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Boat Problems
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Rating: 1/51

ROCKPORT, TEXAS -- 7-21, hit a submerged object at full speed, hit it hard enough to shut down the motor, got it started and limped it to the dock. When I got to the dock found out that my reverse was gone. Dropped boat off at dealer to check it out. Mechanic calls me 8-7 and ask me what the heck I hit {never told him I hit anything}, tells me the gear case is shot {reman $2100}. I call my agent and file a report. 8-8, get a call from the inspector to let me know that SHE is going out to look at my boat. 8-9, she calls me back and tells me that she is writing up an estimate for repairs and she will call me the next day.

3 days go by and no call. I call her and she won't return my calls, call my agent and he tells me that she is still working on it and she always returns calls. Leave for vacation for a few days. Get back home and am driving by the dealer so I stop in to see how repairs are going. They have not heard a word from my insurance. I start calling from the parking lot and no answer and nobody will call me back. I finally get her to answer and she tells me her boss has my claim so I get his number and call him. The boss is looking at the pics that she took and tells me it won't be covered because it's wear and tear.

I asked if they can send another person out to look at the boat for a second opinion and he tells me no. We had a polite conversation right up till the point that I asked him if he was a boat mechanic or if she was. He gets an attitude with me and tells me that the boat dealer and I are in this together trying to get a claim {first time my boat has ever been to this dealer} and that maybe my mechanic does not know what he's talking about - that's when I got an attitude.

After he hung up on me I went back inside and had a talk with the mechanic and let him know that they are denying my claim, that's when he shows me 3 other lower units that the same guy denied their claims also saying it's wear and tear. One of the props had all 4 blades bent the wrong way.

As off today I have been calling them every day and no calls back. The dealer calls me this afternoon and tells me that the BRP Evinrude/Johnson service representative showed up at their shop for a visit. They asked him to look at my lower unit and tell them what's wrong. Less than 5 min he tells them that its impact damage. So I guess I will be back on the phone with these idiots tomorrow. Next step is for me to hire a marine surveyor with my own money. I think that a mechanic with 30 years ex. and the service representative for Johnson may know what they're talking about. Just my 2 cents on Progressive.

Well I called them all day again yesterday and no answer. About 3:00, the boss calls me back. I ask him, " Where do I go from here," and he tells me they are done with it so I told him that they need to step up and fix the boat and that they never had a problem cashing my checks. Well here we go again with the normal wear and tear BS. He tells me that the shaft is not bent so that's why that won't cover it. Well we go round and round again. Then I asked him how the prop got spun of the bearing and - Wait for it - he says, "Well, that's from impact damage."

Now it just shoots out of my mouth and I had to tell him that he is a ** idiot. Then he pulls this out of his ** that the gears were not installed correct {first time I have heard this one}. I let him know that I bought the motor new and the gear case has never been opened. Anyway I told him I was hiring a marine surveyor and a lawyer and that's when he gets the attitude again and tells me to do what I need to do.

Well just before we hang up I tell him that the service representative was in and looked at my motor and says it's impact damage. Then all of a sudden he has a change of attitude. I just left it at that and hung up. Well today I called the surveyor to find out some info. At the end of our conversation, he asked me what insurance I have so I told him and says, "Oh so you're dealing with -" I not going to put their names on here but he already knew about them so maybe there is still hope. My dealer called me today to let me know that they were back in looking at the boat and wanted to know what the service tech had told them. It should not be this hard..

Well as of today I am giving up. I hired a marine surveyor to check the lower unit and Progressive hired one also. They both agreed that the damage was done from impact damage then their surveyor throws in that it "MAY" have been from more than one impact. I call my Progressive agent that I am dealing with and he tells me that it's not covered because it "MIGHT" have been more than one impact. What happened to normal wear and tear, bearings installed wrong,

Anyway the next step is to hire a umpire to sit down with the surveyors and what he decides is it. That's going to cost another $600 dollars. I was also informed that if he rules in my favor that they will only pay for half the repairs due to the motor being 12 years old. Well repairs are $3300, I have spent $325 on the surveyor, it will cost me another $300 on the umpire then my $500 deductible. It's not worth it to break even plus my boat storage that I am paying is not cheap and they want their money if the boat's there or not.

Anyway I have sent this link for this post to my agent and I also attached it to the other Progressive post on this site so maybe somebody else won't go through this. Now that this is over, I won't you guys/gals that have Progressive and use your boat at the coast from Port O-Conner and south these are the 3 folks that you will be dealing with if you have a claim. These folks have lied to me at every turn, the worst customer service I have every dealt with, won't call me back for days. Anyway the parts are on order and I should be back on the water soon...

Well I just called Progressive to cancel my policy and now somebody cares, she tried hard to get me to stay, they want me to talk to somebody in charge in the claims department tomorrow. That should be fun...Well it just gets better all the time, I get a call and when I answer the guy says, "This is Progressive, and I was asked to call you {never says his name}." Well I explain the problems that I have had and start naming names and then the guy stops me and ask me, "So what's your complaint?" At this point I tell him to have a good day and we hang up.

I had the call on speaker so my wife could hear and the whole time I am talking she is laughing at me. After I get off the phone I ask her what's so funny. She pulls a paper out that she has been keeping notes and phone numbers on and looks at the number on my phone and tells me that I was talking to the head Idiot that we have been dealing with at the coast. Anyway we had a good laugh and it's over. My brother called to cancel his policy yesterday and when they asked him why he told them about me so now that want him to talk to a regional manager today...

Horrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- I have had coverage on my boat for over 10 years with Progressive. I hit an obstruction and the motor quit running. I called and started a claim. Took my boat to mechanic, adjuster came and authorized teardown of the engine. Then they told me they were denying my claim. When I asked why they said there was not enough evidence that the collision caused a cylinder to bust a ring. They told me not enough oil in the cylinder was the cause. They said if my mechanic says anything different he is lying.

I talked to the mechanic and he said that was a lie. That he showed them that there was plenty of oil in each cylinder and he showed them were the impact tore up my prop and the dent in my lower unit. I called Progressive back and told them that. They said they would review it again and get back to me. After two weeks and no reply I called them back and they (Chris **) said they were going to stand firm and deny my claim. I told them I was going to cancel my policy which they didn't care about and they needed to pay mechanic for teardown. They said if we authorized it we will pay.

Two weeks later mechanic asking me after he submitted his invoice to them when he would get paid and advised I seek legal counsel. I called back and was sent to Susan ** and she said they were not going to pay the mechanic. I said, “You authorized the teardown and told him he would be paid.” Her reply was “that's just hearsay” and they weren't going to pay him. I told her the mechanic had a witness that was there that heard the agent authorize the teardown. And she said hearsay again.

You can only imagine my thoughts. I told her I couldn't believe the service I was getting from them and said, “Do you really want to go down this road?” at which point her reply was “YEP”. I said, “I'm sorry I ever paid you” and hung up. I am at Emerald status with them and they treated me like a cow going to slaughter. I am going to have a lawyer take it from here. Meanwhile my mechanic has my boat for collateral. The worst company ever! Like most corporate companies they hide behind an image their marketing department throughout to the public. FLO IS NOT FRIENDLY, DOESN'T CARE AND SORRY TO BREAK IT TO YOU is just an actor getting paid to do a job.

Claim Denied
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Rating: 1/51

MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA -- Progressive insurance is the worst for boat insurance. I had an accident in which my mast was bent and they turned it down. They said it was metal fatigue without even testing. To make matters worse, they sent an adjuster who does RV and motorcycle. I had my mast inspected by the manufacturer and it was not due to fatigue but accidentally leaving the vang on (too) tight in heavy down wind sailing. The builder sent a letter to that effect and they still said it was due to fatigue. Seems that they have some kind of mental ability to telepathically test metal. Don't buy Progressive Insurance.

Denied Boat Claim Based On Incomplete Information
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON TEXAS -- Boat capsized 67 miles offshore. Adjuster refers to USCG rescue report where they departed a different port recording 105 miles out. A straight line = 67 miles. Progressive acts stupid and refuses to pay. Bankruptcy is looming for our family and the criminals at Progressive have blown us off.

Slow and Not Paying Boat Claim!
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Rating: 1/51

CO. SPRINGS, COLORADO -- Well my new Tige wakeboard boat was broken into at a storage facility. They took every stereo component from amps, speakers, etc out of the boat over 12,0000.00 all put in from dealership. They sent out field guy, he took pic and etc, cops took report, etc, several other boats and rv's were broken into as well. No Progressive lady in Colorado, slow balling and not wanting to pay because I can't get the invoices, the dealership paid for the system, yet I have the receipt from the dealership they charge me. CRAZY how is this legal!!

Progressive Insurance Will Not Pay Your Claim
By -

On 8-21-2010, while navigating the Delaware River I struck an object in the channel. I immediately filed a claim with Progressive Insurance upon returning to the marina. On 8-23-2010 I spoke to the claim representative. He was advised that the travel lift to pull the boat was out of service for a few days and then the mechanic is going to be away. I asked if there would be an issue keeping the boat in the water until 9-7-10. He advised there would be no issues as long as I don't operate the boat. I obeyed his request.

On 9-7-10 I had the boat pulled. I then immediately contacted the claims representative and advised him. He then went to see the damage on 9-9-10. He called me later that day and advised that the damage didn't look fresh. After sitting in the water for 17 days, anyone with a boat would know that growth and marine life would grow on exposed metal.

At this time I reminded the claims representative that there were 7 people on board and asked if he had called them, he did not. He said he had to do further investigation, and did not call me back until 9-10-10. He then stated he has to gain more information and would know more on Monday. He asked if I could provide him with information, which I did immediately via email. The claim representative called me on 9-13-10 and stated that his boss is now requesting an independent marine survey, and he would have to schedule it. I asked Fahey to please call me by the close of business on this date with the scheduled time.

At this time I asked the rep, how they selected this surveyor, he said this is the one Progressive uses in New Jersey. I asked how is that independent, Progressive pays this person to do the survey, would this guy really bite the hand that feed him. Fahey assured me that this is not the case. I received a call from the representative at 4:45 on this date and he stated that the independent marine surveyor is out of town until next week sometime, and we will have to wait until then. I asked why we have to delay this another week to wait for this one guy, he answered that is the guy Progressive uses.

How independent is this? Why another company cannot be mutually selected and utilized. He did not have the answer. So at this point my boat is being held at bay. I cannot do any work on it or the claim will not be paid, I feel that I am being bullied into dropping the claim by creating these delays. How is this good and proper business ethics? I also note my integrity was questioned without any investigation. WELL IT IS OFFICIAL, THE CLAIM WAS DENIED!!!!! GO TO FACEBOOK GROUP "PROGRESSIVE WILL NOT PAY YOUR CLAIM" FOLLOW THIS LINK **.

Progressive Ins. Screwed Me! Are You Next?
By -

I bought a small 18' boat to take the family fishing with. My insurance carrier doesn't have boat insurance so they referred me to Progressive (I will take this up with them later). After 5+ years of never filing a claim and paying them for coverage, I had to file a claim when my throttle lever was jamming and unable to shift. My boat only has like 25-30 hours on it and gets detailed every time it gets used. Nonetheless, I took my boat out of the water and towed it to my local repair shop. It turned out that moisture intrusion caused the problem with the gearbox. I know what you are thinking... it's a boat!

Well, the fact is that it was mechanical failure as per the troubleshooter, mechanic and supervisor of the shop (authorities in this matter). This is the only reason I filed the claim. Progressive sent their "photographer" and the "non-authority in this matter" decided that it was my personal fault. First off, I baby my boat and will never think to abuse it. My family and I love using our boat and want it to last. Anyway, almost $1,000.00 to repair my boat. I asked the insurance people we were tossed between if the personnel making the assessment were mechanics or certified to override the decisions of a "certified mechanic".

After giving me all the run around, they never gave me a direct answer other than, "you are not going to be covered for this claim". Do I feel ripped off? You bet I do! Am I going to quit this insurance company? You bet I am. Would I recommend this insurance to anyone? You bet I won't. This is the kind of stuff that give insurance companies a bad name... and it should. I plan on making sure everyone knows of what they have done. To override the decision of a certified mechanic who specializes on my specific brand and type of boat. Ridiculous!!

Boat Motor Fire Damage
By -

On a fishing trip to Louisiana July 15, 2010 I had a electrical fire on my motor burning up 2 wiring harnesses and other electrical components. I have had insurance with Progressive over 4 years, never had a claim but they refuse to pay to have it repaired. This is not an old boat, it is a 2005 model, the adjuster said it was due to a mechanical failure and they have a clause that allows them to not cover this. Even if they did not pay for the component that failed and caused this, they should pay for the damage. Based on my first experience with Progressive I would not use them again.

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