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BEWARE of Prison-tel
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My son is in prison in GA. It is important to me that I receive his phone calls. Until recently we used Outside Connection, a small company in New York that set up phone numbers the prisoner can call and be redirected to a cell phone or any number of your choice. The cost is less than a regular collect call.

OC went out of business and it was suggested we use Prison-Tel in Texas. On Friday, the 18th of May I started the process of setting up two lines; one for my daughter-in-law and one for me. I was told they would call me back in 30 minutes but no call. I wasn't too worried because they state on their website they will provide that connection within 2 business days. I only had until May 31 to get this taken care of and was relieved on Monday when I called back and requested the 2 lines. On Tuesday I did get the first number and sent it to my son. I was told the 2nd number should come in any time. On Wed., Thurs., and Friday, etc. I called back. No number! It has now been 8 business days.

They say on their site they have added people to staff their phones. In the time I've been dealing with this I've figured out (and had it confirmed to me) there are only 2 people to service all the calls from OC. As I have explained to them all along there is an ever closer time problem. They tell me it can take up to 7 days so I was hoping I could call the prison and submit the numbers myself. Here on day 8 they have yet to show any sense of urgency, they put me off and I have no 2nd number! Twice today they've hung up on me!

I've sent 3 emails to this company that promises they "appreciate and respect" their customers. They have never responded. I have now told them I will be contacting the TX attorney general, BBB, etc. should I not have a number in time to call the prison this afternoon. I can almost guarantee there won't be a number. These people are a scam at worst. At best they are lying on their website, have absolutely no customer service skills, are rude and really don't care about the quality of their service or about their customer. Stay away from them. They are a rip off!

Poor service
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I signed up for service through Prison Tel. I made a payment via their web service and was guaranteed a number within 2-3 business days. Weeks went by without service and every time I called I kept getting a busy signal. Finally I spoke with Janie in Finance after almost 3 weeks posted on our site for everyone to see.

Was finally given service on May 3, 2007. By then I was unable to get in touch with my relative and could not use their service due to their service problems which they confirmed was the reason. Finally fed up with waiting I requested to cancel the service. Everyone I spoke with was rude and not helpful at all. Janie in Finance stated," I have your money bit... and all your getting back is $35.00. If that is the way they do business, Buyer Beware they will not provide you service and is very rude. By the way they promise a 2-3 bus day turnaround for service which I never got. Stay away from that company.

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