethics.

Bad product, they dropped the ball and they got my $80 for a membership I barely used. They lose nothing by refunding just a piece of that...but nope...not even an apology

Cheap Expensive Jewelry
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Rating: 1/51

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Almost every piece of jewelry that I bought from this company has turned a really strange color. I've not paid anything less than $50 for some of these items. They are tarnished beyond recognition after such a short time. The bracelet is tarnished and the charms fell off. The paint is peeling off the colorful necklace. My costume jewelry from Walmart lasted longer.

Company Response 12/15/2017:

Have you contacted your jeweler? If you have a peeling issue that would be considered a manufacturing defect and Premier will replace my it for free within 60 days of purchase. After 60 Days only $7 and it will be replaced with a brand new one.
The “tarnish” or funny color sounds like a sign that it's dirty and needs cleaning. If you follow the cleaning and care instructions you might be pleasantly surprised.
I share with my customers how to clean and care for the jewelry just like you do your clothing, car, etc.
If you allow your jeweler to help you with your jewelry she can help you solve the issues.
If she is no longer with Premier then you can call them or go online and find a jeweler close to you that will be glad to help.
Kristie B in Georgia

What A Scam
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TX -- This company takes advantage of women and they should not be allowed to do what they do. The startup fee is crazy expensive and doesn't even include samples- those are extra. The pieces are GARBAGE. They are NOT MADE IN THE US. I emailed Premier and asked them specifically and they would not answer my questions but skirted the issue. The pieces fall apart constantly and for a $50 necklace I would expect WAY more. Save your money and go to a jewelry store and buy something that will last.

They make jewelers pay for MANY things like credit card fees, fees for each show you hold and then encourage you to keep buying more samples and more products and before you know it, you have made NOTHING. I was a designer in Premier after a year and had 10 people under me. I sold over 30,000 my first (and only) year. It is an absolute scam. Stay away from it.

After one year with 10 people under me, I barely made anything. They also fail to mention the $490 self employment tax that you will have to pay the feds. You pay for all return shipping (which is a lot because the pieces are JUNK). And they rope you in with numerous brainwashing phone calls and "rallies" and trust me, they are good at brainwashing you into believing you are selling a good product and "enriching" women's lives. You are basically overcharging people for an item, scamming others into joining the company and it's all about pressure, pressure, pressure.

I couldn't sleep at night thinking about the tactics this company pushes on weak women. And that is it, they prey on weak, low confidence, low self esteemed women who they can rope into doing this "wonderful business." It is all garbage. I could not sell another $5 necklace for $50 if I had to save my life. I felt awful charging people these prices. I am sure that Premier will find these posts and delete them, but I will keep posting them so people know the truth- it is freedom of speech after all. It is not 50% profit that you make - bottom line. And they don't allow you to sell online at all either.

They push you to ostracize yourself from friends and family with their "book a thons" and pushing you to ask, ask, ask for people to have parties and buy jewelry. They teach you that no doesn't mean no. It means not now. Really? I don't think so. The people at the very top are getting very rich from this so yes it is a pyramid scheme, even though they will tell you it is not and give you a handout showing you why it isn't. BS - it is a pyramid scheme. If I was a designer and that's the top 3% of the company and I made a measly 9,000 this year - then tell me how it's not a pyramid scheme?? BS - it is a pyramid scheme.

Luckily, I am a well educated person (a teacher) and I was strong enough to see through the tactics and the fake-ness of it all and I got out. I wasn't going to pay my $350 renewal fee. No thank you Premier, you can take your business elsewhere, to prey on a weaker, less educated woman who needs some confidence. I've got all the confidence I need in life and I know that I DON'T WANT TO BE A PART OF A CULT LIKE THIS!

Wouldn't Even Have My Worst Enemy Book a Party
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA -- From beginning to end my experience with this company was a nightmare. I went to a party for a friend of mine who I believe was either friends with or related to the sales lady at the party. I booked a party only to help my then friend at the time and because I booked a party I got a free scarf.

In the time between that party and about a week later I had to change the date of the original party that I booked due to family circumstances and I had reached out to the sales representative to let her know that I would keep her updated on a date that would work better and I was told if I never intended to actually have a party then I shouldn't have booked one and that I am responsible to either reimburse her or mail her back the scarf that I was given.

Also in this time while all this was happening the friend who had the original party whom I'm not friends with anymore was also messaging me basically harassing me to come up with a new party date as soon as possible when I never even told my friend at that point that the party needed to be rescheduled which tells me that everything that I was doing and or saying was being gossiped back to my ex-friend whose business none of this issue was.

I replied back to the representative to know that I never said that I wasn't having a party. I only had to move the date (to avoid confrontation). Every day from that point forward I received endless text messages, Facebook messages and even messages from my friend harassing me about the party. I was harassed every day about how the invitations were coming, how the headcount was coming and if we were still on for the party EVEN ON THE DAY OF THE PARTY.

When she arrived at my house she had asked me several times how many people I was expecting to the party when they would be there and rushing through everything. When my guest did arrive she just stood in the front of the room and stared at everybody almost like expecting us to do something. I've been to several similar parties in the past before and the hostess is always had some sort of interactive thing planned for the guests and she had absolutely nothing most of the time at the party. She just stood there.

I ordered enough food to feed everybody and well everybody was eating in my kitchen. She just stood in my dining room and did not associate with anyone unless they associated with her and she just had a very stuck up attitude towards my guests as if she had something better to do.

Everybody that came to my party spent a very large amount of money on their purchases and because their purchases determine what I got as far as a discount on mine I had to wait until the end until everybody was paid for and when it came to me being able to pick my items I had almost $200 worth of free items and three half priced items that I could have picked from and I picked three items that ended up only being half of the volume of the free items that I was allotted but I was told that I owed almost $30 for one of the items. When I asked for clarification I was looked at like I was stupid and really got no clarification.

Also while I was trying to decide on what I wanted she was already packing up everything and heading out the door basically and told me if I didn't get enough time to look she was just going to leave me a book and I can use my credits later so I just let her leave and a few days later I sent her a list of the things that I wanted. All of which still only adding up to the free credit that I had available so realistically based on the items that I packed should have only owed her maybe around $20 or so dollars but I was told I owe them $50 and once again it seems as if she picked and choose which items she thought should be half price and free.

Again to avoid confrontation and partially from me assuming that only certain items may have qualified to be free items I said okay and due to me knowing where she lived because she gave me her address to mail that scarf back. I asked her if it would be okay if I brought over my debit card and just ran it through her Square Reader and she said yes or we can do the transaction over the phone at the time.

I said okay. I would have to call her back the following day to do that as I was not going to pay or give my credit card information over the phone. Unfortunately that week we were unable to work anything out as far as getting the payment made and I actually had lost my job in that week was as well.

It was told she was unable to close my party and all my family members orders until I paid and I understood that and told her I have lost my job that I would need to try and figure something out and I would get her money. However I was not doing it over the phone. I made more than one attempt to go to her house and pay through her Square Reader and she was insistent that I pay with my card over the phone.

The last day I tried to contact her to pay for the items at her house. I was not contacted back until 11 at night and she said she was too busy to respond to me and then I could just call her with my card information or text it to her. So from the aggravation of not wanting to pay over the phone and being ignored when I made attempts to go to her house I told her to just close my order and put everybody else's through being that they did pay for their stuff and she said okay.

This was just recent so we will see how long it takes to get our items in such and just as a side note as well during this whole altercation my friend was constantly contacting me as if she was part of the conversation that me and this rap had every time we spoke which to me is extremely rude especially considering that the other friend did not even attend the party and when having a party like this your Hostess should not ever feel like they have to tell the guests in attendance of the party specifically not to book a party with the sales representative.

However I made sure I told all of my guests from the very beginning not to fall for her tricks. This is a Christian-based company and I feel that they should pay attention to the type of reps that they let represent their names because this one has ruined it for me completely I will never have a party with them or even attend one for them ever again!

Company Response 11/04/2017:

I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with Premier Designs. Please know that the majority of reps are good people who run their businesses with integrity and grace while living up to the companies standards. Please contact the home office with any complaints and they will be happy to listen. Again, I'm sorry things didn't go well.

Rude, Unprofessional, & Pushy
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Rating: 1/51

IRVING, TEXAS -- I recently got invited to a Premier Designs party. The hostess I use to be cool with invited me & I just went to show support. She said that all her friends bailed out on her at the last minute. Me & my husband let her know that I wouldn't be able to buy any jewelry at the party because we are on a tight budget. Well she told me that was fine. Not to worry about buying anything. So I went to it the next day & boy was I sorry! It started off fine until the woman that invited me made fun of my name after calling me up to volunteer for one of her presentations. I was embarrassed but tried not to show it. So then the presentation continued.

After the party was over I called my husband to come pick me up. The woman that is over her noticed that & started drilling me about hosting a Premier Designs party. Then the woman that invited me (the hostess) joined her in it. I went to explain how I really don't know anyone around here. That it wouldn't be possible for me to do that. Well another woman at the party asked me if I had Facebook, then told me about making an event page & inviting people to it. I figured that sounded fine. So I let them know that I wasn't sure how successful the event page would go, but I wouldn't mind trying it.

So I talk with the hostess & explain to her that I'm really not sure what to do. She told me she'd come by my house the next day & help me out with it. I said ok. She gave me some catalogs & order forms. I asked her about if she'll need them back after the event passed. She told me she would because they make her pay for all that. So I wanted to make sure to get them back to her.

Well when my husband finally showed up I went to leave. As I was walking out the door the woman that was over the hostess called out to me loud in front of everyone there if since my husband was here if I was talking to my husband about some earrings I liked to help the hostess out with her party. I was so embarrassed & felt like a deer caught in headlights. Everyone that did attend this party stared at me. I just told her I couldn't afford to & left. Well after that outburst happened that was the deal breaker.

Earlier this evening I brought back the stuff to the hostess house. Just told her I looked it over & won't be able to do it. So it's been a pretty awkward weekend for me. The jewelry looked nice. Not sure if most of these Premier Designs parties go this way? I just know from this experience I will never again go to another catalog party of any kind. That's not how you treat people period.

Just puts me in a weird spot because both of our husbands are friends with each other. I hung out with her in the past & was shocked at the side of her I have recently seen. She use to seem nice. So out of respect I am leaving out people's names. Also what town & state this took place in. This didn't happen in Texas, but I put Irving, Texas since that's where I've read this company started from.

Very Disappointed
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Rating: 2/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I have been a jewelry lady for a year and a half now. At first I thought I did a lot or research as to if I was making a good investment or not. I have seen many ladies be SUPER successful in this business and thought with my sales skills that I could be one of them.

Things started out great. My first few shows went well and then it just started to all go downhill. My customers began to complain that the product was overpriced and was not holding up as well as promised. I sent back many pieces (out of my own pocket of course.) Then I had trouble booking shows. I spoke to my Premier "mom" about it and she said that I need to get out and meet more people. I did as she recommended and tried to step out of my comfort zone to expand my business. On top of that I had to buy more jewelry each time the new seasons line rolled out.

I became sick last year and had to stop selling for a bit. While I was not selling I tried my best to meet new people and let them about my business. After much thought I renewed my contract with Premier, thinking I must have done something wrong and was determined to make it work. Shortly after I had more product issues than ever and no show bookings b/c guest were saying there is no way they would pay that much for jewelry.

I again spoke with my Premier "mom" who told me the people I were meeting were "flaky" and that I needed to meet people with "expendable income" What? I don't have that so how can I expect others to have it? I really do enjoy doing the show when I can get them, they are fun but I feel this has been a blow to my ego. I work in sales my other job and I am super good at it so I don't understand why this is not working.

I have done training after training and now I am just disappointed. I once was proud to be a jewelry lady and want to be again. I just can't seen to meet the "right kind of people." If any other jewelry ladies read this I would love your thoughts on what I might could do to improve my business. I don't want to give up but might have to if it does not start making me money. Thanks!

Poor Quality and Unsatisfied With Returns
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Rating: 1/51

MARION, OHIO -- I am dissatisfied with the quality of the jewelry. It does not hold up very well and tarnishes easy. I return each piece in the plastic bag and box that it comes in and when I took it out to wear it I noticed it was very tarnished and did not look right. It was the shine necklace, which I love, but it looks terrible now because of the tarnish. I sent it back and they returned a different necklace and sent a note stating the item was discontinued. I was very disappointed. I bought from Premier because of the lifetime guarantee. What good is a guarantee if they are not going to send the same item back that you are returning?

The same thing happened to me with another necklace. I only had this one about 6 months and it broke. I sent it in for replacement and they sent a different color because the original color is no longer available. I ordered this necklace to go with a pendant that I bought from them and now I can't wear the pendant, so I am without two necklaces. So much for their guarantee. I will not be buying Premier anymore.

Premier Jewelry Is Total Waste of Money. My Necklace Arrived With Missing Parts. Everything Looks Different From the Catalog. Plea
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Rating: 1/51

I went to this Premier Jewelry party that one of my friends were hosting. So I purchased several items on the catalog. They looked pretty decent on the brochure. After my order arrived at my friend's but my friend and I were busy so three or 4 months after my friend visited me with my jewelry boxes. When I opened the boxes I was really angry. My necklace came with missing part. The ring and necklace I ordered as gifts for my mother-in-law looked like a piece of crap. I wasted about 150 dollars or so. I put all those junk on the donation pile. Please do not waste your time on this product/company. Piece of junk that will not last.

Jewelry Quality Was Awful. One Piece Delivered Broken in Box
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Rating: 1/51

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- I went to a party to help out a friend and purchased a few items for astronomical prices, now that I see the real product. One item arrived already broken in the box. It took almost a month to get a replacement. And, the "jeweler" told me that she's had this happen a few times. Just a normal result of mass producing. What?? And you want me to have a party and let my close friends spend their hard earned money on crap, so I can earn more free crap. No thank you!

The jewelry is the same quality I would find at a Claire's or Icing store at the mall. One or two uses and it breaks. But, instead of paying next to nothing, this jewelry was so expensive. What a rip off.

Poor Salesmanship
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I went to a party hosted by Premier Designs associate salesperson Nicki ** in Huntsville AL. The party was hosted by a friend of mine. I ordered a pair of earrings & was charged a shipping fee so I expected the jewelry to be shipped to me. But no Nicki charged everyone a shipping fee & had the jewelry mailed to herself. Didn't even deliver the jewelry to the person hosting the party. My friend had to drive all the way to Nicki's house to pick up the jewelry. I will never go to another PARTY HOSTED BY PREMIER DESIGNS & their jewelry is way overpriced. Poor business!!!

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