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Don't Sign the Contract.
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PULASKI, NEW YORK -- We purchased this contract to a travel club, but when we got home, we called the salesman and he said he could not give us a member number for 4 days, even though you only have 3 days to cancel the contract. That seemed rather shady to us. Why wouldn't you be allowed to access your own member website for four days?? You can't see what you purchased for 4 days but you only have 3 days to cancel it?? Hmm?

So of course we cancelled within 3 working days as the contract states (we actually called the salesman the very next day and he said he would take care of the cancellation on his end). We didn't believe him anyway, so we followed the directions on the contract, mailed the signed contract and materials back as directed (return receipt requested). They still charged our credit card the full amount $3323.00) and did not issue a credit card refund and are not answering our phone calls now.

The main phone number at Pulaski Tickets and Tours states we are not in their system (of course) and gave us a phone number to call for their Florida accounts, but he does not return our calls either. Don't sign with them. They are a RIP OFF!! Now we have to pursue legal charges against them.

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Pulaski Ticket & Tours/Condominium Travel Club
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Pulaski NY, 13142
1-877-453-8458 (ph)
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