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Buyer Beware
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- This Company has quite a reputation for not delivering anything but empty promises. They run ads on Craigslist and many other sites advertising for Bodyguards at $30.00 per Hour. Upon contacting them, they attempt to get you to enlist and pay a fee. They cannot and will NOT provide a list of clients that employ their people OR a list of employee (current or former) who have obtained work from their agency. They will readily dispute any complaints made against them claiming that the offender was a former employee of theirs or that the company involved has a similar name to theirs and is not affiliated with "Protection Services Unlimited".

Be advised that this company has a "F" rating with the Nashville Better Business Bureau and is even openly discussed on public Forums such as Yahoo Answers. They are currently running an ad in my area and I am taking steps to have it removed. Google their name and phone number, that's all of the information you need.

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I called Protective Services Unlimited to apply for training to become a bodyguard. I was told to send $180 as an "application fee". I sent the money and soon received an application. I filled it and returned it with an additional $35 for "processing". I waited two weeks before I called. I was told that they've been trying to get in touch with me but I got no phone call or e-mail. I was told to be patient; I was.

About two weeks go by and I receive an apparently automated e-mail that stated that I was rude to them and therefore I had been denied training and a refund because of my rudeness. I had been nothing but patient with them and this was obviously a cop-out letter that they send to all of their victims.

Company Response 02/23/2009:

Sir, our company does NOT sell any type of products to train Bodyguards, this post was ment for Protection Services Unlimited. Our company does not engage in any of the "services" you discribed.
Please be more causious when posting defaming, harmfull and misleading information. Correctly Post the company NAME! Thank You
Brian B. /Director of Operations

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Protection Services Unlimited Rating:
2 reviews & complaints.
Contact Information:
Protection Services Unlimited
PO Box 160325
Nashville, TN 37216
615-732-1526 (ph)
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