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Shady Dealings
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GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- Dec. 4th. 2008 I had stopped by Pure Fitness 91st. Ave. & Northern to check out their facility. At that time I was looking for something closer to home. The facility was not ready to open and was under construction. I met with a fellow named **. He took me through the building and explained the programs. At that time I told him all I was interested in was the use of equipment as I had already been through the programs at Gold's Gym. At that time I explained that it was too close to the holidays and that my credit card was over its limit. We filled out a membership form and I told him at the time I was not ready to join and would come back after I paid down on my card.

He asked for twenty dollars to hold the membership discount. I charged it, not even knowing if that would be accepted. It went through. I left there with the understanding that I would return later after the first of the year to join. For a couple of months I had put this project on the back burner. Money was still a problem, I had just retired and was having a hard time making ends meet. Feb. 2009 I placed a hold on my card to curb my spending habits. Shortly thereafter I receive a notice from a collection company, ABC Financial Services. At first I thought it was just a mistake and threw it away.

The following month the same, I called them and told them that there was some kind of mistake and that I wasn't a member of Pure Fitness. The following month again, and again I called and explained the above Dec. 4th. outcome. May I started getting calls from ABC, everyday, none stop. This time I went to Pure Fitness and told them to get it
cleared up. At this time there had never been any mention that I was a member. I never received a notice in the mail or a membership card, not even a call from these people. I had previously understood this would be taken care of later at my choosing. I had never stepped foot into Pure Fitness since 12/4, or used any of their equipment.

This should have sent up a red flag for these people and contact me, nothing. While at Gold's Gym they would call you bi-weekly with programs or just to see how you were doing. From these people nothing? Last week the straw broke the camels back, one to many calls from ABC. I went back through my credit card records and was amazed to find that 4 weeks after 12/4 they charged my card. The 20.00 on 12/4 to retain the discount cost, another 174.30 on 12/31, 2/06 another 25.28 and again 2/16 10.28. I went back to Pure Fitness and told them I never gave them the OK to go ahead and that at the time (12/4) I told ** I would come back later.

They told me there was no notations on the membership form and that I had signed it, and they were in there right to do so, 4 weeks later? I told them we could resolve this by refunding those charges. They told me no way. I believe their representative (**) went ahead with this membership to claim a commission at my cost.

To this date, June 30th. I have never used any part of this facility from 12/4. I had never been told that I was a member or received anything in the mail to such. Had I been notified early on I probably would be using this this Fitness center and we wouldn't be at this point. In face of this I wouldn't use this facility now even if they gave me a free lifetime membership, this is appalling.

Arizona Pure Fitness Sucks
By -

PEORIA, ARIZONA -- The story is I am a member of Pure Fitness. I had two memberships for myself and my brother. Well I cancelled my brother's account in August "06". Everything was fine. Well come to find out a couple of months later they are still charging me his fees. I called the accounting person for this location and she wasn't available at the time so I leave her a message. She never calls me back. Two weeks later I call again and again. She is unavailable. I leave another message. She never calls me back. I call again in a week. Nothing happens.

Now I understand she is a busy woman but damn I have given her enough time in between the calls. So again I call her the next week nothing. I go over there and she is busy on the phone. So I leave her another message. This time for the manager of the location and go work out. The manager doesn't call me either. The next day I spot the manager go over and speak with him about the message and my problem. He tell me he gave the message to the accounting person and blows me off. I have been calling ever since and this morning I called and the receptionist informed me that she would get back to her messages this after she ran an errand. No call yet.

I frankly am flipping fed up with Pure Fitness. Their trainers are so nice. It's their management that sucks. She just doesn't want to call me back because she want to keep milking me. Several of my friend have had the same problems with different location. One of my friend they charged him for training twice in the amount of 200 dollars and to this day they keep ignoring his calls and haven't returned his money even though they said they would. Don't believe anything they say they are a bunch of flipping liars that don't know anything about customer service.

Follow up to another complaint
By -

This company opened up some time ago at Ellsworth & Crismon in Mesa, AZ. After about 6 months they closed up shop. My membership was free from my senior citizen Medicare carrier. I found the average employee they're pleasant. But the boss and some woman in charge of the place were absolute snobs. I made a suggestion to this woman and her response was curt and rude and she just walked away from me. The boss also blew me off. The place was as crowded as Wal-Mart on Friday night-bad. They promised they were going to build a big huge club across the street but I guess the recession got them.

One thing I did not like was that they had a row of desks against the north wall and that is where the salesmen sat. It was like a scumbag car dealership. I overheard the boss interviewing prospective salesmen and telling them of his wondrous sales prowess and what he expected of them. It was horrendously freaking tacky. I am glad they failed. Me I went back to Anytime Fitness on the N. E. corner across the street and was glad to get back over there. Only reason I'd left Anytime was that they kept it too hot in summer, but now they keep it at 72-71 which is fine.

Behind The Velvet Curtain!
By -

ARIZONA -- I am a former employee who has been reading these reviews of "pure fantasies" and would like to pull back the curtain if you will. The employees are just as confused as the members that's the beauty of this beast. Any person off the street (criminal records included trust me) who can answer a want ad with money to pay them for a apex cert. (In order to sell apex for them) qualifies as an employee in training.

Passion for fitness (cash) and a one week course hardly qualifies any person to advise people on nutrition and health related issues as they pertain to supplementation and exercise prescription, body mechanics, posture, heart conditions, injuries etc, etc. However what Pure Fitness does better than most is make sales people! Packaged, scripted and rehearsed properly it can come off well with the occasional hard sell near end of month to hit your mark so management won't demote you yet promote to hire pay structure. Look you want to work out in peace? Go elsewhere!

Pure Fitness Warnining - don't ever put your kids in their day care
By -

CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- Warning > Pure Fitness is not the place where you should bring your kids, we had our baby there at the day care and she completely freaked out. Doesn't stay at other places anymore since that happened. We are not sure what went wrong, but the result was not good at all. Please don't make the same mistake and avoid this facility. We tried to speak to the management to get an explanation, but all they did was blaming the baby. This is Poor Fitness!!!

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