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WINTER PARK, FLORIDA -- I've been contacted in the past by marketing companies in regards to selling and/or renting my RCI property and I was recently contacted by Premium Timeshares Only with the same question, but they offered what I thought was a different service. After the representative went through his whole pitch about getting me a whole bunch of money ($2200 to $2500 per week) for my RCI property by renting it to corporations out of the Orange County Convention Center, the representative asked me for a "documentation" fee of $895.

They said that they paid for the advertising and marketing (which was what made me think that they were different) and that the fee was for an estoppel letter as well as an "up to date" title search (which supposedly are required by law) and a whole other bunch of other BS services. Not only was this fee hefty, but they also wanted this UP FRONT (of course).

I thought it all sounded too good to be true, so I did my research, and guess what?? I was right! It turns out that... 1. You can get an estoppel letter yourself from the resort FOR FREE. 2. You can get an up to date title search from the internet FOR FREE. 3. All the BS services they offer as "included" within the fee are offered by every title company that handle timeshare resales, so if you were to sell it yourself, you still get those services, and they're usually about $100 bucks. Last but not least, 4. There is no law stating that documents have to be shown to a corporation or individual in order to rent a timeshare!!!

I'm glad I did not pay this company for anything. If you have fallen victim of this company, please contact the Better Business Bureau and submit a complaint. I would encourage you to go as far as the State Attorney's Office if necessary. If you have been contacted by this company, and are thinking about giving up your money, don't do it! You might as well throw your money in the garbage, it'll generate you the same results... NOTHING.

It's time to put a stop to these SCAMS and to companies that think that they can take our money and run with no consequences. As far as me, my next complaint WILL be with the State Attorney and with the Department of Agriculture, which I found out is the one that expedites the licenses for these type of businesses in the state of Florida.

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